Me, Mia, Multiple Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Debashish Irengbam



Debashish Irengbam is a Mumbai-based scriptwriter who has written scripts for shows aired on Star TV and MTV and had also worked in the creative department of UTV Motion Pictures. He is currently writing his first full-length feature. This is his first novel. His second novel, Charlie Next Door, is forthcoming from Harper Collins Publishers India in 2016.


Can't a guy just off himself in peace? Killing yourself should be easy, right? Pop a few sleeping pills, lie on a railway track and let the train do rest of the work. Neat, swift, painless yet dramatic. What could possibly go wrong with Jeevan Raikar's plan? Well, this: a girl's night out happening at the graveyard next door. Starring a vodka-swilling blackmailer and her dead mother. And so Jeevan - who ought to be dead by now, mind you - is stuck with bubbly Mia, ragging Tanya and sensuous Alisha. Which might seem like an enviable situation to be in but for one tiny catch. They are all the same person. Me, Mia, Multiple is a debut that cares little for the convention: a romance with a twist, a twisted romance, a romantic twister. Whatever you want to call it, you'll tear through it with sheer pleasure.


The cover of the book is decorative and fulgent, which is absolutely appropriate for the title and the blurb. Unlike other novels, Me, Mia, Multiple is a romance defined in a twisted way. The story emanates a certain urge inside all the reader, not to keep the book down until it’s finished.

I would like to appreciate the hard work of Debashish, for one can see his genuine efforts of compiling this masterpiece while reading it. The book is very promising and has a certain perk which will revive your idea of dealing with life and people around you. The language used is beautiful and characters of the story are very appealing.

It’s a MUST READ for all novel lovers who are fond of mysteries and twists in the story.

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