Breaking Up The Shackles Book Review

RATING – 4/5




Gunjesh Bond is a Delhi-based blogger. He has published more than 300 short stories in almost all genres and poems on his blog. Born in Bihar, he completed his schooling in different schools in Fatehpur, Biddupur, Hajipur, and Patna. At the age of 18, he ran away from his home in New Delhi. Presently, he resides in New Delhi.


Four friends are on a night out to celebrate the arrival of a brand new car that one of them gets as a gift from his father. They stop their car on the roadside of the highway at midnight. Two of them got down to buy some wine and weed from the only roadside shop. They return to the car to find one of their friends lying unconscious in a pool of blood and the other one is missing from the car. Where did he miraculously vanish just within ten minutes in the darkness of the city’s outskirts? Did he hit his friend and ran away or was there something else?

Breaking up the Shackles is based on a crime story. The story of a missing boy and his mysterious girlfriend is really something new and interesting. Gunjesh Bond has beautifully described every moment and feeling of the narrator in detail, which I loved it. There are many twists and turns which give a complete boost to the story. Some erotic and lovely moments will keep you attached to the story. I totally agree with Savitri Singh who taught Gunjesh that all Muslims are not terrorists and they’re our brothers and they don’t live dirty. Overall, if you love thriller then Breaking up the Shackles is a MUST READ!

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