Child/God Book Review

RATING – 5/5

AUTHOR: Ketan Bhagat



From outside, Ketan is a typical 37-year old middle-class common man living in Mumbai. Other than being the brother of India’s most influential writer, and receiving an occasional compliment for his sense of humor, Ketan’s persona is so common that one doesn’t even need to describe it. Just look around, and you will see someone like him… saturated salary, protruding waistline, receding hairline, old marriage, rented house and a car which is on EMI. Often seen bribing police constables, watching television debates against corruption, passing time at the bar… the kind of person who sends more Facebook requests than he receives. His Twitter account has more tweets than followers. That’s Ketan Bhagat! Present everywhere, noticed nowhere.

Yet, scratch the surface, and inside you would uncover a zealous storyteller waiting to take you through a powerful transformational journey. A few years ago, as fatherhood embraced Ketan, his world changed. While changing diapers, Ketan found his mindset changing. What the child took a bath, the father felt cleansed. As Ketan started experiencing such divine tranquility in his naughty toddler’s presence, a newfound wisdom and story tumbled out of the author.

Child/God is that story. Every newborn is unique, perfect, happy and light. His parents are usually the opposite. Yet, parents teach the child. Believing every child to be God’s manifestation, Ketan has tried to learn from his child.

Child/God is Ketan’s second novel. His first novel – Complete/Convenient – was a bestseller and is currently being adapted into a Bollywood movie. Before becoming a novelist, Ketan did stints with television and print media. Occasionally, Ketan is also invited as a motivational speaker.

To pay his bills, Ketan works for an IT MNC in Mumbai.


“God comes in every house in the form of a child.”

Naked, helpless and ignorant, newborns arrive happily. Full of smiles and love, every child is unique and perfect. They're well-dressed, independent and educated parents are frustrated and bitter. All adults are the same - Imperfect. Yet, grown-ups teach children. The stressed mentor the stress-free. The unhappy correct the happy. The confused guide the wise. Welcome to the world of Raghav Malhotra – a typical MNC drone. Haunted by a guilty past, our common man struggles to serve a thankless spouse, a condescending family, and a ruthless boss. Inevitably, Raghav’s life collapses like a house of cards. Violence, whores, alcohol, and drugs follow.

Till God himself arrives.

You’ve read many stories about motherhood transforming a woman. Now, follow Raghav on his self-enlightenment journey through the joys of fatherhood. Child/God is a riveting story of a thirty-five-year-old disciple learning the meaning of life from his six-month old guru.

Discover how Raghav’s living God transforms his life and yours.


Child/God is something out of the box. Ketan Bhagat yet again delivered a best seller. The cute and beautiful cover of the book actually hides the deepness of the story. Child/God will change your life if you apply the methods in your life. You may end up smiling and making another smile. I never got inspired by a novel, it’s just Fiction by the way used to be my reaction every time. But this is something which inspired me and changed my mindset.

A large size book with over 350 pages will touch your heart and soul. You will end up craving for more. Child/God is a complete package of Love, Life, Trust, Sacrifice, Failure, Desire, Lust, and Inspiration. It’s not just a story of a man, every character of the novel has its own story. Everyone experiences some dark moments in their life, but you just need to react positively for a bright future. I would love to see this novel to be made into a movie. Child/God is a MUST READ!

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