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30 Must-Read Authors and Their Masterpieces

Must-Read Authors List

Discover the literary voices shaping 2024 with our must-read authors list. From thought-provoking fiction to insightful non-fiction, and captivating poetry, these writers are capturing hearts and minds with their captivating storytelling and unique perspectives. Delve into their works to explore the forefront of the literary world.

Bhavini Bhargava

Bhavini Bhargava is pursuing an undergraduate course in Sports Management at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, with a full scholarship. Her impressive list of achievements includes being a national-level badminton player while also being a topper in the commerce stream in school. Additionally, she is presently playing cricket at the national level and is part of the sports ambassador program for her university.


Book by Bhavini Bhargava

Wordsworth once said, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.” Poetry should be felt, although it may be read and understood as well. "Unheard" is a poetic journey of a common neighborhood teenager, filled with emotions and feelings that sometimes remain unspoken and subsequently unheard. The author shares her unfiltered and in-depth thoughts as she experiences different seasons of life, hoping to take you on a poetic journey of passion, determination, love, hate, belief, and faith.

The introduction in the book conveys the message, “There is no such thing as talent, only hard work.” This is essential to face the outer world. There are poems like “Legends Never Die” and quotes such as “Every day you can start a new chapter of your life and feel how much you are alive,” providing much-needed inspiration for today’s life. Sorrow is one of the basic sources of poetry. In “Numb Yourself to the Pain,” the poetess writes, “You’ll find the true light within you/when you’re forced to live in the darkness/Just like stars shine in the night, your inner warrior will rise when it’s time to fight.”

The poem “Restart” gives a message to prefer innocence over intelligence. Real love is always innocent. The poetess says, “In this uncertain world with nothing true, just be glad to be certain about your love for you.” Divinity is also expressed at its best: “Dear God, I am truly grateful for your presence.” The poetess’s love towards God and His gifts is evident: “In fact, to be closer to God, she was immensely excited and was just very grateful for all things He provided.”

Overall, the poems in this book are well-crafted, with visible rhyme and a touch of lyrical experimentation. You can feel the true essence of creation while reading this book.

The cover page of "Unheard" was launched at Indian Fashion Week London 2022. This book is an Amazon international bestseller and has been featured in Filmfare Middle East May-June 2023 edition. It is winning accolades from people from all walks of life.

Vivek G. Raje

Vivek G. Raje boasts a distinguished career spanning over 18 years in the automotive industry. His extensive experience and expertise have garnered numerous accolades within his company and led to the successful filing of two patents. These accomplishments are a testament to his innovative spirit and dedication to advancing his field.

Beyond his professional achievements, Vivek is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of talent. As a coach for fresh graduates, he guides them on their journey to securing their dream jobs and fostering a balanced and fulfilling life. His coaching encompasses health, career success, financial well-being, mindset development, and spiritual growth.

In addition to his coaching role, Vivek is a seasoned healer and consultant. He harnesses the transformative power of crystals and Rudraksha beads to facilitate holistic well-being and spiritual enlightenment. Through his expertise in name numerology and the interpretation of a person's future and Maha-dashaa, he offers personalized predictions and insights that illuminate the path to a prosperous and fulfilling future.

With a multifaceted approach that integrates professional mentorship, spiritual guidance, and holistic wellness practices, Vivek G. Raje is dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential, achieve their aspirations, and lead lives that are abundant, purposeful, and harmonious.

The Holistic Graduate

Book by Vivek G Raje

"The Holistic Graduate"! It's not just a book; it's a beacon of hope for countless fresh graduates navigating the daunting post-graduation landscape. With each word penned, I have infused it with the essence of empathy and understanding, knowing firsthand the uncertainty and anxiety that can accompany this pivotal stage of life.

In its pages lies not just guidance on landing that dream job, but a roadmap to holistic living. I have poured your heart into addressing not only career aspirations but also the essential elements of health, wealth, mindset, and spirituality. It's a testament to your dedication to ensuring that every graduate not only survives but thrives in their journey beyond academia.

As readers immerse themselves in the book, they'll find solace in knowing that they're not alone in their struggles and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. My book doesn't just impart knowledge; it instils confidence and empowers individuals to take charge of their lives, to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination, and to find fulfilment even amidst the challenges of the professional world.

Through "The Holistic Graduate," I have not only written a book; but also created a companion for the soul, guiding graduates towards a future filled with purpose, joy, and fulfilment.

Sushant Rajput

Sushant Rajput is an accomplished management professional with an MBA in Marketing & Systems from Kousali Institute of Management Studies (KIMS), Karnataka University, and a graduation in Computer Science. With over two decades of experience in pre-sales, solution designing, and process consulting across the IT/ITES industries, Sushant is currently working with HCL Technologies Ltd. and was previously associated with Societe Generale, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and Deutsche Bank.

Alongside his professional role, Sushant is actively involved as a visiting professor at various MBA institutions and is also pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA).

With a passion for research in consumer behavior, international marketing, emerging technologies, and sales management, Sushant brings a unique blend of academic expertise and practical insights to his writing and teaching.

I Wish Someone Told Me This Before My First Job

Book by Sushant Rajput

Do you believe that a management degree is enough to prepare you for the 'real' corporate world? What are the professional skills necessary to succeed in both corporate and entrepreneurial journeys? How can one prepare for interviews or presentations? What if there were a guidebook that revealed the practical skills they never focused on teaching you in college?

To address these questions, 'I Wish Someone Told Me This Before My First Job' provides insights on building professional skills and practical ways to practice them to thrive and advance in your career. Through captivating anecdotes and real-life examples, this book goes beyond the classroom, equipping not only management students but also beginners across industries with essential knowledge.

This book serves as a stepping stone to enter the corporate world armed with practical skills beyond just domain expertise acquired during an MBA.

Uttam Pati

Professor Uttam Pati is an emeritus scientist and biotechnologist, formerly serving as the Dean of the School of Biotechnology at Jawaharlal Nehru University. He earned his PhD from the University of New Brunswick, Canada, and completed postdoctoral fellowships at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Yale University School of Medicine in the USA. Additionally, he served as a faculty member at the Augusta Medical College in Georgia. He is the author of "Mind Phenomenon" and "Verses of Reason."

Mind Phenomenon

Book by Uttam Pati

"Mind Phenomenon" is a beautiful journey of exploration, analyzing the mind-body entanglement through advanced scientific thought and challenging the existing scientific paradigm.

The book introduces a revolutionary idea to explain how the expression of the mind in a body is linked to self-functioning biological units at the molecular level.

It explores how the thought process and biochemical events are simultaneously synchronized through the unit mind and cellular consciousness.

The subtle liaison between protozoic, metazoic, and unit mind, through a unified command, is proposed to control biochemical events at the molecular level.

Pati uses simple logic to ask if there exists a subtle-crude entity, akin to a two-colored capsule, that might govern the mind-body relationship as a bi-directional switch.

The subtle part connects to the mind, while the crude part interacts with the cells, potentially controlling the life process, including both crude biochemical reactions and thoughts, on an infinite scale.

This entity is described as regulating propensities, polarities, and biochemical events in the body, including the process of viral invasion.

