Eternal Love Book Review

RATING - 4/5

BOOK: Eternal Love

AUTHOR: Jaydeep Khot

PUBLISHER: The Write Place

PAGES: 117



Jaydeep Khot is a 21-year-old writer. He is an alumnus of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. He is also Final CA student. His favorite subjects are history, economics, and psychology. Writing is his passion.


Love is an eternal feeling. The feeling which stays with you even after you leave this world. It is the only part of your life which keep you going.

No matter how the circumstances are, you will find a way when you know that you are loved. Love helps you to be what you are and be proud of it because others love you for who you are.

This is precious. It makes you love yourself even more and be content in life. This book goes into the details of love in the form of poetry and tries to capture each moment in love, the way it is. A day without love is a day not lived.


Eternal love is an interesting collection of beautiful poems. The book is divided into 5 sections and each section is based on a phase of love. The poems are depicting an elegant love story of two lovers who travel different roads together to make the journey of their life successful.

One thing that I liked most about this book is the idea of portraying a magnificent love story through multiple poems. It is not easy to keep the flow but Eternal Love is just incredible. I also liked the idea of interweaving the poems and forming an amazing story.

Talking about the language, it is simple and has a rhythmic writing style which adds value to this book and makes it an engaging read.

I also loved the concept of writing poems on life after the death of lovers and summing it up as eternal. It is simply absorbing.

My Favourite poems from Eternal Love are:

Meaningful Life The Meeting Finally Together Birth Of Joy First Walk 25 Years Together Together Growing Week And Strong They Meet in Heaven Their Mark On The World Eternal Love-1 Eternal Love-2

On the other hand, the cover of the book is very calm and appealing. It perfectly suits the title and the blurb. Overall, Eternal Love by Jaydeep Khot is a wonderful read and I would highly recommend it to every poetry lover. So, go ahead and buy this book from Amazon now!


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