My Tarot Something Paranormal Book Review

RATING - 4/5

AUTHOR: Nisha Mehta

PUBLISHER: Partridge


Nisha Mehta believes in making things happen, and she specializes in looking for solutions for any problem based on the individual, their persona, query, stars, and the cards they pull out.

She does not generalize and understands that every person is unique in themselves; hence, her solutions are not standardized but tailor-made to suit the individual to get the best possible results from them. She believes that if there is a problem, there has to be a solution to resolve it.

Along with predictions for 2017 based on numerology, tarot, and oracle, this book also touches other topics on automatic writing, spirits, and entities, law of attraction through colors, chakras, and true experiences narrated by the author who is psychic medium for her clients and their departed loved ones, her clients have also narrated their experiences. This book will capture your interest with the varied information on the mysterious energies that surround us on a subtle level.


My Tarot - Something Paranormal is the perfect book for you if you are interested in tarot card reading, zodiac signs, numerology predictions and paranormal activities. It is the second book by the author Nisha Mehta and I think it is much more detailed and interesting than her debut book.

In this book, the author has talked about Zodiac and Numerology Predictions of 2017. She has given a full detailed prediction based on the Zodiac signs and your date of birth. Some of the predictions are positive but there are also some negative predictions too. But, you don't need to get scared because the author also has practical solutions for you which you can try at your home and experience the change.

What I liked the most about the book was that the author has shared her real life experiences to explain you the consequences of making Tarot Card reading a full-fledged profession. But on the other hand, she motivates to you to do what's best according to you.

Overall, Tarot - Something Paranormal is an amazing book. Go get your book now and do accordingly what is mentioned in the book. All the best!

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