The book invites readers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, where chaos is not merely a disruptive force but a catalyst for growth and enlightenment.

It energizes the reader's mind, guiding them through a self-exploration process to find new ways to overcome negative thoughts, aging, and disease processes, moving towards a higher order of living.

The book is both lyrical and lucid in language, explaining a complex concept with clarity and grace.

Verses of Reason

Book by Uttam Pati

"The Verses of Reason" is a collection of modern poetry in verses. It metaphorically reasons with life, its eloquence, and endurance, in the shades of hope, love, and departure. Earth, as a magical landscape, plays the background song. Life, in symphonic composition, both in sublime and in real, is rippled with emotion, withdrawal, and reason. The book portrays a symmetry in its fusion with four notes: earth, life, love, and farewell. It celebrates a neo-humanistic value of life, where humans feel and merge with nature as an entangled body of compassion and virtue.

Animay Singh

Animay Singh, a lawyer by profession, is an aspiring author with a wide range of influences, from Jim Morrison and Jack Kerouac to Dostoevsky and Steinbeck. For Animay, writing is not only a means of self-expression but also a medium through which he makes sense of an increasingly fragmented world. Through this book, Animay hopes to establish himself as a full-time writer and, in time, expand his horizons by writing for television and film.

Fringe Elements

Book by Animay Singh

"Fringe Elements" is an anthology of ten fictional short stories linked by their narrator. As the narrator struggles to reconcile his bohemian lifestyle with the death of his beloved, the reader is transported across generations and settings through stories involving offbeat characters encountered by the couple in their last year together. 

The author employs an interesting blend of existentialism and literary fiction to dissect what Camus called the only really serious philosophical problem—suicide.

Nitin Antoon

Nitin Antoon, born into a culturally diverse family with an Indian mother and a Dutch father, embodies the rich tapestry of his heritage. His upbringing became a harmonious blend of Indian traditions and Dutch values, fostering a unique perspective on life. Nitin's deep appreciation for his Indian roots has been a driving force in his quest for knowledge, as he constantly seeks to unravel the intricacies of his cultural heritage. From vibrant festivals to culinary delights, Nitin embraces every facet of his dual identity, fostering a love for diverse experiences. His journey is a testament to the beauty of cultural fusion, as Nitin actively explores and learns from the wisdom passed down through his Indian heritage, creating a narrative that resonates with the unity found in diversity.

Meera of Karmana

Book by Nitin Antoon

"Meera of Karmana" is a captivating adventure tale with hints of spirituality that unfolds in the picturesque village of Karmana. A determined young girl named Meera dreams of becoming an Ayurveda specialist. As Meera embarks on her journey, she discovers a wise guru who imparts the ancient secrets of Vedic Ayurveda, guiding her towards mastery of the healing arts.

Meera is accompanied by her personal angel/devi, Latika, who provides spiritual guidance and support throughout her quest. As Meera navigates the intricacies of Ayurveda and explores the depths of spirituality, readers are taken on a transformative and enchanting adventure, witnessing the blossoming of a resilient young woman on her path to self-discovery and healing.

Abhishek Aneja

Abhishek Aneja has extensive experience in the fields of finance and taxation. As a committed learner, he holds prestigious qualifications as a Chartered Accountant and LLB.

Additionally, he has completed qualifications and certifications from esteemed Indian and foreign educational institutions, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), ACCA (UK), the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), and NSE Academy.

Notably, he is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He has also contributed to various ICAI publications. Abhishek consistently contributes to leading Indian and international news and media publications, often quoted in prominent media publications on business, economics, personal finance, and taxes.

He has gained recognition for his knowledge and experience in personal finance, money management, corporate finance, investing, and taxation.

Abhishek also shares his insights through blogs and informational videos aiming to simplify finance for millennials. Abhishek is dedicated to improving financial literacy in India.

His goal is to assist families in achieving financial wellness and making better financial decisions through education and training.

He regularly shares his experiences in dealing with various financial issues that millennials encounter while managing their money and making crucial financial decisions.

Abhishek has also been active on the social front, carrying out various initiatives to serve society, and has been recognized by several social organizations on multiple occasions.

Navigate Financial Wellness

Book by Abhishek Aneja

"We all aspire to be rich and wealthy, yet many of us fall into common money mistakes, believing that a lavish lifestyle and spending beyond our means signify true wealth. This often leads to a cycle of debt and financial instability. It's crucial to grasp the basics of money management to avoid this trap.

'NAVIGATE FINANCIAL WELLNESS' addresses this need by offering practical strategies for making better financial choices, organizing one's finances, and understanding essential personal finance concepts.

From creating budgets and investing wisely to managing loans, insurance, and estate planning, the book aims to empower readers to achieve their financial goals.

The author shares stories of common financial pitfalls and provides insights on how to avoid them. Emphasizing the significance of mindful money decisions, the book is a guide to building long-term wealth and realizing one's dreams.

It simplifies financial concepts for a diverse audience, including millennials, women, retirees, freelancers, and salaried individuals who may find financial decisions daunting.

'NAVIGATE FINANCIAL WELLNESS' offers a path to financial well-being, helping readers declutter their finances, plan for insurance, strategize to eliminate debt, manage risks, overcome financial challenges, understand investing, and ultimately live their dream lives.

Embark on this journey towards financial wellness, where you'll gain the tools to master your money, declutter your finances, overcome debt, invest confidently, and live your dream life!"

Sujata Chatterjee

Dr. Sujata Chatterjee began her journey as a writer at the age of 8, inspired by her maternal grandfather. She started writing poetry, and her first poem was titled "My Arithmetic Fever."

Then, she gradually began writing more essays and poems, which found their way onto the school notice board. The school and college magazines published her articles and poems.

Throughout, her grandfather, who himself wrote poetry, was a great inspiration for her. Her scraps of paper were replaced by a diary. During this time, she joined medical school, and the college magazines and notice board began publishing her poetry and articles.

She passed Journalism from the Delhi School of Journalism and began writing the column "A Patient I Can Never Forget" in the esteemed magazine, Women’s Era. Her article “I Am A Survivor” was published in the Women's Era March 2022 Women’s Day issue.

Then, as her medical career took priority, poetry and story writing took a back seat until she completed her M.B.B.S. She went to Mumbai's Tata Memorial Hospital for her post-graduation.

During this time, she got married and had a baby boy after completing her P.G. Her ambition was to publish her poetry and stories and reach out to readers. So, her first book, "Flights of Fantasy," a collection of short stories, was published in 2013, with 13 stories of different genres.

Her second book, "Looking Through the Prism," was published in 2017, and then "The Waves of Fortune" in 2018. Both these books were anthologies of poems, some of them award-winning poetry.

In 2022, her book "Wind Chimes" was published, which contained some award-winning poems. She participated in various contests and won many accolades. She was awarded the Shonghoti Sammanana Award and the Swami Vivekananda Excellence Award for Literature.

She was awarded the Literoma Laureate Award and Literoma Author Award by Literoma. She was awarded the National Book Honor Award, Top 100 Inspiring Authors of India Award, and Top 50 Influential Authors of India Award by Indian Awaz and The Spirit Mania, respectively.

