Moving Mumbai Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Aditi Kelkar



Aditi Kelkar is a poetess, a writer, a singer, a yoga and fitness enthusiast, foodie, amateur chef and computer Engineer too. Having done a stint as a software Engineer, she went on to pursue a career in Advertising and currently works as a copywriter in the city of Mumbai. She records her everyday experiences in the city, encapsulated into short stories, which more than often lead to great friendships and relationships. A keen observer of people around her, she also enjoys capturing them through the lens of her DSLR. Living in the city and leading an independent life with a brand new career, she explored the many facets of her being and fell in love with Mumbai. Every day, the city fascinates her with the colors in the chaos, the robustness in the routine and the acceptance in the accommodation. She lives a life that boasts of rich experiences, full-bodied conversations and vibrant encounters, which find expression in her writings. Moving Mumbai is the first collection of her stories and poems to be published.


Moving Mumbai is a collection of seriously short stories on Mumbai. Through her minute observations of everyday, ordinary lives, the author draws extraordinary and beautiful perceptions of the people of Mumbai.


Moving Mumbai contains celestially written stories which will make you fall in love with the author and the city of dreams, Mumbai.


Moving Mumbai is a book which contains beautiful moments experienced and witnessed by the author in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The way Aditi has depicted each and everything she observed in Mumbai will make you fall in love with the city. We get to read many books based on love stories, some are fiction based and some are real life based, but this book contains a totally different collection of short love stories knitted in the form of a blend with a super magical and charismatic sprinkle of her poetry. Being an observer is good, but being an observer and describing all those things in a form of a book is quite extraordinary. I say this because we all observe many things in our day to day life but we forget it the very next moment. But here Aditi has observed each and every moving second in Mumbai and enclosed it with such a zeal that readers would love to see the world through her eyes. It is a must to mention about her refined way of writing and expressing. Her way of writing is very appealing and alluring. The use of Hindi words and blending them with English words to form her sentences is what made me connect to her experiences in a better way. The cover of the book is beautifully designed and it perfectly suits the title and the blurb. Overall, I would love to recommend the book to each and every person who believes in life and its experiences. It is an amazing read to enjoy with a cup of tea and biscuits.

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