He Me And She Book Review

RATING: 4.5/5




Colonel Mahip Chadha is a retired army officer residing in New Delhi, India. A graduate of the Indian Military Academy, Chadha served in the Indian Army for nearly 34 years. During this time, he served in the Third Gorkha Rifles. Colonel Chadha is the author of Grit, Guts, and Gallantry-which motivates the youth of India to consider the Army as a viable career option. He also wrote a novel titled SOLJER SOLJER in which he describes life in the infantry. His book GIN and LIME WHISKEY or WINE? deals with the problems faced by veterans.

Colonel Mahip Chadha was commissioned on 25th Dec 1966, into The Second Battalion The Third Gorkha Rifles; one of the Indian Army's first battalions, which returned to India, after the country attained Independence, winning many laurels. It is known as Second Third or affectionately as VC Paltan because it won the first two Victoria Crosses in WW I. It is ironic that Pakistan chose one of its Commanding officers, Sir Douglas Gracey, the hero of the Admin Box in the Burma Campaign, to be its Commander in Chief!


A person's life changes as soon as he or she loses a spouse. While ladies adjust much more quickly, males especially the independent types find it difficult to get along in the changed circumstances. There are so many subjects males take for granted which are difficult to do when you are alone in a bad world which is so involved in moving forward that it leaves you behind unless you strive to catch up! Small things like how to stock the kitchen, what to cook or even remember birthdays or what to give as a present or give as a gift to newly weds or keep track of the servants becomes a monumental problem. Then one finds that friends have their own life, Kitty parties, Saas Bahu serials where you become a misfit! Life at home then becomes a comfort zone and the servants become an extended family.


The story He Me And She is the sweet, sour and spicy mixture of the author's life after the death of her beloved wife. He was a man of great determination and courage, a soldier of highly esteem Third Gorkha Rifles. And then slowly with the entry of two new characters as employees, Lakhan and Basanti in his life changed him into a completely new man. You will see him enjoying his life with the daily chores of Lakhan and Basanti. Author's style of writing is very simple and genuine. One can feel naturally connected to his story. The authentical and humanistic description of characters will make you fall in love with them.

It is something new and sensitive after reading nothing other than love stories in recent times. The warmth of his relationship with Lakhan and Basanti will not let you move your eyes before completing the book. The book makes us realize the importance of all the employees in our life. Mahip's humorous narration will keep you smiling constantly throughout the story. The book highlights the sweetness of author's relationship with Lakhan and Basanti.

Colonel Mahip Chadha won my heart with his beautiful story.

HE ME and SHE will win your heart too and leave you smiling at the end. It is a MUST READ and is highly recommended to all who want to read something natural and genuine.

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