She won the Nari Samman Award from Literoma and the Women Empowerment Award by Hello Kolkata Media House. She was also awarded by the Asian Literary Society and ICMDR Awards.

Her books found their way to the Delhi World Book Fair and Kolkata International Book Fair in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, Kochi International Book Fair in 2019, New Town Book Fair in 2019 and 2021, Allahabad Book Fair in 2018, and Agra Book Fair in 2018.

Meanwhile, she edited a book, "The Traveler’s Diary," which is a collection of travelogues from various authors worldwide. She also wrote for a number of anthologies like "Speak Your Mind," "Broken Bits of the Moon," "The Teacher I Admire Most," "Life on Tracks," "Lyrical Dewdrops," "Colors of Life," "Penning Thoughts," "Musings- Mundane and Mortal," "No One Fights Alone Part II," "Emotionally Yours," and many more. "Speak Your Mind" was an anthology of poems and articles regarding existing problems in India.

She contributed a poem on organ donation and a story on euthanasia or mercy killing. "Musings- Mundane and Mortal" has been featured in the Asia Book Of Records for a total of 1000 writers worldwide penning down in a single anthology.

She wrote a story on "Humanely Yours" in this anthology in Vol 4. In "No One Fights Alone," she contributed an article on autism. At present, she resides in Kolkata with her husband, who is an Oncologist.

She is a practicing Anesthesiologist and is a Medical Officer in the KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation) Primary Health Centre. She is still writing articles and poetry and is currently concentrating on a book on survivors, which deals with cancer patients. This is, in short, the story of her journey as an author.

Wind Chimes

Book by Sujata Chatterjee

The book "WIND CHIMES" contains some award-winning poems. The title denotes that it is a collection of sublime poems compared to the soft swaying of wind chimes. The tinkling notes of the wind chimes show that the sound of poetry is calm and serene.

Each poem leaves behind an emotional imprint in the minds of the readers, whether it's "THE SECRET OF MY PEN" or "JAI HIND."

Nitya Neelakantan

Nitya Neelakantan is a writer and yoga teacher from Bangalore. She graduated with a degree in Hotel Management before transitioning into the learning space as a technical trainer and then a soft skills trainer.

Her writing and yoga journey began simultaneously as she hung up her corporate boots in exchange for more time with her family. When not teaching or reading, Nitya enjoys traveling with her husband, son, and three fluffy dog-babies.

She is an amateur blogger who is also passionate about composting, slow fashion, and conscious living.


Book by Nitya Neelakantan

Two women, two hundred years apart. A story of magical healing, hidden treasure, betrayal, and murder. Mookambikai, the secret keeper of the Navapashanam, is being hunted and persecuted by nefarious factions until her trail goes cold after a confrontation with the vilest Aghora who wants the Navapashanam.

Two hundred years later, Mookambika’s great grandniece, Manimeghalai aka Megha, finds herself entangled in a maelstrom of events involving dark elements who are still on the hunt for the Navapashanam.

Amidst near-fatal accidents, an increasing count of dead bodies, and a missing fiancé, Megha is pushed into looking for the lost Navapashanam.

Will she find what she desperately seeks? Are Mookambikai’s and Megha’s destinies entwined? Will Megha save the day? Navapashanam takes you on a fascinating journey of passion and intrigue.

Supriya Pal

Supriya Pal isn't just an expert in breathwork; she's a transformative guide. As an internationally certified Breath Coach trained by the prestigious BreathMasters International Academy, and a seasoned life coach, she brings a wealth of expertise and insight to her craft. But her journey goes beyond certifications. Supriya is on a heartfelt mission to unlock the profound potential of breath as a catalyst for change.

Her approach is unique and deeply personal. Through her own experiences, she has witnessed the transformative power of breathwork and is dedicated to sharing these life-altering experiences with others. Supriya's goal is to not just teach techniques but to inspire a profound shift in perspective and mindset. She believes in the power of breath as a tool for personal growth, a vehicle for navigating life's complexities, and a path to holistic well-being.

Join her as she embarks on this journey to explore the depths of the human spirit through the simple act of breathing. With Supriya, you're not just learning to breathe; you're embarking on a journey to rediscover yourself and embrace change with open arms.

Little Breath Book

Book by Supriya Pal

Discover the transformative power of your breath with "Little Breath Book."

In a world where we often overlook the simple act of breathing, this captivating guide invites you to rediscover its magic. With no strict rules or sequences to follow, embark on a journey of peace and serenity at your own pace. Warm colour tones embrace you as you explore calming techniques and journaling cues, creating your personal oasis of calm. Let's breathe easy and unlock the wonders of each breath together.

Sharon Joseph

Sharon Joseph (RJ Sharon) is an Indian playback singer, lyricist, and author from Kerala who sings in seven languages: Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, English, and Korean. She pens lyrics in English and Hindi. With a postgraduate degree in Business Administration, Sharon debuted as a playback singer in 2014 for the film "Hangover" under music director Mejjo Josseph. She is also a vocalist and lyricist for several ad films in Malayalam, Hindi, and English. Sharon has sung for numerous Christian and Hindu devotional albums, with her first album recorded at the age of 10.

She debuted as a lyricist in Hindi with Priyadarshan’s "Oppam," starring Mohanlal, for the song "Pala Naalaayi" and also lent her vocals for the same in 2016. Sharon gained the limelight with the much-loved song "Enthanee Mounam," which she sang along with singer Karthik for the 2017 Asif Ali starrer, "Vijay Superum Pournamiyum." Her Hindi lyrics for the song "Mausam" from the 2021 Malayalam film "Innu Muthal," sung by the famous Bollywood singer Javed Ali, received praise from listeners and the singer himself.

Sharon debuted as an author with her parapsychological thriller novel titled "Terrors of Midnight," which was released on Christmas 2023 on Amazon India. The book is available in India across notable bookstores and will soon be available internationally as well.

Sharon is a fresh face in the world of horror fiction, with a dream to share fictional stories inspired by her fascination with parapsychology, alleged Indian haunted locations, and her own paranormal experiences.

She is currently a radio jockey with Sargakshetra 89.6 FM, where she handles the station’s Hindi music segment. An avid K-Drama and K-Pop lover, Sharon's writing style is greatly inspired by the crisp and episodic nature of Korean dramas.

Terrors of Midnight

Book by Sharon Joseph

A ghastly-looking girl appears every midnight in a ruthless nightmare that Hazel is constantly terrorized with. She manhandles Hazel, leaving visible bruises, horrifying her further. A masked man tries to charge over Hazel, and she hears, “YOU ARE NEXT!”

Was it fate or destiny that made Hazel cross paths with a stranger, she wouldn’t know. And the stranger knows one thing for sure - Hazel will die. But how can she fight against time to save herself?

Two Lives. Two Fates. Intertwined by premonitions through bloodcurdling nightmares that seem alive! Will the end of all this be brutal DEATH?

Kinshukyi Kumar

Kinshukyi Kumar is an emerging Indian writer who entered this arena after obtaining an MBA in HR, a Bachelor's in Law, and a Bachelor's in Education. She has already published work in several anthologies: "Until We Meet Again," "Moments of Love," "Chanakyasutrani," and "The Character Sketch with Tiny Tales." Her most recent publication is "Musings & Scribblings," a compilation of poems, musings, and quotations.

