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My Experiments with Gandhi Marg by Dr. Virendra Singh Book Review



My Experiments with Gandhi Marg by Dr. Virendra Singh cover most, if not all, of Mahatma Gandhi's teachings and habits. It’s a diverse list of good stuff that can influence the current generation in a positive way.

The first thought that comes into my mind after hearing "Mahatma Gandhi" is politics. The chapters that we read in our History Books revolved around his image and influence as a politician.

But like it is said, "A coin has two sides"; Mahatma Gandhi also had his clean side which is forgotten by the current generation probably due to the emergence of religion based political parties.

This book attempts to test whether Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings are still relevant and useful or not. The author has tried and experimented Mahatma Gandhi's teachings and shared his observations in this book.

To be true, I am not a big fan of Mahatma Gandhi. But, after reading this book - I realised that a lot of things are common between me and him. Which came as a surprise to me and I believe if you read this book, you might also find some common threads.

There were multiple moments in this book where I got chills while reading. If I can summarize this book in short - A simple, but extremely powerful one. There is no need to read this book twice, because when you read it once, everything will get printed in your brain.

I will be sharing the best teachings that I found quite helpful and will be using in my day-to-day life:

The person making the mistake should admit the mistake, he should commit not to repeat the same mistake, and he should atone for his sin

I always used to set my goals in a reward system. Whenever, I completed 'x' number of important tasks, I rewarded myself with activities I love doing like playing FIFA. But, the negative side of only reward based goal setting is that some days nothing get done and I find myself caught in procrastination.

After reading and understanding the concept of atonement. I will be adding a small punishment for not doing important tasks. For example: I won't watch Live Football Match if I don't complete 'x' important tasks.

I believe, it will inbuilt a FOMO (Fear of Missing out) and will push me to complete my important tasks. Just like 'Yellow' and 'Red' card is given to a player for a foul during a football match.

For his blunder, why should I harm myself?

It is said that,"For every minute you remain angry, you give up 60 seconds of peace of mind."

The same concept of FOMO can be applied on Anger Management. After reading the concept in this book, I tried it on wife and believe me it works.

In a heated environment we don't realise that the time is ticking even when we are angry and arguing. Being angry, will not lead you anywhere. Instead, try finding a solution.

To complete work in the prescribed time is very important for the growth of any society

I have always struggled with Time Management but reading about the importance of completing work on time and it's positive impact from a doctor's point of view is an eye-opener for me.

If a doctor delays in operating a patient, it can lead to life-and-death situation. On the other hand, if a doctor detects the issue on time and operates on time, then a life will be saved. This is the power of completing work in the prescribed time.

We can all use a little perspective and guidance from time to time, and I hope you can find it in the pages of My Experiments with Gandhi Marg, just like I have!




This book is based on experimenting with Gandhian ways in real-time administration and personal life experiences.

The author himself has applied Gandhian principles and followed a Gandhian path in his life. The successful experiments and the impact has been well described in this book.




Dr. Virendra Singh is the leading Chest expert in India. Caring for & treating difficult asthmatic patients is his passion.

He has treated almost 1 million patients including 3 lacs asthmatic & COPD patients during the last 40yrs of practice. Interstitial lung disease (ILD) & Sleep apnea are other areas of his expertise.

Presently he is director of Asthma Bhawan & President of RHL, a prestigious 250-bedded multi-specialty hospital at Jaipur.



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