Chameleon Lights Book Review

RATING - 4/5

AUTHOR: Ayushman Jamwal

PUBLISHER: Authors Press


Ayushman Jamwal is a 27-year-old journalist based in New Delhi. A graduate of the Cardiff School of Journalism, he is a Senior News Editor at CNN-News18. Ayushman started writing poetry at an early age as a student at The Doon School, Dehradun. He is an avid blogger and a regular columnist for leading journals. Ayushman lives with his parents, younger brother, grandmother and golden retriever Leo.


Chameleon Lights is a journey of self-discovery. The turbulent passage of love, despair, peace, and revelation is played out in twenty poems. The daunting turmoil of youth and human ties; the harmony of conviction and affection; and the eerie, invisible role of destiny, dance through these pages. The poems reflect the rough and unpredictable road to one’s identity – to who we are, and what we are capable of. Savor the words and find yourself between the lines.


What is Life?

A mother’s warm hug, A foe’s scornful mock, A friend’s trustful handshake, Failure’s spirit-breaking shock.

Chameleon Lights is a 47-page beautiful creation which will make you fall in love with life. It motivates you, inspires you and pushes you to start loving life. There are 20 different poems in the book which talks about different aspects of life. It is a complete package of amazing words used in a creative fashion.

The language used in the book by the author Ayushman Jamwal is top class. He has perfectly placed each and every word of the poems with an eye of a true journalist. Writing and Publishing a collection of finely crafted poems is an achievement on its own.

I think new generation poets must learn to match the level of Ayushman’s poetry. There is a lot to be learned in this book. If you pour the poems in your soul, your life may change and if you learn how to deliver a poem like these, you may change a million lives.

My Top 5 Poems of the Chameleon Lights are:

1. The Unlikely Pilgrimage 2. The Beautiful Mind 3. Pain of a Young Heart 4. Insanity 5. Dark Evolution

Overall, I loved the Chameleon Lights and would highly recommend to everyone who loves to read poetry. You can buy this book from Amazon. Go and get your copy now!

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