In A Blink Of An Eye Book Review

RATING - 4/5

AUTHOR: Aditya Nighot

PUBLISHER: Author's Ink Publications


In the blink of an eye offers you a lot of mystery, romance, and tragedy.


Aditya Nighot is also the author of the novel U n Me... It's Complicated!!! Which received positive reviews upon its release, inspiring him to come up with another novel. He is from Pune, Maharashtra and is pursuing MBBS course from a renowned college in Pune. He is fond of music and is also an avid reader. Being 19 years old and a student he feels that he can connect to the emotions of the youth and tries to express the same through his books. With the social messages in his books, his writing has proved to be a boon for the youths; thereby various radio stations invited the author for an interview.


Two brutal murders and the murderer is on a killing spree. Bloodshed is what is all over his mind and he spares almost no one. The police are on to their toes but can just expect the worst outcome. Will they succeed in catching the murderer before he creates havoc in the city?

Inspired by real life incident, the story highlights a social message and is all about friendship, hatred, lust, justice and emphasizes on true love.


In a blink of an eye caters the youth of the present world. The plot of the book is crisp and to the point. Based on a real-life incident, you will get some twists and turns in the book which will pop many questions in your mind.

Once you start reading the book there is no stopping till you find all the answers for the mysterious questions. Apart from mystery, the book holds phases of love, friendship, and tragedy in a beautiful manner. Aditya has highlighted the roller coaster ride journey of a student who becomes a criminal and the reason behind his act is what the book all about.

On the other hand, Aditya has beautifully characterized all each and every character. Also, you can feel the connection with the story because the language used is very easy and convenient. I also loved the cover of the book, it beautifully goes with the title and the blurb.

Overall it is a good read for all types of readers, only there could have been few more additional twists and turns, which could have made the book more interesting.

In the end, I would like to recommend this book to the youth because they are the one who can connect and understand the social message Aditya has given in his wonderful book.

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