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44 Amazing Authors and Their Books To Read in 2024

Updated: Mar 26

Fill up your 2024 TBR with Salis Mania picks for the best books to read in 2024:


The Part I Left With You

Book by Rahul Saini


Does the meaning of love change over time? Bestselling author, Rahul Saini tries to find an answer in his latest novel THE PART I LEFT WITH YOU.

A young, starry-eyed Ratna finds herself at the doorstep of her favourite author, Ronit Sukhdev, and a little white lie lands her the opportunity to stay at his place for a few days.

But Ronit, devastated by his break-up with Tasha, has stopped writing, even as nitasha tries to move on from her past and is on a quest to make sense of her life choices.

Funny and heartwarming, this is the captivating story of three very different yet similar people finding their way in life.

Praise for Rahul Saini:

"Author Rahul Saini has caught the pulse of his readers well. He uses metaphors to connect with the present generation."

- The Tribune

"Paperback Dreams reveals the dark side of "bottom level" publishing often hidden by the sheen of "bestsellers" it churns out."

- The Hindu

“Riveting and entertaining throughout.” "Every now and then, the chapters throw at you interesting one-liners… Rahul Saini now spills all the dirty secrets of the city's publishing scene … A young author reveals the dirty underbelly of Delhi's publishing scene."

- HT City

"Paperback Dreams, though decidedly light-hearted — it will have you chuckling… The book’s storyline has a substantial amount to offer the reader. "

- The Telegraph

"Saini allows the reader a ringside view of the inner workings of corporate publishing in India." - Live Mint "A burning Story"


“Saini has tried to drive home the truth with the use of almost real characters”

- Business Standard

‘A funny and heart-warming novel’

– The Dispatch


Rahul Saini


Rahul Saini is the bestselling author of five hugely popular books - Those small Lil’ Things, Just like in the Movies, The Orange Hangover and most recently Paperback Dreams and Just For You, which created a lot of buzz and raised many questions about the current scenario of the publishing industry in India.

The collective sale figure of his books is more than 5 lac copies. All his books have featured in various bestselling lists across the nation. His books have strong comic tones and present the up-beat stories that portray the fun loving, free spirited and the outgoing characters of today’s youth.

Apart from being light entertainers, his books carry relevant social messages too. His first book has also been translated into Hindi which won the award for the best translation by the Federation of Indian Printers and Publishers.

Trained as an architect from Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon, he is also the founder of Mind Rain, an online institute that promotes various forms of Arts and healthy reading habits among students across the country.


Meet Me at the Cusp...

Book by Priyam Acharya


Pashmina Sambyal, a young, flamboyant social media influencer, married to her childhood love, Dr. Arjun Mani, happens to meet Rinzing Lepcha, a shy, fine art photographer by chance and finds her life turned upside down to the extent that she begins to question the way that she had been living her life till then.

A soul-searching journey ensues for the two of them as they navigate their way through the labyrinth of conflicting emotions and societal norms. Are they star-crossed beloveds, or the chosen lucky ones? What lies ahead for them? A lifetime of togetherness or perpetual longing?


Priyam Acharya


A lawyer by qualification, artist and writer by passion, Priyam describes herself as dreamy yet determined. After having spent seven years in legal practice, she finally decided to take the leap of faith and began her journey of pursuing her dreams that led her to art and writing.

Priyam loves to read, travel and experience diverse cultures and the history behind the places she visits – exploring every country falling on the ancient Silk Route is one of her craziest travel fantasies.

Working on this compilation has been a process of self-discovery for her. Finding her inspiration in the most random events, daily objects and people and the way they behave, she believes that she’s at her happiest and most peaceful state of being while she writes or paints abstracts.



Book by V.S. Sury


Don’t mistake Fentoscience for the familiar nanoscience. Nanoscience deals with l matter ground to extremely small size. Fentoscience is based on fentologic, the creation of Professor Bagdenborg.

He did to logic what they did to matter. He ground logic thoroughly, not to nano size, but more – to fentosize. Thus fentologic is born, acquiring amazing properties. You can appreciate what fentoscience can discover when it is driven by the fuel of fentologic.

There is practically no limit to the astonishing theories you can derive. The gamut of Bagdenborg’s researches runs thus - The professor shows us how all elementary particles, like electrons, protons etc, are protected by shells. (“They need it.”)

After proving his point Bagdenborg warms up to demonstrate that even large ‘systems’ are endowed with protective shells; our solar system too is no exception. Through an ingenious thought experiment it will be made clear that light cannot transmit itself in the form of particles.

Further on, it will be shown that the much adored Big Bang did not happen; that the idea of the expanding universe is a myth! From thereon, Herr Professor proceeds to prove that it is impossible to reach the true point of creation in time.

Again, through compelling logic and fascinating analogies, it will be revealed that fundamental particles like electrons, neutrons, and protons are not uniform, but that they come in many varying denominations!

Making elaborate excursions into his fentological explorations in the fields of time and motion of bodies, Bagdenborg demonstrates that the revered entities in science like force, energy, and motion do not, in fact exist at all!

This, he achieves by his extraordinary theory of ‘effects’, a classic by itself. The famous double-slit experiment, gravity, the string theory, the fore fundamental forces, dark matter, formation of the fundamental particles, black holes, the speed of light – all these and much more pass under the laser-scan of the professor’s inquisitive mind which reveals startling new insights at every step.

Space is the Womb of Creation. Instead of the unending procession of particles after particles, space itself is enough to create the whole of the universe. Bagdenborg shows how this is possible by revealing that the fundamental-most units of space are the ‘spaceniks’.

He explains how the ‘spaceniks’ by themselves, create the entire universe as we see and experience. There are a lot more ideas crammed in these notebooks of Professor Bagdenborg - The earth is hollow.

In fact, nothing can be ‘solid’ all over, including our universe! An ingenious method to ‘manufacture’ the elements, the dissolution of Creation, the spinning universe – plenty of ideas that will ignite your imagination, all can be found in this book.


V.S. Sury


V.S. Sury, from Karnataka, graduated as an electrical engineer in 1967. A bachelor by choice, now running on 79, he has retired from service, and is living at Kolar. He developed a passion for writing after the retirement.

His previous novel, JESTUS, was published in 2010. He has written a sequel, ‘Jestus on Rampage’, a non-fiction, Parallels, and a short stories collection, Impossible Tales. Fentoscience is his fifth book.

Sury loves leading a reclusive life, reading, and contemplating on Life.


Drifting Over

A Memory Chest


What had started out as a quiet vacation was fast turning into a mystery solving quest for Krish and Anand. With memories reverberating across the walls of a temple, a church, a mosque and a synagogue to reveal an unfinished story that only Krish could complete.

A secret mission, a book of poems, a vintage printing press, a Sufi poet, a seminary of yore, a Jewish bakery in Turkey. The past and the present intertwine to slowly disentangle a mangled web of events as Krish and Anand try to trace the movements of the four friends.

What had happened to them? Where had destiny led them to? Drifting Over A Memory Chest draws life from the potent triad of life, death and memories, linked and kept alive by innumerable wisps of time.


What Next?


"WHAT NEXT? That is what the quest is for. An Omani couple travels in India's Chandrayaan 8 mission to the moon. While in transit, strange things occur in the spacecraft.