In the past, Kinshukyi practiced law in the High Court of Allahabad, but neither the corporate world nor the courts could hold her attention. With an eye for art and beauty and blessed with a great aesthetic sense, she created a craft boutique named "Panigha," where every product was handpicked and sourced from local artisans from various states of India. However, the world of academia proved more enticing to Kinshukyi, leading her to teach English at the Matriculation Level in one of the most reputed schools in the city.

During her journey of pursuing varied passions and different professions and meeting people from all walks of life, Kinshukyi realized her potential for observing things, people, situations, and experiences and expressing them in words. Her power of expression is so articulate, and her vocabulary so apt and rich that just through her words, one can visualize and feel what she is trying to convey. The alacrity with which she expresses herself makes her extremely promising in the world of writing. Presently, she is working on a book of short stories, which will be published by the end of this year.

Musings & Scribblings

Book by Kinshukyi Kumar

"Musing & Scribblings" offers a diverse array of intense emotions—pragmatic resoluteness, mushy sentiments, contemptuous disdain, ironical melancholy, and whimsical humor—a literary embodiment of the human 'Kokoro' (a Japanese term encapsulating heart, spirit, soul, and mind).

Thoughts are transcribed onto paper when the heart brims with emotions and the mind teems with transformative ideas. With acute observational skills, one encapsulates the world around them.

This compilation encompasses myriad sentiments, expressed through poems, quotes, and prose, witnessing despondent lows, euphoric highs, and calm reflections adorned with dry humor.

Composed over 2-3 years, including the pandemic era, these words provided solace amid anxiety, serving as a reminder of existing blessings. The author oscillates between a die-hard romantic and a practical realist, addressing themes of hard work, grit, determination, and the bliss found in lethargy and easy-paced living.

The subject matter navigates through various human emotions, celebrating solitude at times and cherishing the company of family and friends at others.

True to its name, the book compiles thoughts that traversed the author's mind at different junctures, some manifesting as poems, others as prose, and a few distilled into poignant quotations.

The title itself carries a musical resonance, echoing the fluidity of the book's content, offering companionship amid solitary moments of introspection with a cup of coffee amidst the serene hills, contemplating life's myriad experiences.

Aditi Gupta

Aditi is a mother, homemaker, healthcare entrepreneur, author, and storyteller. Her mind is always busy churning out new and exciting story ideas. Aditi's secret ingredient to happiness is writing. She believes in the power of storytelling and its ability to connect people from all walks of life. Through her writing, she hopes to inspire and empower others to follow their dreams and embrace their unique voices. She looks forward to connecting with readers and making a positive impact through her stories. Many of her stories can be found on her blog -

Mom Says You Need To Be Strong!

Book by Aditi Gupta

This is a collection of stories portraying family life. It showcases the various stages of a woman, originating from the birth of a baby girl until the death of a grandmother. The book moves through the different phases: the raw emotions, the cruel tragedies, the happy times, and the crazy ones.

Since I was a little girl, my mother always told me the same thing. Over and over again. Her words of truth still ring in my head every time I have to pick myself up.

Mom Says You Need To Be Strong!

Yashoda Khilwani

Yashoda Khilwani, an author and chartered accountant with 12 years of experience in banking and real estate in Pune, India, originally hails from Sirpur Kaghaznagar, Telangana. She shares her life's journey, highlighting the challenges that molded her. With a go-getter attitude and unwavering determination, her story serves as an inspiring narrative of perseverance and success.

A Life full of Accolades, A Life of Waiting for You

Book by Yashoda Khilwani

Discover the captivating autobiography, "A Life Full of Accolades, A Life of Waiting for You," penned by the talented author Yashoda Khilwani. Embark on a profound journey through the diverse phases of Yashoda's life, witnessing the highs and lows that have sculpted her extraordinary story. 

From her early years, Yashoda consistently stood out, securing the top spot in her class and garnering praise and accolades that became an integral part of her identity. 

Her adulthood ushered in unforeseen twists, revealing a narrative of love, loss, and resilience. In navigating heartbreak, Yashoda emerges as a symbol of strength. 

Throughout life's challenges, she remains committed to the belief that true love is worth waiting for, weaving a compelling thread of hope and determination into her story. 

"A Life Full of Accolades, A Life of Waiting for You" delves into the intimate details of Yashoda's life, inviting readers to empathize with her struggles and celebrate her triumphs. 

This autobiography goes beyond mere storytelling; it is a testament to the unwavering spirit of a woman who refuses to be defined by adversity. Let the words take you on a melodic voyage, where each chapter is a note in the grand composition of life. 

Yashoda Khilwani's narrative is an inspiring reminder that, even in the face of challenges, there is beauty in the waiting and strength in the journey. This book is a must-read for those seeking inspiration and a profound understanding of the resilience inherent in the human spirit.

Pankaj Giri

Pankaj Giri was born and brought up in Gangtok, Sikkim—a picturesque hill station in India. He began his writing career with a book review blog, and after several years of honing his writing skills, he wrote his debut solo novel, "The Fragile Thread of Hope." 

The e-book version of the inspirational fiction novel was selected as a “Top 5 Finalist” in the Amazon Pen to Publish Contest 2017 and received critical acclaim worldwide. 

The paperback version—published in late 2019 by Fingerprint! Publishing—also received excellent reception, with a 5-star rating from the renowned literary blog New Asian Writing being the highlight. 

It was a commercial success, too, selling more than 4500 copies. In July 2020, Pankaj won Best Author (Fiction) at the Indian Literary Awards 2020. He has also been featured in top media houses like The Sentinel, The Morung Express, The Statesman, and The Echo of India. 

In September 2023, Pankaj released his next book, "The Unforgettable Woman," an emotional, inspirational story exploring the themes of drug abuse, love, regret, and forgiveness. 

"The Unforgettable Woman" has been featured in reputed media houses like Frontline, The Shillong Times, and The Daily Guardian and received rave reviews on top book blogs like Book Geeks and Youth ki Awaaz. 

He is currently working in the government sector in Sikkim. He likes to spend time listening to music and watching movies and sitcoms.

The Unforgettable Woman

Book by Pankaj Giri

Abandoned by his wife and daughter and living with his cousin’s son, senior doctor Adarsh leads a lonely and uneventful life... until he begins glimpsing someone in the streets of his hometown, Ilathang—a woman he knew once, a woman who had long disappeared.

As Smriti starts working as a teacher at Ilathang Government School, she develops an affectionate bond with her PG owner’s son—a teenage drug addict—which fulfills her childhood craving for a brother. But one day in the summer of 2007, a dramatic turn of events unveils a devastating secret, a secret that turns her life upside down.

Will Adarsh be able to discover the mystery behind the curious glimpses of the woman? Will Smriti be able to recover from the trauma of the shattering secret?

Set in fictional towns in the beautiful state of Sikkim, The Unforgettable Woman is an inspirational, heart-touching story that explores the themes of regret, love, and forgiveness and shows how a single secret can influence several lives.

