Envisage Book Review

RATING – 3.5/5

AUTHOR: Jaydeep Khot


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jaydeep Khot is a 21-year-old writer. He is an alumnus of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. He is also a final year student of chartered accountancy course. 50 Miles-A Reverse Journey is his debut novel, and this is his second book. His favourite subjects are history, economics, and psychology. Writing is his passion.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Kasak a girl blessed with powers to predict the future. How does she do it? That's what you have to find out by reading this crime and mystery novel. Will these powers help her to solve the biggest problem in her life? Will she be able to solve the biggest mystery? Kasak loses her parents and becomes a part of a wonderful family, with her uncle and aunt. Ravi, her cousin is naughty but an integral part of her life. From Kasak's growing up to gaining her powers, everything will be unveiled as you turn the pages.

REVIEW: The book cover is beautifully designed, which would attract buyers in every possible way. Also, the story is short and it can be finished in one round. The plot is unique and so is the story. But some twists and turns were missing that could have made the story more interesting. Some romance, drama or a twist of the thrill was missing. Envisage is a good one time read and you may enjoy reading it if you love mysteries. Jaydeep did a good job but he needs to work hard on making the story more amazing and attractive.

There were grammatical mistakes at several places. The story could have been lengthy and more polished with an interesting tint of mysteries.

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