During the end of the 15th century, Vasco Da Gama travels to Calicut in India via Malindi, a kingdom on the eastern coast of Africa. Around the same time, the great Omani traveller Ahmed Ibn Majid also makes several voyages in these seas.

Two sailor brothers from Liwa in Oman are destined to travel with Ahmed. Meanwhile, their pretty sister falls in love with a stranger who had come across the ocean to Liwa. Strange circumstances drive the lovers to elope from Oman to Calicut in India.

Their past catches up with them and they disappear mysteriously, leaving their son under the tutelage of a local couple. Brave Abhay is adept in martial arts, and different languages and customs. Strange dreams of a man in distress perturb the boy and he sets off to find the man in his dreams.

His travails take him through the jungles of Kerala braving the sniper war between the moors (Arabs) and the parangis (Portuguese). When he learns of his origin, he travels over the high seas to reach his roots in the hope of meeting the one who gave birth to him.

In his homeland he encounters the threat of the Portuguese and the evil from the past threatens his parents' existence. He has to act fast to protect his family from uncertain danger. He races against time to carry out his mission.

The future of the couple in Chandrayaan is entangled with the past of a family in Liwa. What destiny has designed for each one cannot be changed. Rules have to be followed, albeit in ignorance.

The soul has its way of drawing the life of its carrier. Nobody is allowed to edit what is already written. The voyage continues."


Santhosh Gangadharan


Santhosh Gangadharan is a novelist hailing from the state of Kerala in India. He was born in Borneo and brought up in India. A chemical engineer by profession, he was working in Kerala and Delhi and later in Oman and UAE.

His first novel, Spinning into Oblivion, published in 2015, explores the regions of the human psyche where lines between dreams and reality blur.

Interweaving modern science and ancient mysticism with rich Middle Eastern history and Sufi culture, his novel is an adventure of the human mind trying to grapple with what is real and what is not, taking the characters on a quest for answers from the deserts of Dubai to the heart of Turkey and to the rain forests in Sarawak.

‘What Next?’, his second novel that came out in 2016, is based on his theory of Voyage of Souls. The story happens in Oman during the 16th century and moves over to Calicut in Kerala, India and then shifts back to Sohar, Oman. There is an outer story happening in the year 2030 intertwined with the characters of the inner story.

During 2017 and 2018, he had published two fictions in Malayalam language – ‘Ulvilikkavile Poojariyamma’ and a children’s novel ‘Hanuman Ramapoduval’.

In 2020, ‘Drifting Over a Memory Chest’, his third novel in English along with its Malayalam version, titled ‘Innalekalude Velipadukal’ were published.

In 2021, his 7th novel ‘Breathless between souls’ which is a sequel to his first novel ‘Spinning into Oblivion’ was published through Kindle.

During 2022, he had published three books. Two Malayalam books – ‘Appuvinte Kadalas Thonikal’, a children’s novel and ‘Iniyenth?’, the Malayalam translation of ‘What Next?’ were brought out by Erumadam Books.

The children’s novel in English fully set in Oman which tells the adventure of five Omani children titled ‘The lost village of wadi Bat’ was published by Booksframe, Sharjah and was released during the Sharjah International Book Festival. A copy of the book was selected by Sharjah Library.

In 2023, ‘Donme Icinde Oblivion’, the Turkish version of his first novel ‘Spinning into Oblivion’ and ‘Madha Baed’, the Arabic version of his second novel ‘What Next?’ were published by Ukiyoto Publications.

Spinning into Oblivion received the best thriller award from Salismania in 2017. He received the first prize for his article ‘Bahuswara Indiayude verukal thedi’ from KMCC, Oman during 2018.

For his literary activities, in 2019 Poduval Samajam honoured him and during 2023 the GECT Alumni Oman chapter also honoured him.

At present he resides in Abu Dhabi along with his wife Jayashree. His son Vivek and wife Lakshmi with their children Vikram and Surya are settled in San Francisco, USA. His daughter Kavya, husband Jishnu and their son Vihaan are based in Abu Dhabi.


The Girl in the Tinder App


It's interesting how a man's passion can drive him to do things he wouldn't have done on a normal, sunny day.

Meet Rahul, a man with exceptional deductive and observational skills trying to live a simple life. When faced with a domestic predicament, Rahul finds himself thrust into a world of mysteries beyond his control.

Balancing his roles as a father and his unwavering passion for solving puzzles, follow Rahul as he immerses himself in a realm of enigma.

In this journey, he discovers that life's mysteries often mirror the intricate puzzles he loves to solve, prompting him to contemplate the profound connection between the mysteries of the world and the mysteries of the heart.


Jaykay Heart


Jaykay Heart (Pseudonym) is the author behind A Butterfly Riddle. He is the International Ambassador of Dawn Research and Development Council (DRDC, Dubai) Recognized by Govt. of India, an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. On academic front, he is pursuing his PhD in Clinical Psychology.

What makes Jaykay Heart’s works unique is the exploration of various devices such as symbolism, metaphors, and figurative language to address deeper themes specific to psychology, such as emotions and human experiences.

He once quoted in an article that all his characters are grey, and not black or white.

He has won the Best Author of the Year 2022, by Salis Mania Choice Awards. Glorious India Award 2022 for Best Author in Psychological Thriller segment. His work has bestowed him the Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award by DRDC.

He also had the honor of being among the top 50 impactful authors of India by Criticspace Literary Journal. He was given the Glaze Iconic Award for the Emerging and inspiring author of 2023.

Author was featured in major news publications such as India Saga, Xpress Times, Hindustan Chronicles, New Indian Express, etc and amongst the 12 most inspiring writers of 2023 in Midday.


Tagged for Life Will You Be My Wife?


Tagged for Life Will You Be My Wife? is the love story of Karan Malhotra, a famous filmmaker’s son, and Ahana Mukherjee, a middle-class girl from Kolkata.

Karan and Ahana meet at a college where they have come to pursue a course in film-making.

Ahana is an aspiring author but has found no success so far. She also opposes the concept of love. And though Karan's life is full of riches, he is still not happy. But when he meets Ahana, he falls in love with her.

Noticing the spark in Ahana, Karan decides to help her achieve her dream of becoming an author. The novel takes you through the lives of two love birds, who experience ups and downs, twists and turns in their budding relationship.

What is destiny's next plan for these lovers? Will they be able to live happily ever after, or will their relationship suffer with the successes and failures of their lives?


Aditya Nighhot


Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot is the bestselling author of two romance novels U n Me…It’s Complicated (2019) & Until Love Sets Us Apart (2018).

Doctor by profession, Aditya completed his degree in MBBS from a renowned college in Pune, Maharashtra and shall continue to pursue his further studies in medicine.

Fond of literature, Aditya started writing at the tender age of eighteen and succeeded in impressing not only his readers but also critics with his two bestselling books.

Recipient of the ‘Best Romance Book of the Year – Readers’ Choice Award’ for his book Until Love Sets Us Apart, Aditya’s work has been praised by various newspapers and media houses.

In one of the reports by Mid-day, Aditya’s success has been compared with renowned author Amitav Ghosh. Aditya has been a part of various literary festivals and has been interviewed on radio stations, owing to the social messages that his books contain.

Aditya is an avid reader, motivational speaker and a photographer too. His chatbot fiction stories, namely ‘Reprisals’ and ‘Better Late than Never’ are available on the ‘Bite App – Chatbot stories by Readify’ for free of cost.


