Mrs Funnybones Book Review

RATING – 5/5

AUTHOR: Twinkle Khanna

PUBLISHER: Penguin Books


Twinkle Khanna is a popular columnist and a regular contributor to the Times of India and DNA After Hrs. Currently, she is in the process of creating lame jokes like, 'Why do all Hindu boys worship their mother? Because their religion tells them to worship a cow.' She firmly believes that nothing in life is sacred except laughter.


Full of wit and delicious observations, Mrs. Funnybones captures the life of the modern Indian woman - a woman who organizes dinner each evening after having been at work all day, who runs her own life but has to listen to her mummyji, who worries about her weight and the state of the country. Based on Twinkle Khanna's superhit column, Mrs. Funnybones marks the debut of one of our funniest, most original voices.


Mrs. Funnybones is one of the best books with the perfect concoction of humor and razor-sharp observation by Twinkle Khanna.


The name says it all, if half of its name sounds and spells funny, it means I don't need to clarify that this is a book which deals with acute humor and has sprinkles of author's daily chores. From the beginning to the end, the readers will find themselves laughing and smiling without any proper reason.

Twinkle has that major power strategy in her simplisticwring to connect one and all with her. The small to big situations she has highlighted from her life in the form of this book is what generally we all Indians face at our home, from the bully relatives to annoying friends and from the nagging children to complaining family.

In my words and her explanation, we all are freaks in one or the other way. Her keen observation and a book written over it is what we all need to point out that old stubborn freaks in us.

Twinkle's way of writing is simple and connecting. Humour and creepy-freaky situations are the backbones of her book. Not everyone is so strong to put forth their weakness and strength and to speak out loud about the problems in our life and society, but Twinkle is indeed one of the rare women who endure such courage in through her writings.

The book has attractive look with story-perfect cover image and designing which will surely tempt the readers to read it. I just loved the book and it's a MUST READ!

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