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James Blake: True success is only achieved by those who will do whatever it takes

James Henry Blake is an award-winning Entrepreneur from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is the Founder and Managing Director of a multi-award-winning digital marketing firm Vindicta Digital alongside other successful online-based businesses. He was selected as one of the Top 5 Business People under 30 in Northern Ireland.

Vindicta is Headquartered in Belfast Northern Ireland with additional locations in Liverpool, Leeds, and Manchester. The company boasts clients from the UK, EU, and the USA. It is a truly global full-service digital agency that provides SEO, Website, Creative Video, Digital Marketing Solutions for small to large-sized companies. In 2020 Vindicta Digital was responsible for generating £48M + revenues across their client portfolio. It was listed as a top 50 UK SEO Company in 2020.




Q. According to you, what is the #1 path to success?

I believe the #1 path to success is carved out through dedication, resilience, and massive action. I believe that true success is only achieved by those who are willing to lose their minds to their goals, those who will do whatever it takes.

Q. Being the Founder of companies in marketing and e-commerce, how do you manage your time?

My time is mainly dedicated to managing our experts, meeting with clients, and developing our business interests. I am always working on our dominant positioning in the marketplace.

Q. What will be your Ultimate Advice for a 20-year-old?

My ultimate advice for a 20-year-old is to stay resilient and focused. Remember that there will always be naysayers, forget about them. Focus on your goals and ambitions, take massive action, and above all have belief in yourself.

Q. Is Personal Branding important in today's World? If yes! Then how can we build a Powerful Personal Brand?

Personal branding is super important. I believe that I have utilised it well to build my businesses. People buy from people, regardless of what industry you are in or the size of your company. Many people buy Elon Musk, not Tesla and you should remember to treat your business the same.

Q. According to you, which Social Media platform is best for Advertising your brand and why?

It's all completely dependant on your product or services. However, I do believe that Linkedin and TikTok are fantastic platforms that have great organic growth potential. The others are all great but be prepared for a small to high level of investment for tangible results or an ROI.

Q. What did you learn during the lockdown? How it shaped your business?

I learnt that many businesses retreat when faced with danger. That’s not me nor is it my team or business. We have pushed forward with expansion and will continue to expand as time goes on. I do not believe life favours those who retreat.

Q. What are your thoughts on Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom is an incredible thing. I think everyone should include this in their goal statements.

Q. How do you set your goals?

Daily I wake and write down my daily gratitude and goal statements. This helps me remain aligned and focused. Everything I write down comes to fruition eventually through consistent, massive action.

Q. In 2021, how can anyone go from $1000 to $100,000?

Easily. I recently launched a company, done that within 3-4 weeks. Make sure your brand/product is relevant, ensure that your marketing plan is structured right, and engage with an agency to ensure there is no wastage of your established budget.

Q. What is your morning routine like?

I wake up, exercise, and write down my goals and gratitude statements. This is everything I am achieving/going to achieve along with the things I am thankful/grateful for. I will then get showered, dressed, and head to the office or to my first meeting of the day ready to kill it.

Q. Future of through your eyes.

I hope the platform goes from strength to strength. Follow James Blake on Instagram



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