Hands On Art & Craft 3 Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: Hands On Art & Craft (Book 3)

AUTHOR: Shweta Gupta

PUBLISHER: SAAR Books Publications


PRICE: Rs 325

ISBN: 978-93-84856-18-2


Art has been defined in many ways and words by the masters over the years. Art is a mode of communication as well as enjoyment for children. Children not only reveal their innermost feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas through their creations but also get immense pleasure while going through the process of making an artwork.

This book will show a new path to children in the light of "SEVEN ELEMENTS OF ART".

It is time to reflect on the thought... "We need to train children to be a doctor, an engineer, a computer professional, a pilot... Do we ever train them to be an Artist? You must be wondering that what is there to teach on the subject? The book answers your questions.

Yes! Art needs to be taught like Maths has formulas, Art has Elements, Science has discoveries, Art has Principles. And when these elements and principles of art are combined with other subjects it becomes a never to forget experience.

Imagine the experience of learning about descending and ascending order with patterns and shapes in an artwork or animal homes with weaving, or plant uses in stickers! I am sure most of you will answer "No". It is the time to learn it now. This book not only teaches the Elements and Principles of art but also combines them with other curriculum areas in order to involve children in the learning process.

This book allows children to explore craft activities equally as art ones which are again based on Fundamentals of Art combined with other curriculum subjects.

It serves as a construction manual of Art Education. It describes tools and blueprints you will find needful to help children to connect their experiences and learning in other subjects too!


Hands on Art & Craft is getting more and more creative on each level. If you have not read my review of first two books, then go ahead and read it here - Hands on Art & Craft Book 1 & Hands on Art & Craft Book 2.

Let's begin the review...

Hands on Art & Craft Book 3 is "Natureative". You must be wondering what in the World this word Natureative stands for? Well, I have just created it Nature + Creative = Natureative. This book focusses on Nature and it's creativity.

We all want our children to have an amazing offline world because we know that online world has its huge disadvantages. Today, children are unaware about the Natural Blessings and love to involve themselves in Artificial Man-made life.

That is the reason why Hands on Art & Craft book 3 has an amazing list of Activities based on nature, have a look:

1. Elements of Art Rock

2. Learn 3D Shapes with Template

3. Weave the Fish

4. Learn the Human Life Span with Sand Texture

5. Giant Galapagos Tortoise Swims in Mosaics

6. Feathers take you in Sky with Line Art

7. Let's Play with a Mobile Rainbow

8. Let's build a Wooly Mammoth with Yarn Textures

9. Do Yoga with Line Art

10. Quill on Scavengers

11. Photosynthesis on The Go with Pointillism

12. Bowl with Paper-Craft Leaves

13. Road Signs with Piet Mondrian

14. Ninja Star Origami

15. Volcanoes Erupts in Kandinsky Circles

16. Sand Art in Water Cycle

17. Oceans of The World in Water Colour and Salt Art

18. Colours making a Graph Art

19. Glitter the Seven Continents

20. Paint the Parliament in Van Gogh style

21. Collaborative Art to Make Mushrooms in Imaginative Textures

22. Origami Utilization Box

23. Quilled Moon Phases

24. Doodle Your Name's Initial Letter

25. A Trip of Land forms in Sand Art

26. Tessellations in Taj Mahal

27. Earth Changes Colour as The Season Changes

28. Traditional Aboriginal Kangaroo

29. Let's Prove the Earth is Round with Perspective

30. I want to Doodle Olympic Rings

It is one of my favourite Art & Craft book ever. I know I am an Adult now and this book is not for me, but its content is so natural and beautifully arranged that I can't stop myself from trying on some activities in my free time. It is full of knowledge and creative activities that I believe every child will love.

Apart from these amazing activities, each activity has a "Good to Know" section where some amazing unknown facts are mentioned related to the activity. Also, this book comes with a FREE material board which contains required materials for the activities like Quilling Tool & Strips, Salt, Mosaic, Q-Tip, Threads Beads & Bell, Yarn, Baloon & Leaf, and Toothpick.

Once your children have completed all the activities of the book, you can award them the "Certificate of Achievement" which is attached in the end of the book. It will boost the children to keep learning new stuff.

Overall, I loved this book and would surely recommend every school to add it to the curriculum and remember, "Children who grow up feeling loved deeply become adults who are pre-wired to love deeply".

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