Joys And Woes Are Woven Fine Book Review

Updated: Feb 13


A girl born in Kolkata was an unwelcome guest. She was a product of lust. She had to pay the price. She was abducted and trafficked to Hyderabad. She spent nine years begging on the roadside. Destiny brought her back to Kolkata where she was sold off to a procurers in Sonargachi. She married Raghu and started leading a healthy life. However, she attempted a suicide. She was Ketaki. Why was Ketaki abducted and trafficked? Where were her father and mother? Was Ketaki ever able to meet her real parents? Why did she attempt the suicide? Was it destiny that brought her back to Kolkata or did The Almighty have something else in his holy mind? After all, Joys and Woes are always woven fine!! Joys and Woes are woven fine by Author Arkaprava De is a very emotional story about a girl who was a mistake. The story will leave you in tears and will make you feel heartbroken at the end. Arkaprava De has beautifully used his words to spread multiple social messages in his novel. Even after getting rejected by many publishers he did not lose hope. The story is very nicely written and all characters are interconnected to each other in one way or another. Loved it! BOOK RATING: 4/5

AUTHOR: Arkaprava De

PUBLISHER: Author's Ink Publications

LANGUAGE: English FORMATS: Amazon Kindle / Paperback PRINT LENGTH: 162 pages GENRE: Crime, Thriller & Mystery ABOUT THE AUTHOR Arkaprava De, born in Kolkata, India has completed his Master’s Degree in Computer Applications from MIT, Pune.

His friendliness with the pen and paper developed from quite an early age which helped him embark his first book in 2015. It dealt with social issues and was titled as ‘Joys And Woes Are Woven Fine’ which was published by Author’s Ink Publications and acclaimed nationally. Arkaprava had also been a Contributing Editor for an anthology titled, ‘Memoirs of Love’ which was released in the same year.

Apart from being a regular writer in school and college magazines, Arkaprava had also written the story and cinematographic script of a Bengali movie named ‘Megher Otithi’ which was released in 2012. He takes active interest in film making as well. Importantly, his works have always been inclined towards portraying the major evils of our society at large.

Presently employed with IBM India Private Ltd, Arkaprava wishes to create a long lasting impression over the masses through his writing. He is an active cross fitter as well.

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