Divya Hirani

Author Divya Hirani - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Dr. Divya Hirani is a multi-faceted talent whose creativity and passion flow across various disciplines. As a renowned poet, her words paint vivid landscapes of the human experience, exploring themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the transformative power of self-expression. Her poems showcase her ability to weave emotions and experiences into captivating narratives.

Dr. Divya Hirani defies categorization. She's a skilled dentist, her meticulous attention to detail ensuring patient comfort and oral health. But her talents extend far beyond the dental chair. She’s also a whiz with software architecture, crafting the digital frameworks that power our world. She currently resides and works in central London.

Of Illusions and Ink Spills

Book by Dr. Divya Hirani

Divya Hirani Book - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Dr. Divya Hirani's bestselling poetry book, "Of Illusions and Ink Spills" is a collection of poems that explore themes of self-discovery, navigating challenges as an immigrant, and the power of creativity. Through her words, Hirani attempts to capture the complexities of human emotions and experiences, acknowledging that language can only express a part of what we feel. The poems celebrate the freedom of expression that poetry offers, using vivid imagery and metaphors, perhaps even embracing illusions over a bland reality.

Siddharttha Vankar

Author Siddharttha Vankar - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Siddharttha Vankar is a writer and Creative Director in television. He has authored a book named 'Love at Manipal,' released in January 2021.

As part of television, he has been associated with shows like Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Mahabharat, Balika Vadhu, CID, and many more.

Siddharttha’s parents, Dr. Padma Vankar and Dr. Yashwant Vankar, are retired teachers and scientists from IIT Kanpur, and both have authored books in their respective fields. He is married to Kritika Gupta, who is into Data Security. They have a 2-year-old daughter named Katha.

Apart from being a television creative and writer, Siddhartha also runs his own jewellery business.

Sitara: The Fallen Star

Book by Siddharttha Vankar

Siddharttha Vankar Book - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Sitara Mehta, the leading actress of the 90s, with three Filmfare awards under her belt and 15 films in production, thought to be the mega star of her generation, mysteriously falls from her terrace on one fateful night. What follows is a series of investigations, interrogations, media trials, and passing the blame. In a narrative that alternates between the current day when Sitara’s family and associates are under close scrutiny, and the deceased Tara herself narrating her past, a new angle or twist is constantly being thrown into the case.

Sitara narrates her story from the time she was born to an overambitious Neelam Mehta and a rather content Navin Mehta. Neelam always wanted Sitara to be a successful actor, though Sitara herself wanted a life as a normal next-door girl. While other kids and her own sibling, Suraj, are having a perfectly normal childhood, she was made to go through various classes like dancing, diction, language, horse riding, martial arts, etc.

Sitara’s mother, Neelam Mehta, leaves the house for a rich and famous man named Karan. Sitara begins to hate her mother and becomes closer to her father. She struggles to cope with things but fails. Her father tries to support her and give her courage. That’s when she is first identified by a producer in a school play and is offered her first lead role, but her father denies it as she was way too young. Within three years, a battered Neelam Mehta comes back and takes charge of Sitara’s life once again. The same producer approaches again, and Neelam commits to the film. But that film doesn’t happen, and following that, a few more films fail to see the light of the day.

But soon she bags a South Indian film, and from here on starts Sitara’s journey to stardom. While shooting for the first film, she meets the South and Hindi film superstar Seemaji, who not only mentors Sitara in terms of acting but also guides her on how to conduct herself while hobnobbing in the filmy world. One after the other, Sitara bags many South film projects, and after a few months when she returns to Bombay, she is flooded with Hindi film offers. The dream her mother saw for her was finally here to come true.

With the tutelage and benevolence of her mother and her manager, Pintu Kant, Sitara bags over 10 films in her first year in Bollywood. She really starts to enjoy the craft and work. It was on one of the film shoots that her co-star introduces her to Aman Mistry, a Parsi construction magnate. It is love at first sight for them, but soon they both realize that they come from totally different worlds and hence keep pushing love out of their minds. But the heart has its own ways of dealing with love. They keep crossing each other's paths, and at one point decide to get married. As Sitara turns 18, Aman and Sitara get married secretly and stay in their respective houses while their flat is being renovated. But when they decide to move together, their families throw a fit. Aman’s parents are the snooty South Bombay business family, and it's beyond them to accept a rather middle-class film actress as their bahu/daughter-in-law. But within a few weeks, both families accept the marriage, though not each other.

A. T. Rajkumar

Author A T Rajkumar - Salis Mania Choice Awards

The author, A. T. Rajkumar, realized early in his life that the ultimate thing people want in life is a calm mind, irrespective of anything. He was afflicted with depression for some time at the age of 18. This made him lose a few precious years of his teenage life. However, this phase of his life made him turn to spirituality for solutions.

Spirituality helped him overcome his struggle with depression. It helped him lead a successful life with a positive attitude. He attended different teacher’s classes and practiced Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s meditation techniques to help him out of depression, find satisfaction, and attain peace of mind.

He has tried to live his life till date true to his practices and learnings while fulfilling his worldly desires, responsibilities, and passions. He made it his mission to share what he learned with everyone who was willing to receive. He was prepared to compromise his regular business and start focusing on teaching about how to achieve a calm mind.

His key learnings are that life is all about thoughts. Learning to control one’s thoughts is the most important thing to achieve an undisturbed mind. He believes that living a spiritual life is not a religious practice; it is the practice of meditation as a mind exercise. He emphasizes that the practice of kriyas and meditation regularly can help anyone achieve a controlled and calm mind. A calm mind can give rise to an ethical, happy, and successful life.

He urges people to take up these practices consistently, at a young age itself to help focus and succeed in studies, work, relationships, and every aspect of life. He firmly believes that getting focused in whatever you do while not developing unnecessary thoughts are the most important realizations one must have. Mastering these two things can lead to guaranteed peace of mind. He has devised a radical technique of ‘blanking the unnecessary thoughts’ that helps anyone drop their thoughts and attain a calm mind irrespective of anything that might be happening in their lives.

A. T. Rajkumar has shared his teachings in 3 earlier books in the “Mind It” series that are available in the market today. These books are immensely popular, and well received by a wide audience. Through these books, he has tried to share his understandings, realizations, and techniques. The answers provided in these books are based on questions received from people who are facing challenges and problems in life and want to solve these issues, realize their thoughts, their mind, and start living life to their fullest potential.

Rajkumar is eternally grateful to be blessed with an excellent wife, beautiful children, amazing parents, loving brothers, sisters, and fantastic friends. He loves listening to songs and has a flair for singing. He also enjoys sports like tennis and chess.

Power of an (Un)Thinking Mind

Book by A.T. Rajkumar

A T Rajkumar Book - Salis Mania Choice Awards

"Power of an (Un)Thinking Mind" by A.T. Rajkumar contains an understanding of the nature of the mind, thoughts, and emotions. It shares some easy and practical tips to attain success without getting stressed, keeping our emotions calm, and living life in an effective manner. It shares how we can create a right mindset when it comes to desires and expectations, what understandings and realizations we need to reach, what changes we need to make in our mind, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, how we can nurture and heal relationships and achieve our goals through an experience of deeper stillness and peace. It contains simple and practical truths and practices that can help us return to a calm and undisturbed mind from where right action is possible with deeper clarity and conviction.

