Cult Of Chaos Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Shweta Taneja

PUBLISHER: Harper Collins

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shweta Taneja is an author, graphic novelist and journalist based in Bangalore. Her debut novel, The Ghost Hunters of Kurseong (Hachette India, 2013), is a breezy mystery set in the hills. She has written two graphic novels, Krishna: Defender of Dharma (2012), which has been subscribed for CBSE for its Schools Reading List, and The Skull Rosary (2013), which got nominated for Best Writer at the Comic Con Awards the same year. Her aim is to prod and pry the peculiar and the odd and to break preconceived notions about paranormal and supernatural with her books. To do that, she regularly drinks Makaibari tea, hogs on popular occult shows and books, and asks all sorts of weird questions. Cult Of Chaos is Shweta's first Anantya Tantrist Mystery.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The tantriks are now overground. They have their own council, police and justice systems. The white clan, Kaula, has emerged as the most powerful: their men are recognized tantriks, women intimate collaborators. Then there is Ananya Tantrist, who has rejected the Kaula path. She is powerful and lives life by her own strict moral code. Who needs official seals anyway? When the world goes to hell in a handcart, badges and honours aren't going to save the day. Incidentally, hell and chaos are just where the world is headed. In Delhi, little girls are being sacrificed in a tantrik ritual. A desperate deava is trying to blackmail Anantya. Someone is trying to call up the God of Chaos. A three-headed giant cobra turns up in old Delhi. The White and Red tantriks are facing off, and there are one or more Black tantriks brewing some dangerous shakti. As Anantya struggles to stop the madness, the supernatural underworld peopled with creatures humanoid, barely human and inhuman- comes alive in all its bloody, gory glory.

REVIEW: The cover of Cult Of Chaos is well designed, keeping in mind the title and the blurb. Shweta’s creative and impressive imagination and her great command over language and the selection of words will spellbound you from the very first page itself. The story is full of mysteries and will thrill you till the end. The story is completely out of the box with full of inhuman creatures and magical terms. Shweta has the power to capture the nerves of her readers.

Overall, the book is amazing, comprising all sorts of mysteries and twist and turns at every phase. Every mystery lover should read it at least once in their lifetime. I would love to read her future works as well. Treat yourself to a copy of Cult of Chaos. It’s a MUST READ!

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