Insights! Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5




Mahua Sen was born in Bihar and grew up in New Delhi. She is the second daughter of Dr. SM Chowdhury and Mrs. Krishna Chowdhury. Mahua is a postgraduate in journalism from Calcutta University and worked as a Journalist, a Banker and now, a freelance writer. She used to play with alliteration and metaphors ever since a tender age. Her poems have been published in Newspapers and Magazines. She is an avid reader and a music-lover. She believes in simple joys of life. Mahua lives in Hyderabad with her husband, Utpal Sen, and her four-year-old child Raunav Sen whom she calls her 'Sunshine'.


Insights! Is a collection of twenty-eight poems by Mahua Sen. It is a knockout combination of simple and deep random thoughts of the writer. The collection also juxtaposes the exhilaration of youthful passion with the desolation of agony, of being exultant and celebrating people and their memories. And, the importance of 'hope' and 'dream', as life is singular!


A beautiful collection of twenty-eight colossal poems, which is indeed a great read.


Insights is a well-written book which contains total twenty-eight beautifully written poems which will brighten your mood and will make you feel refreshed and light. Mahua has literally played with her words to bring out such an amazing blend in the form of wonderful poems. She has the charm of attracting her readers through her magical words. The cover of the book is also well polished and designed which is perfectly complimenting the title and the blurb. I must say it is a must read. All poetry lovers should read it once at least. You'll feel rejuvenated. My favorite poems among all others are 'In the Quest of Love' and 'Embrace Now'. They simply touched my heart and I felt connected to each and every line. One can sense from all the poems that Mahua indeed used to write from a very tender age. The professionalism and maturity she has in her work are worth mentioning. Overall it is a wonderful read. You'll enjoy it for sure.

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