Dying To Live Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

BOOK: Dying To Live

AUTHOR: Monisha K Gumber

PUBLISHER: Leadstartcorp

PAGES: 229

PRICE: Rs 245

ISBN: 978-93-52017-62-1


Monisha K Gumber is the new ‘Teen Sensation’ who has entered, rather created the space for New-age Motivational fiction for teenagers, particularly Indian girls. She believes in writing entertaining books that are profound and can teach today’s generation a thing or two about life. Getting popular by the day, she has about 75 k online followers and her latest video on beating Exam stress is touching half a million views already on Facebook. Her bestselling books are lucid, simple, relatable and have pictures (what more could you ask for?)


When nothing matters anymore...

Megha, a young super-achiever with a perfect life has all that is needed to be happy. After all why wouldn't she? A swimming champion, school topper, popular, good-looking girl with amazing friends and loving parents. What more could a girl ask for? A lot, actually.

Because even when she has it all; she sulks and does the unthinkable. A grave mistake that could take her to the grave. But survivor that she is, she breaks through the wall of 'perfections' and accepts that she is what she is: sad, vulnerable and confused. Oh, don't get her wrong, as she puts up a tough fight to reach where she is meant to be. And on the way learns some lessons that will take her through this amazing journey called life. A happy kind of life.


"This can't be happening... it seems I have failed yet again."

Dying to Live is an excellent book with an aim of motivating teenagers in today's world. It can be your best companion if you are a teenager and if you are not, then it will make you live your teenage days once again. It's a sequel to the bestseller - Sick of Being Healthy and believe me, both books are top-notch read for any teenage girl.

The plot of the book is super engaging with lots of sequel scenes to the previous book - Sick of Being Healthy. The author has beautifully maintained the continuity and strong storyline with many new as well as old characters. Talking about the characters, the characterization is top-class with each one playing equally important role in the story.

It is a beautiful reflection of a teenager's life where one has to go through all sorts of additional emotions. The author has a very unique and humorous writing style which creates the light air in the atmosphere while you are reading it. As a result, you feel joyful and relaxed.

The language used in the book is very simple and connecting which works as a bonus in this book. Apart from that, amazing sketches throughout the book will keep you glued to the book.

What I liked most about this book is the life lessons given by the protagonist's maternal grandmother. It is very thoughtful of the author to enlight her readers in such a distinctive fashion. The book is very meaningful, with lots of motivational events.

The cover of the book is lively and portray exciting emotions. The moment you pick the book, you'd feel the urge to read it. Now that's what I call, "Icing on the cake".

Overall, I loved the book and I am not amazed at the fact that it is No. 1 Best Seller on Amazon. So hurry up and order your copy of Dying To Live today from Amazon.

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