Some 14 Odd Years E-Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: Some 14 Odd Years

AUTHOR: Ruchira Banerjee

PUBLISHER: Amazon Kindle


PRICE: Rs 137


The book simply revolves around the society’s way of looking towards the presence of a female friend in a married man’s life.

A disturbance in marriage is not always due to the female friend, especially when the girl does not take the first step or tempt the boy to find happiness in a forbidden relationship.

This book deals with the man’s conscious desire of finding solace in the female friend perhaps his best female friend in spite of his love marriage.


Some 14 Odd Years has everything from love, friendship to betrayal. It is a story of a girl who is overpowered by the stereotype of the society.

The entire plot is focused on the protagonist Ronkini and her life. On one side, I loved the way story is narrated to the reader. It leaves an impact on your mind and gives you same feeling which you get after listening old stories from your elders.

On the other side, I found the majority of the book unrelated to the main characters. Talking about the characters, there are many in this book and the characterization of each character is done very beautifully.

There are poems and jingles also in the book to add some pleasure. Apart from these, I also loved the technique of using e-mails and letters in the book. It makes it look more catchy and realistic.

The story looks very authentic and genuine which adds value to the book. I believe, this book is a one-sided conclusion and could have done wonders if both the sides were covered.

I would like to thank the author for writing a book on a social topic which is getting common these days but is not yet written about.

If I am asked to suggest something to the protagonist Ronkini and every girl who face similar problems in her life then I would suggest her to write her story and relive the moments when you enjoyed with your family and your relatives.

Relive the moments when you watched a movie and jumped in the air with joy. Relive the moments when you enjoyed tasty food outside with your friends. Relive every positive part of your life and you will find love everywhere.

Overall, Some 14 Odd Years is a great book which can teach you a lot. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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