Indian Women And The Shaadi Conundrum Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: Indian Women and The Shaadi Conundrum

AUTHOR: Dr. Rachna Arora & Deepika Sharma

PUBLISHER: Authors Press

GENRE: Non-Fiction

PAGES: 177

ISBN: 978-93-5207-375-7


Dr. Rachna Arora

Dr. Rachna Arora is a psychologist, counsellor, poet, blogger, a happy wife, and mother, who realized that for many married women the phrase "happily married" is just an oxymoron. With a Ph.D. in Psychology and years of counselling experience, she is actively involved in assisting married women in coping up with the challenges of married life and helps them find solutions to their problems, enabling them to live a happy and fulfilled life.

She is also the co-founder of, an online platform to empower, motivate and inspire women. At The Happy Women, she provides online counselling to women of all ages. She feels highly satisfied in helping women assert themselves and helps them understand their needs and preference in life so that they become truly empowered.

Deepika Sharma

Deepika Sharma is a writer, blogger and an IT professional who is keenly interested in the issues that affect married urban women in India, as they struggle with family expectations and societal norms on one hand and their careers on the other. A post graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, her expertise revolves around instructional designing and content creation for blogs, websites, and E-books.

Deepika is a guest blogger on some popular blogs on relationship and spirituality. Through her joint initiative,, she seeks to empower women and help them discover their true identity sans the social constructs that challenge their self-worth.


Once Indian women complete their education or get jobs, they have to face the most dreaded question, which is "Shaadi kab karogi?". Be it your excited friends, worrisome relatives or inquisitive neighbors, people make it their life's mission to ensure that you find a suitable match. The Shaadi Conundrum starts when you reach the so-called marriageable age and continues way beyond, once you get married, as there are a plethora of issues which we call 'adjustments' in India, that are considered 'normal' even if they are driving you nuts.

From the pre-wedding phase to the post wedding phase, the book highlights the different issues that crop up, the reasons and effective solutions, which will be immensely beneficial for all urban woman who is in the process of looking for grooms or has been married recently. The book contains useful tips, self-assessment checklists which will help women in dealing with conflicts and in decoding the relationship dynamics.


Indian Women and The Shaadi Conundrum is a perfect guide if you are searching for true LOVE in your LIFE. A great life partner is something that every girl wants but only some are lucky to hit the Jackpot. But you need not worry now because Dr. Rachna Arora and Deepika Sharma are here to motivate you, with amazing solutions for every Pre-Wedding & Post-Wedding problem.

The book comprises of Before You Say Yes, Pre-Wedding Blues: Coping up with Stress, Life after Marriage: A New Phase, How to have a Happy Relationship with Your Husband, The Baby Dilemma, Coping up with Adjustments in a Marriage, Patriarchy, and the Indian Society & Self-Empowerment: The Key to Happiness. The authors Rachna & Deepika have successfully managed to touch every detail starting from the groom search phase to the life adjustment phase within just 177 pages. The duo has focused more on important details with amazing solutions. They have used multiple checklists and pointers throughout the book to make it easy to read and understand the points.

The book is based on many surveys and research on women from different fields. Which doubles the credibility of the content written in the entire book. I truly loved the book and will surely keep it along with me even after my marriage.

Being a woman myself I can easily connect with the information given in the book. It has all the pros and cons related to married life. It's like a treasure for every woman as this book has all the answers for your questions related to marriage.

I am very much impressed by the initiative taken by these two Indian authors for the well-being of women in this society. With this, I would also like to confess that this is one of the best books on women awareness I've read so far. I would surely love to read their future works too.

"This book is a tribute to all the Indian women out there who feel hysterical about the Shaadi conundrum and wonder why we as a society are paranoid about the settlement, Shaadi, and bacche"

Overall, I loved this book and would surely suggest it to every woman out there reading this review. It will work as your teacher, guide, friend and partner for your entire life. Go get your book from Amazon now!

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