Diabolical Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Supriya Parulekar


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Supriya Parulekar is a published fiction author with five books. Her latest book "One Tequila, 2 Tequilas..." with Gargi Publishers is garnering positive reviews. She likes experimenting with different genres and you will find something dark and mysterious in her. She also loves writing poems but isn't chasing that dream seriously. Supriya has worked as a script editor for TV18 and History Channel. She also wrote a column in 'YUVA', a magazine, for youth. She enjoys reading biographies, places of historical significance interests her and she travels to different destinations, to rediscover herself, and look for an adventure of her own.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Lost and alone, Sonya fought with the demons that haunted her, threatening to rip her apart. The 'Diabolical' had manifested itself within the gorgeous Sonya, killing the hope of a chance at a beautiful life she could have had. Read this book to unravel the dark games our mind plays with us. Experience a tumultuous ride of emotions as Sonya's past catches up with her sending her life spiraling down.

REVIEW: Diabolical holds deep dark secrets of an innocent girl. The story is excessively catchy and interesting. Supriya Parulekar has magic in her words, you will be dragged by her words as if you are one way or another connected to the story. The way she has expressed all the emotions of the characters in her book is commendable. Also, the book cover is tempting and perfectly suitable for the title and blurb. The characterization done by her is remarkable, each and every character is well described, which helps the reader's mind go deeper and deeper into the story. The twists and turns she has sprinkled in different parts of her book is what makes it worth reading. I would like to recommend this book to every novel lover as the plot is too strong and also very well written. Only if it had a different ending the magic would have been more strong. But overall it is an excellent read. GO FOR IT!

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