Hands On Art & Craft - 1 Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: Hands On Art & Craft (Book 1)

AUTHOR: Shweta Gupta

PUBLISHER: SAAR Books Publications


PRICE: Rs 325

ISBN: 978-93-84856-20-5


Art has been defined in many ways and words by the masters over the years. Art is a mode of communication as well as enjoyment for children. Children not only reveal their innermost feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas through their creations but also get immense pleasure while going through the process of making an artwork.

This book will show a new path to children in the light of "SEVEN ELEMENTS OF ART".

It is time to reflect on the thought... "We need to train children to be a doctor, an engineer, a computer professional, a pilot... Do we ever train them to be an Artist? You must be wondering that what is there to teach on the subject? The book answers your questions.

Yes! Art needs to be taught like Maths has formulas, Art has Elements, Science has discoveries, Art has Principles. And when these elements and principles of art are combined with other subjects it becomes a never to forget experience.

Imagine the experience of learning about descending and ascending order with patterns and shapes in an artwork or animal homes with weaving, or plant uses in stickers! I am sure most of you will answer "No". It is the time to learn it now. This book not only teaches the Elements and Principles of art but also combines them with other curriculum areas in order to involve children in the learning process.

This book allows children to explore craft activities equally as art ones which are again based on Fundamentals of Art combined with other curriculum subjects.

It serves as a construction manual of Art Education. It describes tools and blueprints you will find needful to help children to connect their experiences and learning in other subjects too!


The moment I received the book, I was amazed by its beautiful cover. The first thought which came to my mind was, "I wish I was a kid". But since I am not a kid anymore, I will be reviewing this book as an adult and tell you whether this book is perfect for your kid or students. So let's begin.

I have been educated from a convent school - Notre Dame Academy, Munger since I was 3 years old. The best part of convent school is that they have been giving huge preference to the ART Education since the beginning. I used to have an Art subject 13 years back but it lacked something, i.e a perfect Art Book.

A perfect Art Book works as a guide and motivates the children to explore their creative side and I believe this book has the power to do the same. It is very creative and is designed such a way that children will fall in love with this book.

The first question which comes in the mind after looking at an Art Book is - What will it teach children? It is the common question every person asks before buying an art book for children and this book holds a complete list of "Learning Outcomes" that your children will be able to accomplish after working on this book.

I used the word "working" because Art is something to work on. You cannot just read and say, ok I got it. You have to work on it in order to learn from this book.

Let's take a look at what your children will learn after completing the book:

1. Introduction to 7 elements of art

2. Paper Creatures

3. Weaving the nest of a Weaver Bird

4. Warm Colour and Cool Colour

5. Joining the Dots to make an Artwork

6. Line Art

7. How to place Stickers in a Pattern

8. Know about Seasons with finger printing

9. Learn from an artist

10. Art with Stickers and Templates

11. Concentrate to colour a mandala

12. To Colour in blocks

13. Primary and Secondary Colour in Dot Art

14. Spray Painting

15. Thread Craft

16. Panchatantra Story

17. Line Art

18. Pattern Crafts

19. Popsicle Stick Crafts

20. Appreciating Environment with Shapes

21. Colour Activity for Descending Numbers

22. Puppet Making

23. Concentrate to colour a mandala

24. Spray art with stencils

25. Doodle Art

26. Sand Craft with a Flip Page

27. Artwork with Crushed Paper

28. Pattern Formation

29. paper craft with Brads

30. To make Headband with Paper

31. Primary and Secondary Colour in a Colour Wheel

Now that you know what your children will learn from this book it's time to explore the book in depth. Each activity in the book comes with Facilitator's Instructions, Learning Objectives, Elements of Art and Materials Required list.

This makes it very easy for you to explain the steps to the children and helps you save your time by keeping the detail to-the-point. Apart from these, some interesting activities comes with "Good to Know" part where your children can gain extra knowledge about the elements involved in the activity.

But the toughest part of any Art Book is where to get the required materials from? Well, this book comes along with a Material Board where you can find 6 uncommon materials like Brown Yarn, Toothpick, Tooth brush, Sand, Brad Pin & Crush Paper required for comleting the activities of the book.

Plus point - It's FREE! with the book. Apart from these, the other elements are very easily accesible from any local stationary.

Now, let's say your child completed all the activities and has learned a lot of new things. He deserves a GIFT! Right? So, the publisher has added a Certificate of Achievement in the end of the book where you can write the name of your child and present him/her as a gift.

Overall, I loved this book and would surely recommend every school to add it as a curriculum and remember, "Children who grow up feeling loved deeply become adults who are prewired to love deeply".

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