Masters Of Lygrenn Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Arjun Pawar



Arjun Pawar has done Civil Engineering from Pune University and is pursuing PGDBA course in Marketing from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. He works as a Technical Engineer in a reputed construction company in Pune. He likes reading novels, listening to music, traveling, sketching and trekking. He also has an interest in writing on social, politics and environmental issues relating to India and a keen interest in mythology. Masters of Lygrenn is his debut novel.


In an era dominated by the saints rises a Kingdom where sins are committed regularly. A kingdom ruled by a noble King but mislead by his cruel Masters. Hamish, the cruelest Master with a dream of conquering the world, faces a challenge from an ordinary boy, who in search of his answers finds the reason for his existence. Fire God, the most powerful and loyal Master of the King, is stuck in a dilemma of whether to support the good or the bad. A story of brutal vengeance where there is no space for the good. Will the good rise to power?


Masters of Lygrenn is a full package of Action, Drama, and Climax. The story is full of thrilling twists and turns which will change the entire story in just a matter of minutes. Arjun Pawar’s imagination is excellent because it’s not easy to pen down amazing climax one after another.

The story which begins in 1500 BC moves on for more than a century to the end. It’s not just a battle between good and bad it’s something more than that. Arjun Pawar’s Masters of Lygrenn will keep you hooked till the very last page where you will get the answers to all the questions. It is a MUST READ!

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