Because I Love You Too Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Saurabh Ahuja


Aryan’s unfortunate endeavours in life made him write a book and meet Shubhra, again, who found Aryan’s real life stories rather intriguing. Everything in Aryan’s life has been a disaster especially women, but it was different with her and things, for a change, were going down until they spent a night together. What was so quipping about Aryan’s past that fascinated Shubhra? Will Aryan’s adversity continue or will it come to an end? Will the star crossed lovers be able to unite finally?


Saurabh Ahuja is a lawyer by profession and largely, a poet at heart. Besides writing, he also has a fetish for playing cricket, watching movies and sitcoms. Having completed his LLB from I.P. University, Delhi, he has worked with big corporate houses as an in-house counsel and is currently working with the Tata groups. Apart from writing and working as a lawyer, he has also worked in a few short films and has done theatre as his pastime. He is currently working on his next book which is a thriller revolving around a murder trial.


Because I Love You Too is funny and erotic. As the title says, “Because I Love Too” it looked more of a love story but it’s not. The story is very funny and is going to make you laugh throughout but it lacked a plot. The beginning of the story is amazing but as it moves on everything just changes into fun. Saurabh has the capability to deliver a best seller but somehow he missed this time. In the end of the story, you will get many twists and turns which was very much unexpected. I loved the twists which made the story a one-time read. The cover of the book is also not good. But overall the book is good and you will love it if you are an “American Pie” fan.

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