Eternal Trudges


The book holds different forms of poetry – Acrostic, couplets, quatrains, and free verses. They are written with utmost sentiments. While some are heartfelt and vestiges of my memories, others are a quest seeking reality and raising questions in life.


Sailee Tiwari


Sailee Tiwari is the author of the novels ‘Extra Ordinary’, 'Eternal Trudges’, 'The Crooning Wishes and 'Sparkle In You.' She has also compiled an anthology called ‘Peace and Panacea’.

She is a software engineer by profession. She has contributed to more than 12 anthology novels.

She has won several awards like Coimbatore Literary Award in poetry, India Prime Icon Award 2021 in association with Foxclues, Kalam Ratna Awards, ‘Special mention’ in Cherry Awards, Spectrum awards for ‘Inspiring Women 2021’, Writer’s Ink Awards 2021, Sahityakosh Samman 2021 and so on.

She is featured on various news channels and magazines like Outlook India, The Week, Daily Hunt, Menafn, The Celeb Lyf, and Nagpur Oranges.

Besides writing, she adores art like photography, jewellery making, handicrafts and travelling.


Anatomy of a Half Truth


The seatbelt which fastened Spriha to Auro’s life was so frayed from the stresses and strains between them, he feared she would eject out any second.

That evening at the restaurant, Spriha had confided to Auro, even when they broke up, he was always in her mind. Pulsating, throbbing. Kind of like a tumour. When Auro asked her, why she hadn’t excised him, she said, it was too late, Auro had already spread, inside her. Did she mean it, literally? Had Auro’s half-truth, metastasised, to a point, where it could no longer be surgically removed from Spriha’s life?

While Auro holds his tears hostage, why does Spriha extort those promises from him, before she logs out of his life, for the final time? Why does she pass the buck of that envelope to Auro? What’s in it for him? The answers lie across the country in Spriha’s hometown, Kolkata. . .

Ferreting down the Departure Hall the airline staffer announces the last and final call. Auro’s feet are cold and his palms sweaty. He has broken promises before. What frigging difference does it make if he breaks one more? Spriha is never going to know. She isn’t watching, anymore. Or is she?


Purbasha Ghosh


If life were a manuscript, Purbasha Ghosh is a work in progress. The inciting incident of her story was a turbulent childhood, spent in remote fringes of rural India, where her father’s postings, took the family.

Relocations and recurrent new beginnings frequently upset her emotional status quo. In the plagiarised, messy first draft of her life, outlined according to the formulaic plot structure of societal expectations, she was an Architect and a Planner.

Recently, realising the middle of her life was sagging under the weight of Corporate enslavement, she has undertaken a large-scale structural edit of her narrative and consequently, is in a state of flux.

She is currently decluttering those off-the-shelf techniques and hacks, for force-fitting her chronicle into pre-fab modules of success, and intends to discovery-write the rest of her saga.

Ghosh is a solo mother, and the setting of the present act of her unfolding tale, is Kolkata.


Roadmap to Managing Divorce


A divorce is a traumatic event that most couples never envision going through. This book can guide you in navigating one of the most challenging periods of your life and can support you to be empowered, liberated, and profoundly transformed.

This book will be your roadmap as you undertake this journey through the Uncharted Land of Divorce, which may be filled with dragons and landmines but sometimes also holds a tranquil oasis, an escape tunnel, or a secret garden.

Remember that divorce is the end of a marriage, not the end of life!


Dr. Suchitra


Dr. Suchitra has been a practising gynaecologist and has worked for over two decades in the development sector on issues related to gender, power and patriarchy, women's health and human rights.

She is a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas, who founded this transformative and globally renowned program for managing breakup, separation or divorce in a conscious, healthy and empowered way.

As a Conscious Uncoupling Coach, Dr. Suchitra supports women in navigating their divorce journeys towards healing and liberation and writing their own happy endings.




Fasten your seatbelt, because as we're about to explore marketing's uncharted waters, uncovering the treasures hidden within the high seas of ABM. This isn't just a journey; it's an odyssey into the future of marketing.

It's time to step boldly into this brave new world of ABM and discover how it can not only keep pace with but also thrive amidst the whirlwind of change.


Veda Iyer


Veda Iyer, the Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head Sales APAC at Mphasis, brings over two decades of Global FinTech expertise to her role. She is instrumental in driving growth, augmenting revenue, and enhancing market share in APAC.

As a Global CMO, Veda leads Corporate Marketing initiatives, including partnerships with Third Party Advisors and Analysts, and spearheads lead generation activities.

She also plays a crucial role in Mphasis' Front2Back™ Transformation and was key in the company's recent rebranding as a next Applied Tech Company.

Veda's career highlights include her tenure as Vice President in the CEO's Office & Head of Strategic Marketing Group at Syntel Inc., and Associate Vice President at ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd. She has also worked with Reliance Securities as the National Head, establishing a wide distribution network.

Her achievements include the Leader Influencer Award 2020 in Women in Tech, Global CMO of the Year for 2020 by Enterprise IT World, CMO Asia’s Women Leadership in Industry Award, and recognition in 100 Most Innovative MarTech Leaders.

Veda holds a Master’s degree in Business Management from SVKM's Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. She has also participated in the Adobe Luminary Program by the Indian School of Business and CALTECH's Learning at Speed of Customer program.


Satish K Sadasivan


With a career spanning over fifty years and crossing continents, Satish K. Sadasivan stands as a testament to strategic innovation and leadership.

As the Founder and CEO of Evolve Global Corp since 2020, Satish has navigated the company through the complex business landscapes of the USA, India, and the Middle East.

Under his guidance, Evolve Global Corp, a New York-based holding firm, has flourished, encompassing EvolveBPM, Evolve BPO, and Evolve Cloud Labs, with over 300 full-time employees worldwide.

Before his current role, Satish achieved notable success in Fortune 500 companies like HP and Cognizant, where he transformed IT and BPM business lines into profitable entities, scaling revenues up to $250M.

His expertise in sales and business development is well-recognized, earning him several accolades, including the Innovative Visionary - India Award and The Global Sales Excellence Award.

Satish co-authored "ABMazing: The Art of Catching Whales with Tiny Nets," a guide on account-based marketing, showcasing his deep understanding of strategic marketing.

His educational journey includes an MBA from the Canadian School of Management, PGPX from UCLA, and certificates from MIT Sloan and Harvard Business School. He is also a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

An active contributor to NASSCOM and IAOP, Satish dedicates time to various NGOs, advocating positive change. Outside the professional realm, he enjoys boxing, adventuring, reading, and engaging with social media.


Saindhavbhavan and a Mysterious Accident


Deep within the heart of an ancient forest, where the line between right and wrong blurs, stands Saindhavbhavan, a prison veiled in mystery.

A new jailer arrives with hopes of change, but a puzzling call from a forest officer sets off a chain of events that ties the destinies of two inmates to his own.

These prisoners, shrouded in silence and conflict, hold a tale beyond imagination. Amidst the prison's secrets, a hidden truth emerges—an incident preceding their captivity that forever altered their lives.

As the inmates begin to converse, the walls of deceit crumble, revealing a truth that defies expectation.


Ranga Sai Komaragiri


I am Ranga Sai Komaragiri, an author with a passion for storytelling and a diverse background.

