Gunshot Victims Unit Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Vaibhav Mukim


ABOUT THE BOOK: 'Culture was untouchable. Their mixing would, and had in the past, proved to be extremely detrimental to peace and quiet.' A world in which people have no regional affiliations. Where culture itself has gone mobile. Where the President, the man with the most power, has little to do but swim and play golf. Where ordinary people like Gru and Ronan care little about where they come from and where they are headed – and this whole system is balanced on just two simple laws. In this dystopian world, the only equalising factor is gunshots. Will the Gunshot Victims Unit, the last line of defense, be enough?

REVIEW: GUNSHOT VICTIMS UNIT is breathtaking. The way author has twisted and blended the story with a tint of mystery is commendable. Vaibhav knows the art of capturing the nerves of his readers very well. The cover of the book is very appealing and perfectly suits the title and the blurb. Since the beginning, you'll feel to keep yourself attached to the book until you unfold all the mysteries. Characterization was missing in the book and short sentences played the negative role. Overall the book is highly tempting and the story is well presented. All the mystery lovers must have the Gunshot Victims Unit on their reading list. All the best to Vaibhav for his book and I would love to read his future works.

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