Khel- The Writings Book Review

RATING– 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Vishal Goswami

PUBLISHER: Leadstart Publishing


Vishal Goswami is an MBA-Finance graduate from Boston, USA and is passionate about reading and writing in all its forms, whether fiction or-fiction and also all other genres. He is active on Twitter as “WriteNow@WritetoFite” tweeting about more contemporary topics and new movie analysis and ratings.


The abandoned Haveli in Bhramdev, a hill station near Mumbai, is known amongst the local population to be haunted. People keep away from it.A group of youngsters decides to explore it and what follows is a horrifying reality they do not live to relate.

Sanya Sharma is an investigative journalist, with a shattered life and grieving past. Having lost her husband and little daughter within a span of six months, her once perfect life is a distant dream. Depressed, unable to concentrate on work and barely paying attention to her ten-year-old son, she takes help in alcohol and regular visits to her psychiatrist.

Her last chance at redemption is a case of mysterious deaths on a small hill station. What follows is a series of mysterious, eerie and horrifying events that Sanya cannot understand and finally with the help of a local police inspector turned friends, it dawns upon her that the Haunted Haveli is not just a small towns hocus-pocus but a reality that had turned on her. The evil that she encounters slowly affects everything around her and she knows that it will finally consume her. REVIEW:

KHEL – The Writings is one of the best horror stories, I ever read. It is totally mysterious till the very end and will give you goosebumps all the time.Vishal Goswami took the very basic concept of Haunted Haveli in a small town, but the plot of the story is totally out of the box. What you will really love about the book are the twists and turns. The characters of the story keep on changing as the story moves on which will keep your interest level on a high since the beginning. Even cover of the book looks haunted, I may just lock this book in my locker. You will definitely love reading KHEL – The Writings. It’s a must READ!

What were the deep, dark secrets of the Haveli’s past? What was the Nawab family's past? Who is the old woman haunting her? What are the cards and what is the card game? To find the answers, read the book.

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