Writing has been an integral part of my life, a creative outlet where I express my thoughts and imagination.

I’ve also explored the world of visual storytelling, having written and directed several short films. I’m thrilled to share this captivating story with the most enthusiastic readers.

Through my writing, I aim to engage and transport readers into unique and mysterious worlds, and I’m excited to share my literary adventures with you.


Ponder Awile


The acclaimed and irresistible truth-telling poetics found in Ponder Awhile is magical.

Poet Mohit K. Misra does more than ponder as he contemplates the nature of man and God, he unveils the very essence of humanity.

An atheist from a long line of Hindu and Parsi priests, in his mid-twenties the sea conjured his restless spirit into action and in fact, he gained enlightenment in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


Mohit K. Misra


Mohit K. Misra was born in 1970 in Mumbai to a Hindu father and Parsee mother.

Studied in Cathdral and John Connon then Jaihind College before joining the Merchant Navy.

Graduated from LBS Nauitical college and worked as a Second Mate or Navigating Officer in the Merchant Navy for around 7 years.

A spiritual Experience in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean altered his course of life and he was given signs to share God knowledge via the medium of poetry.

He started writing at the age of 30 and at the age of 33 he left everything to become a full time poet and lived in a basement temple dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba in Pune India for around two years.

He spend a total of 11 years working on his book Ponder Awhile before he was satisfied with it.


Little Black Book of Poems


This book is not for the whole-hearted, happy and strong. This book is for the broken-hearted, the rejected and the lonely. I hope that you find some solace in knowing that your tears and grief fuel the words of poets everywhere.


Onyx, Jade, Sable and Charcoal,

Are synonymous with a colourless vacuum:

A nothingness which unifies the universe, making it whole;

A nonexistence which exists from womb to tomb!


Nabia Yusuf


Nabia Yusuf is a software engineer who is passionate about writing. An avid reader and poetry enthusiast, she loves the works of Robert Frost and hopes to someday be inducted into the literary circle.

Nabia has been fascinated with words since she was a little girl. According to her, words are the cellular units of communication, while the alphabetical letters serve as their energy units.

Writing came naturally to Nabia since she was 10 years old. She always loved looking up fancy words from the dictionaries, often using them in her poems.


The Captains of Legend


Meena, on the brink of adulthood, dreams of living life to the fullest. But she is a princess and sole heir to her father’s kingdom.

Holasiyan, Meena’s oldest friend, has grown up with her in the Saffron Palace, only now their friendship is blossoming into something far deeper.

But Holasiyan, already an exceptional warrior, is destined to take his place amongst the King’s fighting elite as generations of his family have done before him.

When dark forces emerge threatening Meena’s life, Holasiyan will do anything to protect his beloved.

As events unfold, his selfless actions result in the forging of new friendships, the reforming of past alliances; and the re-emergence of old, bitter grievances that will lead to the uncovering of a dark secret and an oath sworn under duress.

Can Meena and Holasiyan’s love survive?


Raphael Sohnn


Having started work straight after university studying Business Management and then marrying, fathering two children somewhat sooner than most had expected, he’d actually started writing the debut novel just before his first child was born and personal business endeavours had truly begun to bear fruit.

Willing to see the absolute best in people while not suffering fools too gladly, or succumbing to anger too hastily, he’s an optimist by birth with pessimistic tendencies due to the environment and experiences which have moulded him.

Capable as most are of compassion, hence loving from and with the heart, he’s very much a believer in personal liberty. As the years go by he believes that an individual is responsible for their own behaviour, although their environment is certainly an ingredient in the formulations of their personality and by extension their actions.

At times opinionated, he doesn’t like being told what to do. Who does? As such not all precepts are good (the law, after all, is an ass).

One should not have to refer to a book – of statutes or even scriptures, be they hundreds of years, maybe even millennia old – in order to determine in which direction their moral compass ought to be pointed.

He detests waste, in all its forms, material or otherwise. Throwing perfectly edible food away is unacceptable - put less on/in the shelf/fridge/plate in the first instance.

If you have a case to make, argue it, persuade him. Does anyone really like being preached to? As such, he’ll often go against the grain, swimming against the tide, just because he can.

An equal opportunist, he’s certainly not of the belief that women are merely baby/home-makers.

Who, after all, gave birth to all those ‘great men’? People can marry (caste, creed, colour matter not), love and make love with whomever they chose, as long as it is amongst consenting adults.

Each individual must be judged on their own merits, one size does not fit all.

Therefore an individual, first and foremost, he’s unwilling to be pigeon-holed in any measurable way. Just to start with, he’s a man, a husband and lover, a father, a son, a brother, a cousin, a brother in law, a son in law, an uncle and a friend.

A second generation Brit – born and bred - England is his home. He’s spent most of his working life as a business-man. Away from work he has been a martial artist, and is still a health fanatic…

A gambler of sorts he’s been known to indulge in the odd game of chance, winning some and losing others, although luck, generally speaking, is created by the person themselves.

Destiny or fate are anachronisms, the more rigorous the practice, the greater the perceived (by others) ‘luck’. We are after all, the captains of our souls.

Musically, he’s drawn to that which pleases his ears, whether understood or not. Partial to a drink, he doesn’t get drunk….well, not every time.

Doesn’t smoke (though feels strongly that people should not be demonised for doing so), but is fascinated by cigars. He’d play football rather than watch.

He’d love to ride a motorbike, but admits to being a little bit scared. Therefore fast cars, probably, upon reflection, if he had to be pushed. Or should that be driven?


Life Changing Journey


Shree Shambav is a wordsmith. Having authored the ‘Journey of the Soul - Karma’, Twenty plus One Short Stories Series I and Series II and contributing to great videos on various channels, he has now delved into his yet another forte, Quotable Quotes.

The allure of quotations is that they provide us with a glimpse into the minds and perceptions of others. The beauty of wise quotes is how much information they can convey in so few words.

They're also great for reinforcing and confirming what we already know. Hearing the words alone can sometimes persuade us to accept and implement a concept.

Even the shortest quotations can convey the most important ideas, provide insightful perspectives, and impart life lessons.

"Life Changing Journey - 365 Inspirational Quotes" is a collection of quotations that will uplift, inspire, and motivate you, as well as occasionally make you smile.

This book will pique (peek) the reader's interest and help them realise that life is beautiful and that we must coexist with the natural beauty that surrounds us. And we should feel compassion and empathy for all living things.


Twenty + One


Stories teach us valuable life lessons and continue to do so; we all re-read, re-tell, and re-watch them, and each time is different. We discover different meanings and values at different phases of our life.

Some stories would have become inextricably linked to our memories. Some of us would have wished to be the protagonist.

‘Journey of the Soul - Karma,’ and ‘Twenty + One,’ a collection of 21 short stories. The success of these books prompted the publication of the sequel, ‘Twenty + One Short Stories - Series II.’

There’s an adage that says, “To make your message sink in, say it with ink.” Content read from a book is absorbed more subconsciously, hence, this hard copy of the book.

This exemplary collection of short stories is a must-read for everyone to understand the nuances of life today.

This book could serve as a primer for those who wish to resurrect their life by adopting ‘Best Practices of Life’, ‘Joy of Giving and Caring’ and ‘Fulfilment through Frugal Existence’.

