Lucid Dream The Journey Resumes Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

BOOK: Lucid Dream The Journey Resumes

AUTHOR: Atul Mohite

PUBLISHER: Cinnamon Teal Publishing


PRICE: Rs 250

ISBN: 978-93-83175-89-5


Atul Mohite is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Arts and aspires to be a civil servant. This is his second book in the series. The first book, Lucid Dream, was published in 2011. Apart from writing, he is also passionate about lawn tennis, chess, and music.


Suraj and Naina's daughter reads the book, Lucid Dream. She insists on knowing what happened next. Suraj and Naina, together unfold their story about how Suraj had found the complete opposite side of the coin only a year later. He had joined an institution, Vidya Bhavan, dedicated to the holistic development of the youth. He unveils a philosophy that he learned in Vidya Bhavan to guide his daughter in her career. This book is dedicated to the passion and dreams that exist in every individual.


"Why didn't you continue writing, Dad? You said that Lucid Dreams never end. They don't, right?" asked Sneha as Suraj entered the room.

According to the Wikipedia, a lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. Imagining it as a title of a Book amazed me a lot and triggered my interest in reading it.

The prologue of the book takes you on a ride full of curiosity and excitement. The book has a simple, smooth and extraordinary plot with a hand full of characters, low-intensity dark moment and amazing narration.

The characterization is at its best and the author has used simple and easy language in the entire book which makes it easy to read and understand.

The author has managed to keep the readers glued till the very last page by keeping the story moving on a very balanced pace without repeating the same location in the story again and again.

This book will motivate, inspire and push you to achieve your dreams without breaking the balance of the World. It is fiction, but you can read it as a self-help book also. Another good reason to read it.

This book has just 70 pages but it costs Rs 250 which looked huge when I started reading this book. But, once I completed reading it, I feel it's worth Rs 250. It is much better to have a great story in 70 pages than a regular story in 350 pages novel.

In the end, the author leaves you starving for more. Lucid Dream The Journey Resumes is the second part of the Lucid Dream Series and I would surely love to read more from the author.

Overall, I think Lucid Dream The Journey Resumes is an amazing read and you will surely love it. You can buy this book from Amazon now!

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