COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS: Virat Kohli fastest batsman to reach 9000 runs in ODIs

Today, we will be comparing two online news portals Times Of India (TOI) and Hindustan Times (HT) on how they have covered the news of Virat Kohli becoming the fastest batsman to reach 9000 runs. So, let's begin the analysis:


TOI - Virat Kohli becomes fastest batsman to score 9000 ODI runs

HT - Virat Kohli slams 32nd ton, reaches 9000 ODI runs in record time

MY ANALYSIS: I think HT headline is more attractive as it gives more information than TOI.


TOI - They have a highlights column where they have mentioned the facts in terms of both Indian and International record.

HT - They have focussed only on the Ind vs Nz match where the record was broken.

MY ANALYSIS: I found the TOI intro more catchy and informative.


TOI - They have used a video on the cover where you can watch the news in the video format.

HT - They have used a Virat Kohli photograph on the cover.

MY ANALYSIS: I found the TOI Video more interesting because it opens the option of audio/visual as well.


TOI - The entire content revolves around the record and its previous holders.

HT - The content talks about the record as well as the Ind-Nz match.

MY ANALYSIS: I found both HT and TOI content very informative. On one side, TOI informs you about the record and its history, and on the other side, HT informs you about the match where the record was broken.

Overall, I think both TOI and HT has done a great job in covering the news of Virat Kohli reaching 9000 runs.


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