Love, Loss, & Some Deaths E-Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

BOOK: Love, Loss & Some Deaths

AUTHOR: Arka Datta

PUBLISHER: Amazon Kindle


PRICE: Rs 49


Love, Loss & Some Deaths is a collection of five short stories that will enthrall you, make your heart feel warm, and break it into pieces. The stories will offer you emotions ranging from happiness to fear.


Love, Loss & Some Deaths is a thrilling combination of love, loss, and deaths just like its title. It has five short stories which will keep you on your nerves and make your heart pounding for more.

I loved 3 out of 5 short stories which you must read at least once. They are:

1. Love, Ink, and Redheads 2. Interpretation of a Murder 3. For the Sake of a Fated Ending

All three short stories have unexpected and dramatic end. It will boost you to keep reading until the very last line where the climax is revealed. Apart from love, loss, and some deaths, it has action, drama, suspense, and thrill which will play with your mind.

The other 2 short stories - The Runaways and Cold in May were also good but lacked some creativity and suspense. Overall, Love, Loss, & Some Deaths is an amazing read and you must give it a try. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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