Does a man believe in peaceful co-existence in this age of diseases, food crises, conflicts and hegemony? Nature has endured enough to keep us together. Isn’t it time for us to repay Mother Nature?

“Remember, we were all children once..., and treasure the days spent reminiscing with inner joy.”


Shree Shambav


Author Shree Shambav is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management and the National Institute of Technology.

With many years of experience in the corporate world and has held senior positions in MNCs. He has authored and co-authored many technical papers, books, and blogs.

He leads the Shree Shambav Ayur Rakshita Foundation. The sole purpose of this organization in recognizing human identity, beyond the boundaries of gender, race, and nationality.

The organization helps all communities towards realizing their true potential and the beauty of life.

Shree Shambav Green Movement - Mission is to create a healthy, green, and clean planet through green movement, along with diligent greening and water conservation efforts to make a green paradise around.


Living A Dream


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

This is a story of an Indian girl, whose world is shattered by her parents’ death. Lost in darkness and no path lit, destiny knocks on her door in the form of her Grandmother’s letter.

With a ray of hope, she leaves for Pismo Beach in California, where her grandmother resides. Newfound joy in the new place and her best friend cum childhood friend, she lives her life in bliss.

Unaware of the events, which are yet to unfold, she falls in love and believes has found her true love but life takes an ugly turn where she is thrown under a bus - tested, heartbroken and tormented.

Yet in her downfall, she stays strong and lifts up her spirit with the help of her will power and her loved ones. But God has other plans. Her wish for endless love comes in the form of her Best friend.

The ups and downs in their union don’t break them, rather strengthen their bond, making her believe that she is living a dream.


Tanmayee Deshmukh


Chocolatier and mom by day and writer by night, the author Tanmayee lives in Pune. She's put on many hats, but passion for reading and writing is what got her to write her debut novel, in a way, truly living her dream!


I Adore You


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

I Adore You by K.P. Bhavatharini is a motivating novel about the protagonist Nikhitha and how she worked on her dream and achieved it even after her marriage.


K.P. Bhavatharini


K.P. Bhavatharini is a passionate writer from Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. She is the author of two fiction novels: "I Adore You" and "Eldritch Phantom".

She has also participated in several anthologies and published her poetry books titled "Shape of Imagination" and "A Gist of Emotions".

She is the winner of "Best Poet and Author of the Year 2023" from the Human Rights Nobel Award and "Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award".

She wishes her readers to feel and love her writings.


Janya Bharata


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

Ever since the Kalingas invited them to participate in a training camp up north of the Vindhyas, the Ustrakarnikas were worried about being pulled into the feud between the Pandavas and the Kauravas.

Their fears came true when the peace negotiations led by Krishna failed and they have been told to gather at Kurukshetra. All that Mitrajit ever wanted was to spend his life peacefully with his wife and daughter. But now he had to choose between his dharma and his family.

How will this war between the Kuru royalty affect their life and tribe?

Read through an exciting rollercoaster journey of a commoner, his family and his tribe during the times of Kurukshetra war. A never before seen perspective of the epic Mahabharata, through the lens of common people.

This story is not about the Pandavas and Kauravas. This historical fictional story is a commoner's epic.


Manu Nellutla


Manu Nellutla is an Indo-Canadian author of the Janya Bharata series. He has a varied work experience over the past two decades - as a Physiotherapist, Academician, Researcher, Ergonomist, Health and Safety Professional, and an Executive Leader.

He has worked in India, Rwanda before moving to Canada. He calls himself a lifelong learner and has various educational credentials in Physiotherapy, Ergonomics, Education, Sustainability, Project Management, Business Administration and Leadership from Universities like Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Australian Institute of Business, Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management.

A multi-linguist, he can speak, read and write fluently in Telugu, Hindi, English and Gujarati while able to have basic conversations in Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya.

His interest in history, especially ancient civilizations, took him on to the journey of writing the fictional story of Janya Bharatha: The War.

He is currently working on the second book of the series - Janya Bharata: The Deluge. Apart from his professional work and writing books, Manu is also a singer, podcast host and a radio jockey.

He is also an accomplished speaker, delivering talks/lectures at various conferences across the world including a TEDx talk titled Learning from Third World Countries.

Manu has been included in the list of British Columbia (BC) Book World's Who's Who List for 2022 and Delhi Wire's Top 50 Most Influential Authors of 2022.


Master O


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

MASTER O is a rare Indian sci-fi novel that takes in its vast sweep all things that make India tick—GODMEN, POLITICS and an obsession with KARMA.

Where the underdog is an elephant created in a lab and gifted with immense superpowers. Superpowers that can mess with the very technology and AI that have given men the levers of power.

Will the mutant elephant achieve his mission? Find out in this superbly chilling saga of modern India.


Dhiraj Singh


Dhiraj Singh is an accomplished artist, writer, columnist, translator and media professional. He is the author of a brilliant new novel 'MASTER O'.

Set sometime in the future 'Master O' explores some very deep and meaningful questions about human existence in the context of technology that almost feels magical.

Dhiraj is also the translator of 'I Like To Wash My face With Sea Water' which is a collection of translated poems. He has written a biography of India's first woman art-gallerist, Uma Jain.

He has an arts column "Art Is Everywhere" on NDTV-Mojarto. He has written a short stories that have been published in 'The Little Magazine' and 'The Punch Magazine'.

He has translated into English Asghar Wajahat’s much-celebrated Hindi play about the Partition of India called 'Jisne Lahore Nai Dekhya, O Janmya Nai' (‘Unborn in Lahore’).

His unique 'X-ray art' has shown at prestigious events such as 'India Art Fair', 'Kindness/Udarta. Australia-India Cultural Exchange show' and 'Venice Architecture Biennale'.

His abstract paintings have also shown at many exhibitions worldwide and are part of many international collections.


Tryst With Reality


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

The book is a memoir of an unplanned back-packing trip to the Himalayas by the author Vishal and his college friend Sumant. In the summer of 2017, when Sumant casually proposed to go to the Himalayas, Vishal spontaneously accepted his proposal.

In a matter of 5 days, they were off on their journey, not knowing where they will go and when they will return. Vishal had no idea that a normal trip would become ‘Tryst with Reality’ and that his life would change forever by the end of the trip.

The book takes its readers through the holy cities of Haridwar & Rishikesh, the godly confluence of rivers Bhagirathi & Alaknanda at Devprayag, the Gangotri temple opening, the snow-clad mountains and stark white valley of Bhojbasa near Gaumukh.

It gives a comprehensive and candid account of Vishal and Sumant’s experiences of meeting the sages, mystics and strangers during the 15-day journey.

Destiny would have them start their journey with a night stay at Neem Karoli Baba’s (Maharajji) ashram at Kainchi Dham, which eventually helps Vishal appreciate the divine interventions of the Universe/Guru in his life.

While the book takes the readers through Vishal’s inner journey, it might compel the reader to start his/her own inner journey by the time he/she finishes the book.


Vishal Bhavsar


Vishal Bhavsar is a writer, photographer, sportsman, hard-core travel enthusiast and an entrepreneur (Director of an award-winning architectural design firm in Ahmedabad, India).

Being an adventure lover and a keen explorer, he has done a bike trip to Ladakh and trekked some of the most faraway places in the Himalayas over the years.

Vishal believes in living life to the fullest and making the most of each and every moment. He follows his heart and trusts his intuitions while making crucial decisions in life. Going to the Himalayas with Sumant was one such decision.


