In Love Till My Last Breath Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Om Shukla

PUBLISHER: Lifi Publications


Born in a small town of Allahabad and brought up in Faridabad, Om Shukla has been involved in the creative expression of his thoughts and feelings. He loves to pen down his feelings in the form of poems, in both English and Hindi. But his life brought him to a situation where he decided to pen down his life in the form of this debut novel.


True love comes into our lives, only once. Sometimes, it vanishes all too soon, but sometimes it stays till our last breath. Love is a journey… of joy, happiness and at times painful. Some journeys of love do not reach their ultimate destination of togetherness. This is the story of Prachi and Sameer who love each other truly and promise to stay together till death parts them…. But, will their true love reach its ultimate destination? Let’s all find out, on this amazing journey of love, pain, togetherness, and solitude.


The story is sweet, simple yet amazing. One will fall in love page by page.


In Love Till, My Last Breath deals with the long-distance love story of a boy and a girl. Om has beautifully created magic line by line. The story manages to make the readers fall in love with it, slowly yet amazingly. The characterization work done by Om is also worth the applaud.

I liked the idea of playing with words and bringing out the simple yet beautiful story in a new way. Also, the book is short and quirky. It will not take much time to finish it. One can read it to lighten up his/her mood, mostly those beautiful romantic parts in the story will do their part.

The cover of the book plays the negative part. The cover of a love story book should be energetic and lovely. But the story saves the game. Basically, we come across many love stories, but this one will make you awestruck at the last moment.

All the love story readers must try reading this book at least once. I'm sure you would love it the way I did. All the best to Om for his book and I would love to read his future works.

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