Dishari Neogy

Dishari Neogy is an author, poet, content writer, sketcher, and a Ph.D. scholar (pursuant). She has received more than 50 national and international awards and has published her writings in more than 20 books. She has appeared on the cover of numerous esteemed magazines, namely Women’s Magazine, India’s first Writer’s Magazine, and Literature Times.

She also became the first woman to receive the Banstecia USA Award, and most recently, she has been awarded the Queen’s Book Award Australia for her poetic prowess and creative brilliance.

In 2022, Miss Neogy was featured in The Tribune, and in December 2023, she was applauded by The Telegraph for her magnificent achievements under the age of 30.

Being a literary scholar and Ph.D. pursuer, her writing is adored and appreciated everywhere. Her incessant drive to delineate her thoughts and feelings to eradicate the deep-rooted social stigmas makes her both fascinating and excellent to common people.

Peace and Faith

Book by Dishari Neogy

"Peace and Faith" is about an anonymous protagonist who, in the hands of destiny's twisted ways, is a prostitute, and it chronicles her journey over the years in the face of brutal reality, under the clenched fist of her souteneur. Her desire to become a mother without the domineering presence of a father is a fetish both intimidating and wonderful. This story depicts a less-privileged woman's strive to follow her basic maternal desires, which are often considered far-fetched for a prostitute.

Sunayana Kayastha

Sunayana Kayastha, pen name Jasmine of December, is an author, singer, motivational speaker, photographer, and a healer.

She has achieved around 27+ prestigious awards from India and Nepal, along with 270+ certificates, getting a selective profile for the American Literature Award and being the first cleft lip kid to rank 13th in an international poetry competition.

Recently, she was engaged in a TV reality show as the first solo cleft lip kid in a program called THE POET IDOL SHOW.

She also became the first inclusive woman to get the Women Empowerment Award and the Public Choice Award from the Face Volume 3 top modeling program in Nepal.

Her writings were selected into the Namya and star connect magazines, featured with the superstar Teriya Magar, International bollywood star Raveena TONDON, and getting the best notch of voice from Bollywood actress Ananya pandey.

Her star energy is rising as she is working for cleft lip community, special children institution. Her first solo book Jasmine of December is adored all the ways in Australia, Scotland, Germany, Kenya, and in UK.

Jasmine of December

Book by Sunayana Kayastha

Have you ever wandered around the city lights during the off-day and smelled the vintage jasmine? Or during the coldest broth of winter, you would like to savor yourself with the montages of wisdom?

Here you are, with the castles of metaphors and smokes of lullabies uniquely accentuated with the beanbuyer, named Evolution. Death is spiritual awareness and Evolution. From the spectres of pain and drain, death is a brokenness, but did you aggrandize Death with a golden enamel?

Jasmine dies in December and flowers in June, but this Jasmine evolves her tulips of soul-science in the month of death, giving gravity to the fallen apple. Falling is the rising of pastels and bottles of perfume.

Jasmine is a perfume secreted from death and evolution. Jasmine is a fragrance from the hordes of spikes. Jasmine is a refined form of pearl that suffers death, rebirth, and lanes of phoenix.

Jasmine is us.

Monica Asrani

Monica Asrani is a partner at a renowned Corporate Gift Company and also derives immense fulfillment from her roles as a Tarot Reader and Coach. Beyond this, Monica's passion for writing is an integral aspect of her identity. She is a prolific Writer, Copywriter, and an Author. Infused with the influence of emotions, experiences, and philosophy, and with a keen desire to contemplate the intricacies of life, Monica's writing is a reflection of her creative spirit. "Letters with No Address" is her second book. Her first book is also a collection of heartfelt poems called "Unscene."

Letters with No Address

Book by Monica Asrani

"Letters With No Address" is an exploration of the unarticulated; a collection of letters that speak in the language of conversational poetry and verse.

Within these pages, you'll find letters reaching out to feelings, inanimate objects, and personas. From letters to Illusion, Unrequited Love, The Seven Sins, and even an ECG, these unexpected correspondences seek their destination, even when there may be no tangible one. And there are those letters ‘To Whomsoever It May Concern’, as well as other musings, unraveling contemplations that seek more contemplations - Yours.

"Letters With No Address" is a journey where vulnerability and authenticity unapologetically have a say. The pages yearn to bridge the gap between the known and the unspoken, creating an experience where feelings find their voice, and the echoes of connection linger…

Shree Shambav

Author Shree Shambav - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Shree Shambav is a multifaceted individual, excelling as an author, philanthropist, life coach, and entrepreneur. His proficiency spans technical papers, books, and blogs, showcasing his versatile writing skills. Shambav’s writing journey begun with his acclaimed book, “Journey of Soul Karma,” where he imparts profound insights drawn from diverse experiences and contemplations. Recognized with multiple literature awards, his literary contributions have garnered acclaim.

As an accomplished alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management and the National Institute of Technology, Shree Shambav brings a wealth of experience from the corporate world, having held prominent positions in multinational corporations. Renowned for his prolific contributions, he is not only the author or co-author of numerous technical papers and books but also the creative mind behind award-winning works such as “Journey of Soul - Karma,” “Twenty + One Series – I,” “Twenty + One Series – II,” and the insightful collection of quotes in “Life Changing Journey – 365 Inspirational Quotes.” His latest release, “Unveiling the Enigma, Death - Light of Life and the Shadow of Death,” further solidifies his standing in the literary domain. An addition to his repertoire includes a comprehensive book on Python titled “Optimum - Python Series I: Ultimate Guide for Beginners.”

Shree Shambav Ayur Rakshita Foundation, established by Shree Shambav, is dedicated to promoting unlimited growth, global brotherhood, and the realisation of the indispensable requirement to safeguard nature, its generosity, and its bounty. The foundation extends its support to all communities and works towards the betterment of society.

Light of Life and the Shadow of Death

Book by Shree Shambav

"Light of Life and the Shadow of Death"
Book by Author Shree Shambav - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Shree Shambav is a wordsmith. He has authored several captivating works, including the insightful ‘Journey of the Soul - Karma’, the engaging Twenty plus One Short Stories Series I and Series II, and the uplifting Life Changing Journey – 365 Inspirational Quotes. Not content to rest on his laurels, he has now turned his attention to another intriguing topic: the enigma of death. His latest work, Light of Life and the Shadow of Death, promises to shed new light on this timeless mystery.

Death is a certainty that awaits us all, yet the fear it instils is an ever-present shadow in our lives. We seek to evade it, to prolong our time on this earth, but in doing so, we invite grief, suffering, and despair. The fate of the departed souls also preoccupies our minds with a sense of anguish and concern. Despite this, there is a way to come to terms with death and find peace amidst the turmoil of life.

‘The Light of Life’ is a comprehensive exploration of the many dimensions of human existence, covering everything from the origin of our being to our ethical values and purpose in life. It speaks of the ultimate truth, the source of vitality that sustains us all. The shadow of death is a multifaceted phenomenon that can be viewed from different perspectives. It represents our universal fear of death, as well as our powerlessness and mortality.

