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Emotions @ Meditation by Shruti Kakkar will change the way you think about meditation



Emotions @ Meditation by Shruti Kakkar will change the way you think about meditation. Reading this book made me review my past life. It took me back to my childhood, how I was raised, and how I was shaped into the way I am today.

It made me look at meditation in a new light. One thing that I love about this book is its wide selection of essential day-to-day topics. You don't need to read 13 Self-help books on 13 different categories.

Reading this book is enough if you are struggling at the moment with anything in your life. There are easy-to-remember real-life examples throughout the book which will motivate you to take a step towards becoming a better version of yourself.

I found this book extremely helpful. Here are the top 3 takeaways from Emotions @ Meditation by Shruti Kakkar:


Every emotion in this world is transferable.


In 2017, when I became a father, my life changed. I dropped out of college to look after my daughter and started working to feed my family. Since then, I was caught up in a loop. A loop of Anxiety, fear of failure, doubting my self-worth and worrying about the future.

This wave of negative emotions along with my scarred past led to dysfunctional routines and habits. Which negatively affected my family. It was a series of bad choices which led me to where I am today.

My decision to choose negative emotions transferred negative emotions into my free-spirited wife and daughter.

Now my goal going forward is: To influence good emotions and habits in my family by working on myself first.

I am already working on it and after reading this book, I am more motivated to continue working on it.


Just relax, do your work and take a back seat as far as the result is concerned.


This line just opened a new door for me. I am the kind of person who predicts the final result first, then works backward. This habit leads to unhappiness and disappointment if my work is below my expectations.

Now, when I look back, I understand where I went wrong. I procrastinated on the tasks that I already do well, to reach perfection. Which led to lost time and opportunities.

My goal going forward is: To show up every day. Do my job and leave everything else that is out of my control to my destiny.


Self-pity is a self-inflicted pain and a self-appointed rival. Beat it with self-love and self-care.


My wife always asks me to start loving myself. But, I find myself deep in the ocean of self-pity. I am unable to sleep at night, I have no friends to talk to, and I crave happiness but find myself lost in a never-ending sadness.

The above quote from Emotions @ Meditation reminded me who my rival was: myself. Now my goal going forward is: To start loving myself so that I can be happy again and feel loved.

Overall, Emotions @ Meditation is a motivational read which will help you find your darkness and show you the light. Even if you are not interested in meditation, try reading this book just from a different point of view. You'll find something useful in it.




Emotional quotient is the very basis of our existence. This statement is inscrutable in today’s world. In fact the current Darwinian Theory could be: ‘Survival of the emotionally fittest.’

Emotions play havoc in our day to day lives and enslave us completely. Some are imprisoned in the four walls of depression while some are inflamed by their own temper. Some are controlled totally by their impulses while some are shackled tight to their fears.

Each one of us is dominated by one emotion or the other. Take this journey to master each emotion, one at a time, with the help of guided and focused meditation and emerge as an everlasting joyous soul.




Shruti Kakkar is a full-time homemaker,, a doting wife, hands-on mother of two, and a loving and caring daughter-in-law. She left her job as an advertising professional after marriage as she believes in giving her 100 % to whatever she chooses to take up in life.

She has always strived for spiritual advancement which led her to explore the world of chakra healing. The author is a certified Pranic Healer in physical and mental health.Life has thrown many challenges her way and overtime she has learnt to fight all those battles with resilience and perseverance.

Though earlier it was only a matter of survival, today survival is not even a part of her vocabulary. She lives not to survive but to celebrate the wonderful opportunity called life.

The author has carved herself a path to everlasting happiness at all times and in every situation. The good news is that she is more than willing to welcome anyone to traverse this path with her.



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