7 Vows Of Marriage E-Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: 7 Vows Of Marriage

AUTHOR: Devika Das

PUBLISHER: Amazon Kindle


PRICE: Rs 195


People say ‘marriages are made in heaven’. I believe that marriage is an association between two families bonded by the couple. It is the responsibility of the man and wife to maintain a healthy relationship between the two families.

Just like a tale of two cities, I revisit the moments of togetherness cherished by our past generations and also highlight how the definition of marriage has evolved over the years. While earlier elders of the family used to finalise a groom for the girl or a bride for the boy pertaining to their respective culture and value systems, the modern era witnesses cross-culture relationships.

Presently, a couple enters into a pre-marital courtship where they spend time knowing each other before tying the knot ultimately. Although, it takes time to build mutual trust and confidence, an underlying subconscious is the binding factor that helps sustain even long-distance relationships.

Quoting true insights about real couples, I intend to send a positive message to the readers about keeping the sanctity of marriage, a pure societal institution, alive. It is true that Adam and Eve had committed a sin but marriage is not a sin because it has the assent of the Almighty.

I wish to express my views on marriage and what I feel about how my dream man should be. It is a personal take so the public view will differ obviously. However, it is an appeal to the readers to absorb the content with an objective frame of mind.


7 Vows Of Marriage by Devika Das is an interesting take on marriage, relationship, and society. It revolves around author's life experience and her opinion on relationship myths and facts.

The book has various chapters based on different stages or problems one has these days related to marriage and relationship.

One thing which I liked the most about the book is that the author has included her life experiences and also the story of her parents, grandparents, and friends to justify her views and points. It makes it more authentic and flavorful.

This book is one of the best reads for females who are single, married as well as stuck with complicated relationship status. It not only contains chapters based on problems but also has full-fledged solutions to a happy married and unmarried life.

Talking About the language and writing style, the book is well written in a simple and understandable language which makes it easy to connect.

Lastly, I would like to mention that this book is an out of the box read. It will give you something new and different to read in contrary to everyday non-fiction reads.

Overall, 7 Vows of Marriage is an awesome book with a beautiful cover and message for the society. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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