Betwixt The Twists And Turns Book Review

RATING - 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Mona Mohanty

PUBLISHER: Partridge

VERDICT: An amazing read to indulge yourself in spare time.


Mona Mohanty has had a passion for short stories since childhood. She has served as an officer of the Indian Revenue Service for more than two decades and currently lives in New Delhi.


In Betwixt Twists and Turns, author Mona Mohanty presents a series of short stories both from random thoughts that popped up out of nowhere, overheard bits pf conversation, parables and family lore, and anecdotes from friends. These tales come from a variety of viewpoints an older woman who receives an unexpected telegram, a businessman who encounters what might be a ghost, various animals sharing their impressions of human life. These stories vividly capture the routine of existence but with a surprising twist.

This collection of short stories set in India features tales with unexpected outcomes from a wide range of perspectives, both human, and animal.


Betwixt Twists And Turns consist of 25 different short stories. Each of them holds a very special plot written in an extraordinary way, which makes the book interesting and tempting. The author has played with different scenes to form a perfect blend. Also, her writing style and language are very simple and transparent, which helps the readers to connect well.

The twists and turns that each of her short stories holds works as an icing on the cake. Two of my favorite stories among all are "Toy Stories" and "Memories". We all see a lot of things occurring in our surrounding, but very few of us actually absorb the scene to transform it into a plot later. The author has this very quality which is clearly reflected in her words.

Also, the cover of the book indicated turns and twists, which appropriately tunes in with the title and the blurb. I would recommend this book to everyone. Overall, It is a good read to lighten and brighten your mood. All the best to Mona and I wish to read her future works as well.

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