“Life is an unending river that flows through the transient world until it joins the boundless ocean of existence. Therefore, death does not signal the termination of a person’s life; it merely marks the end of their distinctive identity.”

Sanjeev Panackal Thomas

Author Sanjeev Panackal Thomas
- Salis Mania Choice Awards

Sanjeev Panackal Thomas did his schooling at Lawerence School, Lovedale, India and completed his Engineering and Masters in Business Studies. He had a successful corporate career spanning Europe, America and India before turning an entrepreneur. His passion for writing has taken him through this novel that has glimpses of his own life and stories foretold to him by ancestors, encompassing a tale spanning three generations.

Karachi to Malabar

Book by Sanjeev Panackal Thomas

"Karachi to Malabar" Book by Author Sanjeev Panackal Thomas - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Karachi to Malabar (an odyssey of love), is a journey of love, lust and discovery of self.

The await and journey of Zohal the Pashtun mountain girl in search of her lover and her child's father, fanning continents and generations.It has an element of me, the author in it, a story that I have carried in the womb of my mind for long and disturbingly churning in me since my parents left, both in a span of twelve months. Its only when my mother died that I realised without your parents, the concept of the family was a floating gel that could be shaped any way one wanted.

It also made me realize, that the blood thicker than water adage was a farce. The last bond that held our family together was my sister, the string on which the beads of brothers were strung. That broke and the pearls splintered. The angst of it accelerated the completion of my book.

Its placed before you in all my humility.

Legendary painter Anjolie Ela Menon’s paintings had the angst and hopes of my characters and they influenced me greatly in my character’s evolving. This is a tribute to her art that made it so enjoyable, although I could not use them for want of copy rights. Anjolie Ela Menon was my super senior in school, whom I have seen once as she passed by on a visit as an artist. The disarming smile on the cherub AEM that I saw that day, still lingers in mind.

With Love,


Hiba Maria

Author Hiba Maria - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Author Hiba Maria is a loving wife and mother, happily settled amongst the woods and tea estates of Coonoor, a little town in the Nilgiri Mountains, India.

Living amongst the wilderness blesses her with constant inspiration and a calling towards the pen, the brush and just about every other form of art.

She has a passion for writing and her work reflects mainly on the unpredictability of life and living, with a sort of wry humour and introspection.

Her debut book “To the Tomorrows” is a poetic tribute to the coming tomorrows, celebrating the indomitable spirit of hope, love and courage.

Having lived mostly in major cities in India and abroad, she loves the solitude of the mountains she now calls home.

To The Tomorrows

Book by Hiba Maria

"To The Tomorrows"
Book by Author Hiba Maria - Salis Mania Choice Awards

This collection of poetry strives to evoke understanding and acceptance that we cannot control the vast cosmos, but are simply a mere part of it. We are a part of everything and everyone else from the very beginning of time itself.

Different melodies, imagery and rhyme schemes are used to convey the true premise of each poem.

Although my work is a collection of poetry, each poem is a separate entity with its own identity and message, however each moves into the other to complement the work in its entirety, as we when we learn to live as we ought, humbly and true to ourselves.


Author Lucky - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Lucky has been inspiring young minds in the education industry for the last two decades. With expertise particularly in working with kids, mentoring them through their student and work life. She is an avid learner of life which is evident in her practical and easy to implement training courses. Having a wealth of experience in conducting workshops for life and soft skills trainings for working professionals, chefs and school / college students since 2002, she continues to empower others in creating their best lives.

Lucky’s Lifebook is her first book. A short and succinct peek in to her life journey and the forming of her winning mindset.

Lucky’s Life Book

Book by Lucky

Lucky's Life Book by Author Lucky - Salis Mania Choice Awards

The book walks the reader through my journey - what I observed as a kid, while raising my own kids, setting up my own education business, counseling adolescent students. I share my learnings of life- the importance of a value system for kids, tools for parents and children for better coordination by providing thought provoking real life case studies. It has a strong focus on women empowerment also. Weaved through it all is the main message: to overcome the adversities of life and to not give up, ever.

📝 In summary, Lucky's Life Book:

⭐ Reminds us to value the present and to efficiently manage the precious 24 hours at hand.

⭐ Encourages us to improve our bond with kids for their better future & harmony at home.

⭐ Explores the parent-child relationship and the need of our all-time availability.

⭐ Insists on the importance of a strong value system on both the personal and professional front.

⭐ Explodes the myth that a woman is not self-sufficient. Rather, she is complete in herself.

⭐ Suggests that we can write our own story, truthfully in the form of a lifebook and not allow others to distort its facts.

⭐ Challenges the belief that in life you learn and do new things at a particular age.

⭐ Rather, you can always rewrite and design your desired life at any stage of life.

⭐ Life is enigmatic, we must keep learning and doing a little more each day.

Vaishali Hamlai

Author Vaishali Hamlai - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Vaishali Hamlai is an Oman-based author who has published four books. Her fifth book, Trust Me, I Won’t Leave, talks about toxic relationships and how they impact those stuck in it.

Drawing from recent societal norms, and sharing her unique take on them, she aims to make reading easy and relatable through her writing. Vaishali holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. Being certified in Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator administration, she has a good hold on the complexities of the mind and soul that translate into human behaviour.

Raised in Mumbai, she wrote her first book, Rhea@Suraksha, drawing from her real-life experiences. Her second book, Down Under, deals with racism, while the third, Mind Trap, is a self-help book about ways to make the mind stronger. Her fourth book Through the Open Window depicts how love can create, destroy and recreate. Hamlai also writes for a column called ‘Beyond Words’ in the newspaper Muscat Daily.

Trust Me, I Won't Leave

Book by Vaishali Hamlai

Book "Trust Me I Won't Leave" by Author Vaishali Hamlai - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Meera was born to fight. Taking inspiration from her aunt, she learns the values of independence, freedom and practicality. In school, she fights bullies, and at home she starts playing the role of an adult, quite early in life.

She grows up battling discrimination of every kind, especially gender. Then one day, Karan waltzes into her life and sweeps her off her feet. Love, the only thing she has been craving for since childhood, finally enters her life.

Even though she knows he's a narcissist, she inexplicably changes her entire life for him. Love soon turns into marriage. However, Meera's happiness is short-lived when Karan reveals his true self.

She comes face-to-face with the dark side of marriage and love-physical abuse. Terrified by her own reflection in the mirror-the bloodshot eyes and swollen face-Meera's sense of self crumbles. The downward spiral into the abyss takes her far away from her real self-the fighter.

An unlikely alliance she forges with her mother-in-law, connected by the common thread of grief, becomes her only hope. But will this be enough to survive a toxic relationship? Is she doomed to be stuck forever?

Mona Mohanty

Author Mona Mohanty - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Mona Mohanty is a serving bureaucrat in the Indian Revenue Service. In her spare time, she revels in observing the activities and antics of all living beings, especially humans and those from the animal kingdom. Such behaviour results in a mind collating sights observed and translated into the written word.'The Tangled Weave' is an output of such a hobby.

