Is Your Soap Summer Ready?

Summer is already knocking at our door and we are still caught in the winter skincare routine. It's time to change now! In this hot and humid weather, your body requires regular care on a daily basis.

It is important to take a bath every day in the morning to maintain good personal hygiene. Having a bath daily refreshes you and makes you ready for the whole day. But, is your soap summer ready? The most important question, we miss out each time.

There are multiple soaps available for us in the market, ranging from anti-chemical to cooling-crystal. But your soap may not be the best friend for your skin in Summers. Our body sweats all the time and we need a soap which is skin friendly and healthy from every angle.

You must be wondering, where on earth can I find Skin-Friendly soaps? Well, worry not because Cosmetic Junctions is here to rescue you from the summer worries.

Cosmetic Junction is an exotic destination offering an exclusive range of everyday essentials. Time to cheer up! CJ is here to elevate your daily routines to a new level, leaving you exultant with an enticing glow and fragrance.

"Earthy elements create ethereal beauty".

They have redefined the concept of cosmetics by disassociating toxic chemicals from it and making it plant powered. So, if you want to go green, your first stop has to be Cosmetic Junction.

They strongly believe that every person is different with different skin textures and tones and with love for different fragrances. Apart from their already existing wide range of cosmetics, they also offer tailor-made cosmetics to cater to your special needs.

It's now time to share my experience of using 5 HANDMADE SOAPS from Cosmetic Junction. So, let's begin!

1. Grapefruit Magic Shea Soap

Grapefruit Magic Shea Soap helps in opening the clogged pores and relaxes your mind and body. It nourishes your skin and soothes it with its amazing mild fragrance. If your skin type is normal or dry then it is perfect for you.

It contains rich unrefined shea butter, virgin coconut, castor oil and grapefruit essential oil which is very healthy for your skin. I have been using this soap on a regular basis and the results are mind-blowing.

My skin now feels supple, healthy and smells amazing every day.

2. Green Tea & Goat Milk Soap

Green Tea & Goat Milk Soap improves your skin complexion, reduces puffy eyes and dark circles, fight aging signs, treats acne and pimples. It also moisturizes your skin beautifully with the richness of Vitamin A and B2.

This soap is suitable for all skin types and contains green tea and goat milk. It is very gentle on the skin and helps remove dead skin.

I have already fallen in love with this soap because it saves my bad face day. I use it in the morning to wash my face just after brushing my teeth for instant results. You can do the same!

3. Charcoal & French Pink Clay Soap

Charcoal & French Pink Clay Soap moisturizes your skin and gives your skin a baby type smoothness. With a fragrance of vanilla and goodness of Charcoal and French Pink Clay, this soap has made it to my favorite list.

It works on all skin types and is 100% vegan and paraben free. You can opt for this soap if you want the soft and glowing skin.

4. Lemony Mint Aloe Fresh Soap

Lemony Mint Aloe Fresh Soap works as a good cleanser and has antifungal properties. It protects your skin from allergies, infections, rashes, acne and sunburn. It also refreshes and rejuvenates your skin to the core.

It contains aloe vera, lemongrass, coconut oil, mint, castor oil and lemon essential oil which works as a perfect combination for a handmade soap.

It is appropriate for all skin types and I love using it whenever I want to feel fresh and lively.

5. Rose & Honey Soap

Rose & Honey Soap cleanses the skin and leaves a gentle long lasting sweet smell on your skin. It acts as an antioxidant and enriches your skin with ultimate goodness.

It contains rose petals and honey and works perfectly on all skin types. I use it to make my skin feel light and fresh.

Now that you know the importance of using a handmade soap in Summers, go get some for yourself from Cosmetic Junction today!