Goodness Gracious Grand Mama Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

BOOK: Goodness Gracious! Grand Mama!!

AUTHOR: Tannaaz Irani

PUBLISHER: Creative Crows

PAGES: 179

PRICE: Rs 299

ISBN: 978-93-84901-30-1


The author Tannaaz Irani was always enamored by languages and arts. After a convent education at St. Agnes’ High School, she went on to study B.A. in Psychology and Sociology at St. Xavier’s College and followed it with a degree in law. Tannaaz spent two years in the corporate world which she left when Motherhood beckoned. A hands-on Mom Tannaaz never gave up her passion for reading, and perused a number of genres; this voracious appetite for reading has moulded her attitudes and her world-view.

As the children grew she started writing her own blog This spurred her on to first do editing and she is now a partner at Creative Crows Publishers LLP. “Goodness Gracious Grandmama” is her first full-length book, written as a memoir.

Being naturally witty and satirical, she has maintained a similar tone through the book. Though Tannaaz sets store by hard work and integrity she likes to maintain a work-life balance. She lives in Mumbai with her mother, husband, and children.


Grandmama lived in morbid fear of the spirit world. She believed not merely in good spirits of her noble ancestors, but in ghosts ghouls witches, banshees... you name it, she believed in it! Try to understand Grandmama's background. Her mother and maternal aunts hailed from a village in Gujarat called Tavdi Gaam. There were stories about that village. Ooooooooh! Be scared! Be very scared!!

If you walked under a tree; and especially if you paused to urinate under the tree the Shaitan - the devil - would possess you! After dark, when the bail gaadi--bullock cart -- went out the contraption would appear to move, but the bullocks remained in situ! They never moved ahead!! All night the wheels turned and the bullocks never moved! Scary isn't it?

This is an excerpt from Tannaaz Irani's book- GOODNESS GRACIOUS GRANDMAMA!

A story which will tickle your ribs and make you titter with glee when you read about the escapades of a wonderful Parsi family, with a Grand Matriarch who ruled her family with aplomb required of a veritable Monarch! Some of you would love to be part of this story told in a style unique!


"Your Grandmama has hardly any grey hair!" Dadaji would remark sourly. "Look at mine it's all grey."

Goodness Gracious Grand Mama will make you smile, laugh and rejoice to the core. Based on comedy family events, it is a joyful read. The plot of the book is very interesting, light and impactful. You get to know a Parsi lifestyle in author's unique writing style.

The story revolves around author's childhood and her great grandmother who was a character to be written and expressed. Being an independent and strong lady her grandmother also had a sweet face and an out of the box personality which the author found funny and gigglish at times. She has tried to share her memorable childhood cum teenage journey in the form of this book.

Talking about the characters, there are plenty of them in this book but the characterization of each one of them is at its best. Be it a maid or any guest, every character holds it's own creativity.

What I liked the most about this book is the way author has portrayed that time when there were no internet and social media to entertain oneself. She has shared the memories of how she used to enjoy her teenage at her best with her naughty and spicy cousin squad.

Also, details about the collection of antique things in her grandmother's house - Jashn Mahal left me awestruck. From the set of posh cars to the set of beautiful silver trays, everything her grandmother had is included in the story with an in-depth description. The book also includes photographs from her grandmother's art collection which were imported from across the globe. Which is quite impressive!

The language used by the author is very satirical and fancy. You will get the page 3 vibes on her every word which adds to the absolute fun of reading this book. The pace of the story is balanced and each chapter will bring in some new and interesting fact about the super grandmama.

The cover of the book is very artistic and grabs your attention the moment you look at it. It gives that ticklish feeling and makes you read the book as soon as possible. Overall, I loved this book and would like to recommend it to everyone who is looking for a light, inspiring and family comedy read. This will serve your purpose to every single bit. So, grab your copy of Goodness Gracious Grand Mama from Amazon now!

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