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The best books to read this year, according to Salis Mania

Each week, our editor recommends the most captivating, notable, brilliant, thought-provoking, and talked-about books to read right now. Below are Salis Mania Choice Awards (Editor's Choice) nominated books you must read this year.

Amongst the Believers

Book by Kochery C Shibu

"Amongst the Believers" by Kochery C Shibu is a gripping exploration of war-torn countries, characterized by an international level of storytelling and intricate characterization.

The narrative dives deep into the harrowing realities of battlefield life, emphasizing the primal drive for survival. When an individual is thrust into such extreme conditions, the superficial pursuits of respect, fame, and money become meaningless, consumed by the all-encompassing need to stay alive.

Decisions must be made in the blink of an eye, and actions taken without hesitation, as survival hangs in the balance.

One of the standout features of this book is how Shibu seamlessly weaves real-life events into a cohesive and compelling story.

The plot maintains its coherence and momentum, offering readers a seamless experience that feels both authentic and thrilling.

This skillful integration of reality into fiction enhances the impact of the narrative, making it resonate deeply with readers.

Having read multiple works by Kochery C Shibu, I can confidently say that "Amongst the Believers" is his finest work to date. The book's potential to be adapted into an international TV series is undeniable, given its rich plot and dynamic characters.

Shibu's masterful blend of suspense and action keeps readers on the edge of their seats, making it a standout entry in the mystery and thriller genre.

In conclusion, "Amongst the Believers" is a must-read for fans of suspenseful, wild storytelling that delves into the human condition amidst the chaos of war.

Kochery C Shibu has truly outdone himself with this novel, crafting a tale that is as thought-provoking as it is exhilarating.

To The Tomorrows

Book by Hiba Maria

"To The Tomorrows" by Hiba Maria is an exquisite collection of poetry that immerses readers in a world of deep emotions and vivid imagery.

The evocative poems capture a profound yearning for untouched wilderness and the serene peace of nature's vast, untamed beauty.

Through masterful language, Maria evokes the tranquility and raw splendor of the natural world, creating a profound sense of connection and longing.

The introspective poems delve into the complexity of the human heart, seamlessly blending timeless dreams with fresh emotions.

Maria highlights the rarity of reason in the realm of pure feelings, offering an eloquent exploration of love, hope, sorrow, and joy. Each poem stands as a testament to the intricate tapestry of human emotions.

Overall, "To The Tomorrows" is a captivating and thought-provoking collection that invites readers to reflect on their place in the world and the timeless beauty of nature and human emotion.

Hiba Maria's poetic talent shines through in this mesmerizing anthology, offering a rich and rewarding reading experience.

Karachi to Malabar

Book by Sanjeev Panackal Thomas

"Karachi to Malabar" by Sanjeev Panackal Thomas is a novel that offers glimpses into the author's own life and the stories told to him by his ancestors.

Spanning three generations, this book is an ambitious attempt to weave a tapestry of experiences and memories across hundreds of pages.

Thomas touches upon every shade and aspect of life he has lived, heard, seen, and wondered about, creating a narrative that often feels more like a poem than a traditional story.

The novel’s structure stands out as its greatest strength. Through a tapestry of interconnected stories, it captures the complexity and richness of life.

Each vignette resonates with poetic beauty and emotional depth, making for a profoundly moving and insightful reading experience.

Writing and publishing a book is a courageous feat, and Sanjeev Panackal Thomas deserves commendation for his accomplishment.

His ability to transform personal and ancestral tales into literature is noteworthy. As he continues his writing journey, there is no doubt that he will keep improving, honing his craft with each new work.

Just as life is about moving forward and seeking one's destiny, so too is the path of a writer. Congratulations to Thomas on this significant milestone, and may he continue to explore and share his stories with the world.


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