The Stardust You Left Behind


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

You and Me - We float like stardust, in this infinite universe.

In his collection of poems, Jayakrishnan takes us on a journey through the realms of love, highlighting the intricate shades of emotions attached to it.

From the ecstasy of being in love to the agony of loneliness and separation, he illustrates that sometimes all we need to do is believe in magic - that stardust called love.


Jayakrishnan Sureshbabu


Jayakrishnan Sureshbabu lives in Hyderabad, India, and writes on his Instagram Page @thepoeticsoulspeaks .

His short poems on love, life, loss, and intricate human emotions have touched the hearts of Instagram users across the globe. He is a seasoned IT Professional who loves traveling, reading, writing, and photography.

He loves the rain, the sea, single malts, and creating magic with words. He was born in Kerala, India in a family of strong, independent women and his late grandmother has had a huge influence on his outlook towards love, life, and everything he does.


Embodied Imaginations


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

The science behind the writers’ experience of characters developing their own will and taking objective forms. Many writers have the experience that their characters have evolved their own personalities.

They start to tell their own stories, and sometimes they could even rebel against the author’s ideas for them and change the course of the whole plot. That is not all, though.

Sometimes, literary characters assume objective appearances which are visible not just to the creators, but also to others and manifesting in the real world.

These experiences raise several interesting philosophical and scientific questions. Have the writers unwittingly created quasi-conscious entities by the power of their minds?

Can thoughts manifest as something tangible that can be seen, heard, or even touched? How genuine are the contents of the mind?

Embodied Imaginations explores these questions, highlighting the results of an investigation on this fascinating topic, stemming from personal anecdotes of many writers.

Providing scientific evidence for the existences of these mental constructs, the goal is to collect robust and reliable building blocks that may help to deconstruct perceptions and provide answers to this phenomenon.

The book attempts to give modern science a place where spiritual, philosophical and mystical threads can be interwoven. Efforts have been made to corroborate theoretical claims with experimental evidence, contributing to research in cognitive psychology to determine the role of imagination in creating external reality.

This book will introduce you to the mysterious and profound part of creative writing that you never knew existed before.


Chidambaram Ramesh


Chidambaram Ramesh is presently working in the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation, Regional Office, Vellore. He is a prolific writer and author of several books and publications.

His previous book, "Quasi-Judicial Proceedings: Under the Indian Legal Framework," is widely praised by the readers.

He is also the author of 'The Shroud of Turin: An Imprint of the Soul, Apparition or Quantum Bio-Hologram, ' 'Lightning as a Photographer: Revisiting a Forgotten Phenomenon of Nature, ' and 'Thought-Forms and Hallucinations: Some Curious Effects of Holographic Mind Process, ' which are of general interest.

He is also a Guinness World Record holder for having had the largest number of letters to the editor of a national newspaper published in a calendar year.


10x Your Focus


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

Welcome to "10x Your Focus to Achieve Career Success in a Competitive World." This book is your ultimate guide to unlocking your full potential by mastering the art of focus.

With practical tips, strategies, and exercises, you will learn how to improve your productivity, overcome distractions, and develop a growth mindset.

Whether you're a young professional or an experienced executive, this book will help you achieve long-term success in a highly competitive world.

Get ready to transform your career and become a true leader in your field. This book, "10x Your Focus to Achieve Career Success in A Competitive World," is a comprehensive guide for corporate executives seeking to enhance their focus and achieve long-term career success.

It provides practical advice, tools, and techniques to help readers develop a growth mindset, cultivate positive habits and routines, and leverage technology to maximize productivity.

It also addresses the importance of resilience and overcoming setbacks, while providing strategies for sustaining focus for long-term success.


Dhritiman Chakraborty


Dhritiman Chakraborty is an Author, an IATD Certified Trainer, an ICF Certified Life & Executive Coach and a Canfield Certified Trainer on Success Principles.

He was chosen among the top 25 inspiring Coaches in India as published in Business Standard in March 2023. Dhritiman has more than two decades of Corporate Leadership experience in multiple industries and has also been coaching corporate executives over the last four years, helping them to grow in their careers.


Theory of Suspicion


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

In the twilight of his career, Judge Raj Deshmukh formulates a groundbreaking idea―the Theory of Suspicion―challenging the burden of proving guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

At Surat, his final station before retirement, he puts his theory into action with unwavering conviction. But when suspicion seeps into his own life, the consequences prove catastrophic.

Meanwhile, in the picturesque town of Lonavala, the influential Deshmukh family reigns supreme. With a sprawling business empire and deep-rooted political connections, they are the true power brokers of the region.

However, shadows cast doubt over their opulent existence when the patriarch, LB, is found murdered at a party he supposedly did not attend. The family is thrust into a vortex of suspicion and treachery.

Amidst the chaos, veteran lawyer Abhinav Bhardwaj assumes an unfamiliar role as a relentless investigator, determined to unravel the sinister web surrounding Judge Deshmukh's family and the subsequent murders that ensue.

With each revelation, Bhardwaj peels back layers of deception, exposing hidden agendas and shocking truths, ultimately leading to a climactic showdown.

In this gripping legal thriller, Bhardwaj, accompanied by his partner Reema, harnesses his razor-sharp deductive skills and unwavering determination to uncover the intricate web of lies, exposing the true culprits and bringing them to justice.

Prepare to be captivated as you embark on a journey into a world where the pursuit of truth takes a perilous turn, testing the limits of suspicion and unearthing dark consequences beneath the surface.


Kirit Panwala & Rohan Panwala


Kirit Panwala, a renowned lawyer with 46 years of experience in South Gujarat, and Rohan Panwala, an 18-year legal veteran, poet, and short filmmaker, unite as co-authors.

Their collaboration blends Kirit's legal expertise with Rohan's artistic sensibility, resulting in captivating narratives. Through intricate plots, emotive poetry, and visual storytelling, they craft a compelling fusion of analytical thinking and artistic nuance.

Together, they create an enthralling narrative experience that transcends boundaries and showcases their masterful storytelling prowess.


The Unforeseen


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

A desperate woman, an evil neighbor, a heartbroken lover, a silent companion, and other compelling characters are woven into these riveting tales where fear, anger, and love mold their lives in unexpected ways.

This collection of short stories will take you on a voyage of varied human experiences with gripping twists and turns.

Step into the world of the Unforeseen where the only constant in life is its unpredictability!


Vandana Srivastava


Vandana Srivastava loves to read and write. While life in Delhi, Bangalore, and London has contributed to her literary journey it is an overactive imagination and a passion to play with words that have been her biggest drivers.

Her education is a curious mix of chemistry, an MBA, and the Italian language. Having meandered through startups, translating books, content writing, and raising two boys, this short story collection is Vandana's first foray into fiction. Or perhaps her first brush with reality!


In Another World


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

STOP!!! Sophie’s scream shook Sandeep to the core and he slammed on the brake. They came to a screeching halt.‘ What happened?’

But Sophie didn’t have to answer… the roaring landslide thundered down and the path ahead vanished before their eyes. ‘How did you know!!’ The shock and bewilderment were mutual.

Sophie had no idea what happened. She knew something had warned her, but what? What was this voice she heard in her head? There was something about her that she didn’t understand…

Why did the outhouse give her an uneasy feeling? There’s a deep secret in the house, a mystery she couldn’t fathom. She needed to plan her every move.

