Jewel Me Silver Paint Me Pink

Hello my lovely readers, hope you all are doing well. The festive season is here and we all want to get indulged in lots of colourful clothes and accessories. So here I am once again with my new blog post, in collaboration with the fashion brand Between The Blush. The name says it all, they have a wide range of beautiful products that will make you feel pink, and ultimately you’ll blush.

So here begins the journey of my blush. When the Product arrived at my doorsteps, right after collecting it I headed directly towards my bedroom and began unpacking the beautifully packed box in a single breath, it consisted of product packed safely in a pink pouch with a note reminding me to keep blushing.

Falling in love with this silver love piece I decided to combine it with pink. Those of you have been reading my previous posts must be well aware of my bustling mind and the ideas it produces. Jokes apart, the necklace is very eye-catching.

Walking through the streets of Delhi in this getup I got those positive vibes and it made me feel the bubbles of festive mood jostling around me. The idea was to adorn my look in minimum jewellery. So I left my hair untied and wore the necklace with a tint of pink bindi giving a peck of love on my forehead. And it worked effectively.

Talking about the product, it is very light in weight which makes your celebration double memorable. The design and texture are enough to turn all eyes green. I loved it when my friends complimented me positively regarding this necklace from the house of Between The Blush.

Overall, It is a must have for all you lovely ladies this season, wear it and feel the pink heat on your cheeks. It was an amazing experience and I would always cherish those moments in silver and pink.