Top 3 Social Networking Websites for Bloggers and How To Use Them

Becoming a blogger is very easy. You just need a laptop with an internet connection and in minutes you can create your own blog. It will take you just 5 minutes to add a blogger tag in your profile. But is blogging that easy?

Well, the answer is NO!

To become a true blogger, you must know how to market your content and the best place to do this are Social Networking Websites. But wait, there are plenty of them.

So, today I will be telling you about the top 3 social networking websites where you can share your blog effectively. Have a look:


Facebook is Worlds largest social networking website. Worldwide, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users. Which means your chances of finding your target audience is very high on Facebook.


The best way to use Facebook for your blog is by creating a Facebook page. It will add authenticity to your blog and gives an option to your readers to like your page. It is also the best platform to engage with your readers.


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform which can add value to your blog. Most of the celebrities use Twitter to interact with their fans and it is the best networking website where you can find your readers without adding them.


More than 500 million tweets are sent per day on Twitter and the good news is that there are no limits on tweets. So, if you have published a new blog post, then share it 4 - 5 times with different hashtags and on different times.


Instagram is photo-sharing application where you can share photographs and videos using relevant hashtags. It was recently acquired by Facebook which makes it more valuable. Instagram currently has over 700 million monthly active users.


The photographs and videos that you use on your blog, just post it on Instagram and add a link in your bio. It is said that a photo speaks a thousand words and you can use this as an advantage to attract new readers to your blog.

Now that you know how to use the top 3 social networking websites go and find new readers now! Also, If you loved reading this post then don't forget to share. The share icons are given below.