Something within her told her, she needed to be more careful. She sensed something diabolical in the house.


Gopa Guha


Gopa Guha, an ex high school teacher, currently a psychologist and an author, has got 2 books published so far and is well into the third one.

Stories of dreams, emotions, and fantasies of magic and thrill, with relationships angles and desires interwoven, found a fertile soil in her brain, right from the early years.

She took to writing only recently though, after quitting the teacher's profile. She writes for the love of writing, with the common desire for being read. At 51, she is poised to place herself in the literary world, with lots more to deliver...


Classic Tales from Shakespeare


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

"All the world's a stage/ And all the men and women merely players." Fairies, witches, villains and heroes populate this intriguing world created by one of the most prolific playwrights of all times - William Shakespeare.

Shakespearean language is rich, convoluted and picturesque, almost exaggerated at times. However, it is filled with home truths and quotes that resonate in normal conversation to this very day.

This book is a fervent attempt to simplify the language of the Bard so that his fascinating stories, replete with themes like love, friendship, envy, magic, poignancy and darkness, are demystified to a level that even children are tempted to peek into them to savour tales that are age-old with a twist intriguing enough to keep them modern and relatable.


Deepti Menon


Deepti Menon has always loved the written word. She has published eight books, starting with Arms and the Woman (Rupa Publishers).

Deeparadhana of Poems came next, followed by The Shadow Trilogy - Shadow in the Mirror, Where Shadows Follow and Shadows Never Lie, and Classic Tales from The Panchatantra (all by Readomania).

As a freelance journalist in Chennai, she wrote umpteen articles for various publications and was lucky enough to interview celebrities like Jeffrey Archer, Ruskin Bond and many others, including film stars, business tycoons and politicians.

Deepti has always enjoyed writing thriller short stories and has been published in around twenty anthologies along with other noteworthy writers.

She is presently working on three manuscripts which, she hopes, will soon see the light of day. Her previous book published by Logos Books, is a life sketch of her mother who is a renowned educationist.

The book titled ‘Defying Destiny: Nalini Chandran – A Life Sketch’ won the SALISMANIA Choice Awards Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year Award 2022.

Deepti’s latest book has just been published by Readomania. It is titled Classic Tales from Shakespeare and has ten classic stories adapted from the original plays of the Bard.


Hormone Hijack


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

Love happens… Why? When is the right time to love? What is the right way to love? Who is the right one for me? Kavita was always hijacked by her confused emotions. Vivek on the other hand just couldn’t find any reason to not love her more each day.

As love happens when it's unexpected and not when you plan & have all time to love. They both circled together in the search, with fireworks of their feelings brushing the people alongside them.

What is exciting in this journey? What always kept them together still apart? Is love forever or its hormonal imbalance? Their hormones collided and then destructed themselves from time to time, making them wonder Is it right or wrong?

From doubts & fear to love & passion the story guarantees to take everyone born before the year 1990 to their journey when they felt the touch of first love.


Molika Garg


Molika Garg is a first-time author, with a passion to write & a vision to become an author for the masses. Writing for her is all about conveying the cult truths of life in the simplest form.

Story-telling is the best way of bringing alive some complex emotions and creating a participatory experience. For her womanhood is the most delightful journey which should be cherished in all situations.


Never Let Go Until We're Gone


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

It’s still love, even if it’s not forever. Loving someone and being loved by someone is a blessing. ‘Never let go, until we’re gone’, a collection of chosen poems, so closely knitted, portrays the intense and heartfelt emotions about love, relationships and heartbreaks.

One could easily relive the experiences, as it takes you deep into the waters of love, leaving you dewy-eyed. Sit back, relax and dive deep into the state of tranquillity, reliving the moments, once cherished.

Sandhya K Ravi’s “Never let go until we’re gone” was recently displayed at World Book Fair, New Delhi - 2023. With 4.3 overall ratings on Amazon, “Never Let Go Until We’re Gone” has certainly touched people’s hearts.


Sandhya K Ravi


Sandhya K Ravi is an HR Professional working in corporate and also an Internationally certified Softskills Trainer from ISIM, Mumbai. She believes in writing from her heart, drawing inspiration from her own life experiences.

"Never Let Go, Until We’re Gone" is her debut book. She loves to sing, read books and write blogs in her spare time. She is someone, who truly believes in pursuing her passion against all odds.

Not long ago, she recognised her deep passion for writing amidst life’s chaos, which eventually made her pursue her dreams.


Belief - A Message


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

In Belief – A Message, a collection of poems, Jaydeep Khot explores the power of positive thinking and the importance of having a greater purpose in life.

Through a thought-provoking verse, Belief – A Message provides readers with an enlightened perspective, urging them to show gratitude towards their blessings and believe in their ability to make a difference in the world.

Get inspired and start your journey of self-discovery and growth with

these uplifting thoughts.


Jaydeep Khot


Jaydeep Khot is a practising advocate. He also runs an NGO named Sruta Foundation which is actively serving underprivileged kids in India.

He has done his Masters of Commerce from H.R. College of Commerce and Economics and is currently pursuing Masters of Law (LLM) from Chembur Karnataka College of Law.

Being the Founding Partner of his law firm JSK Legal, he aspires to serve his clients with complete devotion.

Jaydeep has also authored 25 books.




🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

Stalked is a book that partly deals with love, but also with people who have somehow ended up being obsessed with something they cannot control.

The book also deals with the difficulties of being a black woman in a position of power and the jealousy it can bring if a black woman has married a wealthy white man.

The family that the book is about consists of Gabriella and her husband Oliver, and their two children, Lea, who is five, and little Galvin, who is three.

Gabriella is the CEO of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical company's Danish division, and her husband Oliver is a renowned shipping agent.

At first, everything is harmonious, and we get an insight into how love blooms in an almost-perfect family. But one early morning, when the family is on their way to work, luck turns.

A hit-and-run driver hits the protagonist Gabriella's car and nearly kills her and the children. Afterwards, several disturbing events follow, and we find out that a crazy stalker is stalking and harassing Gabriella.

"After the big introduction party where we get to know the different members of the tennis club, the book takes off. A few days later, Gabriella is confronted with a terrifying letter that has been placed on her car windshield, which is racist and offensive.

At first, Gabriella doesn't want to tell Oliver anything about the incident, but the security chief of the medical company persuades her to inform Oliver and the police about the incident.

From there, the book becomes a regular thriller as the hunt for the stalker begins, while the family becomes more and more aware that something is seriously wrong and that there may be one or more people who want Gabriella dead.

With STALKED, you are guaranteed excitement and drama until the last page, while at the same time, The book will surely give you something to think about."

The book is about love in two different ways. The love that we all can immediately recognize, which is about family. Love for parents, spouse, and children.

This is the love that most people see as fundamental. On the other hand, the book's Willian is obsessed with unattainable love. His dreams have not been fulfilled, and the woman he loved has left him.

Early on in the book, we meet a disillusioned person. I cannot reveal the name, but his problems start at an early age when he has to make a compromise with his parents to pursue his great interest.

The parents force the main character to take the education they think he should take, which is the same as the fathers. The parents are old and set in their ways and have no empathy for the boy's interests.

