How To Have A Germ Free Summer This Year

When the Summer season begins, we are excited about the ice-creams, mangoes, and multiple summer delicacies but on the hand, we are facing heat, sweat, dust, and dirt. Just like every other season, Summer also has both positive and negative sides of it.

Similarly, our home is full of dust whenever the doors or windows are opened making our lives hell with daily cleaning requirements. But, you don't need worry now because I have found a brand which will help you have a GERM FREE Summer this year and every year of your life.

You must be wondering, Ah! another brand to rob our pockets this summer. What will be the difference? My house will be full of dust daily again and there no guarantee on my health. But believe me, you got to try this brand at least once before judging its impact.

Winova is a company which was started in the year 2013 and since then it is manufacturing various alcohol-free products with the promise of keeping you healthy and safe. Their wide range of products includes - Baby Smooth, Safe Hands- hand sanitizer, REN’All multi-purpose cleaner, Mosquito Shield, Vinge dish wash and Zenall Floor cleaner.

Now let's start killing the GERMS ;)

STEP 1 - Safe Hands

Winova Safe Hands is India’s first 100% alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer. Safe Hands produces a soothing foam that covers your hand and within a few seconds of application, it instantly kills 99.9995% of Bacteria and Infection in your hand. Being one of the few hand sanitizers proven to be dermatologically safe for your hand by Hamilton International, Poland.

My experience with safe hands is very positive. The foam based formula keeps my hands soft and protects it from germs and infections without any water. It is very easy to carry and very easy to use.

STEP 2 - REN’All Your Floor

Ren’all is a new & remarkable multi-purpose floor cleaner. This beautiful product has the active goodness of Apple Cedar Vinegar which been proven in various tests to be superior in cleaning floors from various forms of dirt, dust, greases and stains etc.

Ren’all has also been infused with Winova Plus, protecting your floors against various forms of Bacteria and Fungi. With this magical cleaner, my cleaning process has become really easy and safe. It has mild, soothing scent which lifts up the aura of my home.

It will also help you remove tough stains from floor and kitchen. It is an everyday life-saving product.

STEP 3 - Shield Yourself from Mosquito

The Mosquito Shield is a marvelous product, which brings you a dual effect, that of a Mosquito Repellant and a Hand and Skin Sanitizer. When sprayed on the skin, all natural Citronella and Neem extracts in the liquid will create an aura that will protect you from mosquitoes coming near you.

This natural extract is fused with Winova Plus formula to remove all the bacteria from your skin wherever applied. I use it on a daily basis and it has helped me replace unhealthy mosquito sprays and fast cards.

Now I can focus more on my work rather wasting my time in killing mosquitoes. It's a MUST!

STEP 4 - Use Baby Smooth for Little Ones

Winova Baby Smooth is an Alcohol-Free hand and body Sanitizer that is specially designed for the delicate skin for babies and children. It protects a child’s hands from a wide range of bacterial infections. The protective foam instantly kills 99.9995% of bacteria and infections from the hand and creates a shield to protect you child for a guaranteed time of 2.5 hours.

Baby smooth, being non–alcoholic will not burn or create any discomfort when applied on wounds or scratches. My friends sister has been using it for a month now and she is happy that her baby is now in safe hands of Winova. So, if you have a little one then you must have it.


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