The Tangled Weave

Book by Mona Mohanty

Book "The Tangled Weave" by Author Mona Mohanty - Salis Mania Choice Awards

"The Tangled Weave" by Mona Mohanty explores the complexities of human relationships, cultural identity, and the impact of globalization through the lens of characters navigating their lives in contemporary society. The book delves into themes of family dynamics, tradition, and modernity, offering a thought-provoking narrative that resonates with readers.

Kochery C Shibu

Author Kochery C Shibu - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Kochery C Shibu, the bestselling and award-winning author of ‘Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar’, and ‘Faith and the Beloved’, is a graduate of the prestigious National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla.

He has served in the Indian Navy and commanded two warships. Post his retirement, he has executed hydro-electric projects in the Cauvery River basin in Karnataka, Beas River basin in Himachal and Teesta River basin in Sikkim.

He holds a postgraduate degree in Defence Studies from Chennai University, and an MA English Literature from Pune University. Shibu has changed tack from the snow-clad mountains to the blue oceans, and has been associated with the setting up of a shipping company in India.

‘Amongst the Believers’ , a suspense thriller, is his third book. A passionate and committed writer, Shibu creates a magical world of fiction built around a well-researched background.

Kochery C Shibu was born in Kochi, Kangarapady and now lives in Bangalore with his wife and daughter.

Amongst the Believers

Book by Kochery C Shibu

"Amongst the Believers" Book by Author Kochery C Shibu

Amongst the Believers, another master piece from the Best-selling and Award -winning author of “Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar” and “Faith and the Beloved.”

The novel is a saga of love, set in the back drop of war-torn Afghanistan and Ukraine. Nanda is an accused in a murder case and the lives of his dear ones are in danger.

He is given an option to join RAW on a mysterious mission, and penetrate the elite society of Pakistan. A choice that forces him to create a family only to destroy it.

Khusru is a terrorist who has fallen out with his handlers, the ISI, and is on the run. Caught in the vicious gang wars of Karachi, he is to escort the warlord’s daughter Miriam, to Bosnia.

A journey that takes him to Iran, Armenia and to the prisons of Russia. Rekha has choreographed her life in the captivity of a terrorist as a dance drama.

Even after marriage and two children, her obsession with Khusru knows no bounds. She is kidnapped and ends up as a sex slave to the teenage terrorists in war-torn Afghanistan.

A ruse that lead America to invade Iraq and a mysterious video of an Army officer directing the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks that could change the course of history, is being chased by the ISI, Mossad, CIA , Russians and the RAW.

The lives of Nanda, Khusru and Rekha are entangled in this international web of espionage. A journey through the unknown, a saga of love, espionage and suspense that will keep you riveted.

Deepti Menon

Author Deepti Menon - Salis Mania Choice Awards

Deepti Menon has always loved the written word. She began to write at the age of ten and was lucky enough to have travelled around the country, being an Army kid, and later an Army wife. Her experiences during those years helped hone her interest and her flair for writing. Meeting new people helped her to notice details and put them into her interesting characters. (In fact, her friends and family shy away from saying anything to her, for fear of seeing it in print the next time they open a magazine.)

Her first book, 'Arms and the Woman', published by Rupa Publishers in 2002, took a light-hearted look at the life of an Army wife. This book was written mainly to reveal the warmth and camaraderie within the great institution.

For Deepti, both teaching and writing were wonderful learning experiences in their own ways. Teaching brought out the extrovert in her that revelled in being with children, creating that much-needed rapport and opening their minds to not only academics, but also the little things like curiosity, fun and good humour. She loved the fact that she learnt much from her students as well. Today, she is the Executive Director of Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School, a school in the town of Thrissur in Kerala.

2013 and 2014 were lucky for her, as many of her short stories were chosen for anthologies. She had a number of stories in the various ‘Chicken Soups’ as well. Short stories with deft twists and tongue-in-cheek articles that tickle the funny bone are her forte. One of her purple patches came when she won an I-Pad in a worldwide short story contest.

A book of her poems, dealing with life, love and loss, titled 'Deeparadhana of Poems', was lovingly compiled by her mother, herself a talented writer. ‘Shadow in the Mirror’, a psychological thriller published by Readomania in 2016, was well received by her readers. After that, she brought out two more anthologies of thriller short stories titled ‘Where Shadows Follow’ (2020) and ‘Shadows Never Lie’ (2021). Together the three books are now known as the Shadow Trilogy.

Deepti has also worked as a freelance journalist for over seven years and brought out humorous pieces, lifestyle articles and hard-hitting non-fiction in many publications.

In 2022, she was invited to be the Guest Editor for ‘The Abandoned House Horror’ brought out by Monalisa Joshi (Chrysanthemum Chronicles). 2023 was a year when two of her books were published – ‘Classic Tales from Shakespeare’ (Readomania) and ‘The Dance and the Trance’ (H&C Publishing).

January 1st, 2024 started the new year off with a bang as Deepti’s fourth book in the #shadowseries titled ‘The Web of Shadows’ was published, again by Readmania.

As she loves to say, “Writing runs in my blood, as teaching does, and I have been fortunate enough to be able to do both. I can never forget the thrill of seeing my name in print for the first time, a thrill that has only intensified over the years. Writing is an endless journey that I revel in, with all its winding twists and turns! Never a dull moment, never time to regret... life is truly worth living!”

The Web of Shadows

Book by Deepti Menon

"The Web of Shadows" Book by Author Deepti Menon - Salis Mania Choice Awards

What connection does the sudden death of a young girl in a dance bar have with an influential Tantric household in Kerala? As private investigator Akshata forces her way into the Mumbai-based dance bar headed by a formidable Madam and her trusted eunuch, the menacing Ahmad, she discovers a web of intrigue with its origins in a Kerala village dominated by a powerful Namboodrippad family of Tantrics. Can Akshata cut through the murky underbelly of the sinister world that threatens to devour the pawns, big and little? The Web of Shadows is an edge-of-the-seat thrilling ride.


"A Nuanced Pause" Author Suprabha

Suprabha is an aspiring writer raised in the cusp of conventional - progressive household in India fuelling her need to question the façade and appreciate the duality. She loves being in the midst of fast-paced corporates and her experience with Human Resources contribute to her keen observation of human behaviour, conflicting personalities and changing mindsets.

Suprabha has been writing since her teens, but it took the loss of a loved one to bring it to life with this collection - a look back to seek love, seek life and seek herself. In her spare time, you will find her lost in a book, sipping a chilled one with waves at her feet.

A Nuanced Pause

Book by Suprabha

"A Nuanced Pause" Book by Author Suprabha - Salis Mania Choice Awards

I believe not in black or white but in grey

For grey holds in it, the half-truths and the white lies

Lets you thrive until you are ready to accept the whole truth

Guards you until you are ready to see all the colors of the lie

A NUANCED PAUSE is a seeker’s attempt to lend words to her thought spectrum – Naïve, Brewing and Matured thoughts traversing along time. The debut book is a collection of poetry sectioned to reflect Childhood Innocence, Rebellious Youth, Views of the World, Experiments with Love and Experience with Life. The poems will take you on an inner journey to question, contemplate, accept and let go.


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