Ensnared Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Prashant Wase

PUBLISHED by: Author’s Ink Publications


Prashant Wase is an aspiring Novelist from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. His previous novel “It's Complicated – An Uncommon love story of a Common Man” was published in 2013 by “Notion Press”, the book received very good response overall. Apart from writing, he is fond of watching thriller/horror movies. He has completed his higher education from Melbourne, Australia.


Neil and Divya are the perfect couples with a perfect life but future had some other plans for them. They fall prey to strange happenings around them. It was just a start to the haunted experience of the couple and their friends and family. What is the secret behind their tragic fates? Will they survive this haunting? Prepare to taste the dark side of Tantra and find out the answer for yourself. Feel the chill for yourself. Get ensnared.

Prashant Wase yet again delivered a “BEST SELLER”. Ensnared is something unexpected. It is one of the best horror stories I ever read. The story keeps you on your nerves and will keep you glued till the very end. Every page of the novel is inter-connected to each other, there are many secrets hidden which will be revealed at the end. There is not a single page which will bore you or is something unwanted for the story. It will leave you sweating, and if you are a weak person by heart my suggestion for you would be “THINK TWICE BEFORE READING”. Ensnared is a “MUST READ” for horror lovers and for those who want to read a thriller. Prashant did a very good job and I will be expecting another horror from him in future. The novel should be made into a Movie, it’s something beyond imagination. Loved It!

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