Are You Magic Or Am I A Trick? Book Review

RATING – 4/5

AUTHOR: Arpita Chipkar


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Arpita Arun Chipkar (Born. May 22, 1993), hails from a very scenic coastal city, Karwar, Karnataka. Arpita is an active blogger and a freelance writer. She did her graduation in B.A (Psychology) from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. Currently, she is pursuing masters in Mass Communication and Journalism, in Nitte University, Mangalore. Being an avid dreamer, since her childhood, she has always been fascinated by fairy-tales, fantasy stories and believes in a world where miracles are waiting to happen. She makes love with words. Words are her song and dance. Her true inspiration behind picking up the pen is her mother and brother who are writers as well.

ABOUT THE BOOK: There is a certain ethereal quality in a love story especially when it belongs to the fantasy genre. It entitles the author to wild flights of imagination while building on a storyline with a fairy tale like characteristics. While this book to fits into the above category, what stands out is the consummate handling of the subject, with all the tenderness and passion that make a truly vibrant love story. The flow of events has been delectably captured in a gripping narrative, where the reader finds himself living the dream and experiencing the emotions. It touches the right chords in the heart and leads to a passionate experience. A well-crafted and eminently readable love story, especially for those who love to give free reign to their imagination.

REVIEW: ARE YOU MAGIC OR AM I TRICK? Is a love story filled with magic which will spell bound you till the very last line. The story is sprinkled with love and a dose of fantasy which makes it amazingly magical. You are sure going to enjoy a good read. It has the ability to lighten one's mood. Arpita knows the art of spell bounding her readers. The way she has described all the characters and addition of various fantasy is just amazing. The story will make every girl fall in love if they have never fallen yet. The use of words in the book is commendable. Everything in the book is simple yet full of magic. It is a must read for all the fantasy readers who crave for an interesting end. All the best to Arpita for her upcoming coming works. I would love to read them.

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