So the reader gets an insight into what it can do to a young person if you take away their dreams. Whether these factors are what drives the person to act as he does, the reader will have to judge for themselves, but a failed marriage and lost youth dreams can do a lot to people.


Michael Owino


Michael Owino is an acclaimed author hailing from the unique blend of Danish and Tanzanian heritage. Born and currently residing in Copenhagen, he has established himself as a prominent voice in the world of fiction thrillers.

With a deep passion for storytelling, Michael has penned four gripping novels that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Drawing inspiration from his multicultural background, Michael infuses his writing with a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives, seamlessly blending elements of both his Danish and Tanzanian roots.

His novels are known for their intricate plots, relentless suspense, and vividly drawn characters that leap off the page.

One of Michael's defining traits as an author is his dedication to authenticity.

He goes the extra mile by visiting the actual locations where the plots of his novels unfold, immersing himself in the atmosphere and capturing the essence of the settings.

This commitment to research and firsthand experience shines through in his writing, lending a genuine and immersive quality to his storytelling.

Michael's genre of choice is fiction thrillers, a genre that allows him to explore the depths of human psychology, challenge societal norms, and keep readers guessing until the very end.

His ability to craft intricate webs of intrigue and masterful plot twists has earned him a loyal following of readers who eagerly anticipate his next literary creation.

When he's not engrossed in writing, Michael enjoys indulging in his other passions. He is an avid traveller, continuously seeking new adventures and cultural experiences that enrich his storytelling.

His journeys often inspire the vibrant settings and diverse characters that populate his novels. Additionally, Michael is a keen observer of the world around him, finding inspiration in everyday moments and the human condition.

As a Danish-Tanzanian author, Michael Owino believes in the power of literature to bridge cultures and foster understanding. Through his writing, he strives to shed light on untold stories and explore the complexities of identity, belonging, and the universal human experience.

With each novel he publishes, Michael captivates readers with his masterful storytelling, pulse-pounding suspense, and thought-provoking themes.

His works not only entertain but also leave a lasting impact, inviting readers to delve deep into the labyrinthine corridors of the human psyche.


प्रेम से प्रेम तक


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

प्रेम से प्रेम तक एक संकलन है जिसमें प्रेम पर 37 कविताएँ हैं। कवि ने सभी कविताओं को सरल शब्दों में बड़ी खूबसूरती से अभिव्यक्त किया है, जिसने बड़ी संख्या में दर्शकों को आकर्षित किया है क्योंकि इसमें कविताओं को समझने के लिए किसी अतिरिक्त प्रयास की आवश्यकता नहीं है।

यह भारत के लगभग हर राज्य में पहुंच चुका है। और पाठकों द्वारा खूब सराहा गया है। पुस्तक को दिए गए इतने प्यार के साथ यह भी सूचित किया जाता है कि पुस्तक पहली बार 5 मार्च 2023 को प्रकाशित हुई थी और अगले ही दिन अमेज़न पर बेस्ट सेलर में 17वें स्थान पर थी।

इस खबर को स्थानीय अखबारों ने भी कवर किया था। और पाठकों की इतनी अधिक मांग के साथ, प्रेम से प्रेम तक की अमेज़ॅन पर सभी प्रतियां बिक चुकी हैं और अब फिर से छपाई के लिए प्रेस में हैं।


Monika Arora


"शब्दों में जान होती है" इस एक लाइन पर विश्वास करना और इस पर अपना जीवन जीती आ रही मोनिका जुनून, प्रेम, पसंद और भाग्य सब ही तरह से एक लेखक हैं। पिछले चौदह वर्षों से डाक विभाग, भारत में सेवा कर रही हैं और मोनिका 2004 में भारत के उपराष्ट्रपति द्वारा कांस्य पदक विजेता हैं।

कविता और उपन्यासों में रुचि रखती हैं। वह खुद एक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय पत्रिका एशियन सिग्नेचर" द्वारा एक समकालीन एशियाई कवि के रूप में चुनी गई थीं। उन्होंने वर्ष 2017 के अंक के लिए एक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फैशन पत्रिका 'Aesthetics- coffee table book' के लिए महिला सशक्तिकरण के चेहरे के रूप में भी चुना।

उन्होंने 7 संकलनों का संकलन और संपादन किया है। इसके अलावा उनके पास एमसीकेएस योग विद्या प्राणिक हीलिंग ट्रस्ट, नई दिल्ली से मास्टर चाओ कोक सुई बेसिक प्राणिक हीलिंग कोर्स सर्टिफिकेट है। फूलों से अत्याधिक प्रेम रखने वाली मोनिका ख़ुद को फूलों वाली लड़की कहना पसंद करती हैं। वह इसी नाम से अपनी पहचान बनाना चाहती हैं।


The Chaos of Words & Time


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

What if you could unlock the secret of time?

What if I told you the secret of time travel is within these pages and it's about to happen in an ordinary town to extraordinary people?

The Chaos of Words & Time is a story that introduces three remarkable characters in search of love, healing from the past, and persevering over life's obstacles.

This is a journey of love, enlightenment, and the entanglement that ensues. In the quiet town of New Hope, a beautiful 21-year-old Corine experiences a life-altering summer she will never forget.

The story is about preparing yourself for change and how to thrive in the chaos of life. Not all chaos is equal and not all things are in your control... Until it is.

Experience Corine's friendships, her experiences in love, and the secrets of the universe guiding her on a journey of metamorphosis.


Dina C Faraday


The Chaos of Words & Time is an adventure series by Canadian author Dina C Faraday. The first book explores fantasy fiction and a timeless romance. Laying the foundation for new storytelling within the Chaos of Words & time reality series.

When Dina is not writing, she is traveling abroad. An admitted basketball fan. She cheers on the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors.

Keep in touch with Dina C Faraday:

Facebook: Dina C Faraday

Instagram: @dinacfaraday

Twitter: @dinacfaraday


When You Saved Me


🏆 Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee

They were a mess before they met. And they've messed each other up every day since they met. But that doesn't stop them from falling for one another, leaning on each other, and building the best relationship two people can have: friendship.

Damon Boudreaux is returning to his hometown Whitestone Veil, Virginia after eighteen years, wanting to escape the city that took his parents' lives.

He looks forward to reconnecting with old friends and spending his days in quiet solitude - a life much different from the one he spent in Upper East Side, New York since he was a child.

Little does the small-town town life is far from peaceful. Especially after meeting the beautiful but stubborn stranger on the bridge.

Rosaline Castaway has spent her whole life in Whitestone Veil. She knows family drama and has excessive abandonment issues. She's also been grieving the grandfather who raised her for two years.

Enter the sexy yet arrogant stranger who holds grief of his own and offers to quench both their loneliness. But she'll be damned if she lets this city-boy womanizer turn her world upside down. But his friendship might be exactly what she needs.


Samhi C.


Samhi C. is a Telugu-American writer based in New Jersey. When she’s not spending holidays at home taking walks with her brother and parents or indulging in romance novels and mystery movies, she’s at Pennsylvania where she’s pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing accompanied with a minor in Criminology.

While writing is her ultimate passion, she also loves music, dance, visual arts, swimming, yoga, running, calculus, chemistry, history, architecture and, learning about (but never practising) world religions.

She runs a blog at and a music channel at "When You Saved Me" is her first novel. Visit for links to all her creative works which are avai