My Tarot Something Else Book Review

RATING - 4/5

AUTHOR: Nisha Mehta

PUBLISHER: Partridge


Nisha Mehta believes in making things happen and specializes in looking for solutions for any problem based on the individual, their persona, query, stars and the cards they pull out.

She does not generalize and understands that every person is unique in themselves, hence her solutions are not standardized but tailor-made to suit the individual to get the best possible results from them. She believes that if there is a problem, there has to be a solution to resolve it.


Everyone needs to relate to "something else" that they own or possess. This book is a mix of experience and study where matter is presented to you in a simplified form. The reader will be able to connect the cards with their experiences, which will help them to understand not only the cards but also their own life situations.

The major arcana comes with images that can be focused on for meditation purpose to gain a better perspective about the card or for your own personal healing. These images also come with practical, easy-to-follow solutions presented as "something else" to make significant efforts for healing your lives and improvise the reading.

This book is a great guide for anyone who wants clarity about cards and their meaning. It also includes easily workable spells for justice and clarity. Rainbow meditation for healing and peace and a few tips on your Signature.


My Tarot - Something Else is a great book for Tarot readers and someone who needs a to change his life via Tarot reading. It is the very first time that I got a chance to read a book on Tarot cards and I am really impressed. The author has used very simple language to explain each and everything in the easiest way to you.

There are images with quotes in the book to motivate you whenever you need something to inspire yourself towards good. What I liked the most was "something else" in the book. The author has used "something else" space to provide you with solutions and I found most of the solutions are very practical. You can easily follow them at your home and certainly can bring change in your life.

I am an Entrepreneur, so I read about successful Entrepreneurs. I read about their working ways and how they manage their life. What amazed me was that the "something else" part of the book is somewhat similar to the personal development ways of some of the biggest entrepreneurs. So, even if you follow some of the things mentioned in that part you will get success in your life. Tarot is not magic, it's a path towards success.

Overall, the book is a must read for someone who needs a Tarot reader or someone who wants to become a Tarot reader in future.

NOTE: It is a non-fiction book.

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