Dew and Daze Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: Dew & Daze

AUTHOR: Ananya Dhawan

PUBLISHER: Amazon Kindle


PRICE: Rs 196


Poetry, like a dream far-fetched, touches those intricate strings of the soul, resonating them to just the right degree. It is a hive of sounds, created by noiseless voices, speaking to those who want to hear the reverberations.

Poetry is everywhere- in yellow winds and blue waves, in orange skies and brown earth. It may be the drama of your days or the truth in your daze, the mess in your mind or your soul, crystal clear. It is, but, a beautiful word picture, enriching minds, lives, you.


Dew and Daze by Ananya Dhawan is a remarkable collection of 27 strong and beautiful poems.

The poems are short and crisp. In short, they are perfect and couldn't have been any better. They are based on various aspects and stages of life, emotions, womanhood and a few more topics.

The fondness for life and opportunities it throws at us is what I found the most in this book. There is a certain outburst of emotions which says I am proud to be a woman and I love the state of being this way.

The book is dedicated to the voices, this struck me the most. It sounds quite different and interesting. Usually, authors dedicate their book to their near and dear ones or to life.

Talking about the language and writing style, it is very mature and filled with a rich vocabulary. You will enjoy it word by word, line by line, and poem by poem.

I loved the title and book cover, it depicts calmness and sensibility which I found very much in the poems it consists of.

My top favorite poems are: 1. He 2. A Womanly Strife 3. You 4. A Bit Of Me 5. Oxymoronic 6. The Being Within 7. She

Overall, Dew and Daze is a sweet, strong and amazing read which I would highly recommend to every poetry lover. Trust me this book will surprise you to the core. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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