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An Imperishable Promise by Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo gives you a peek into the afterlife


Book Review


An Imperishable Promise by Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo explores the afterlife. It gives you an outlook of what might happen to us after we die. Whether you like romance, suspense, or thriller — anyone can find this book a good read!

It covers a variety of sub-topics like catfishing and fake dating, which are slowly taking over the idea of real relationships. Apart from its love-centric theme, the ending is going to make your eyes pop.

Overall, An Imperishable Promise by Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo is a good attempt and I would love to read more works from him in the future.


About the Author


Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo is a highly experienced web & mobile application developer by passion and profession. He has more than fifteen years of experience developing complex algorithms and writing high-performance applications that can scale at ease.

He is an aspiring entrepreneur in the Web 2.0 industry. He has worked with many leading IT companies and is now a senior principal engineer in a multinational company.

"An Imperishable Promise" is his second novel. His first novel was "The Man Who Lives in Dream".


About the Book


What happens to your love when you die? Does your love end? Does your love stay in your heart or your body? When you say, “I Love You,” what does the “I” stand for? Is it your body, mind, or soul?

When you die, is your love also destroyed like your body, or is it immortal like your soul? Then the question comes, is the soul immortal? Nobody can give a perfect answer to these questions.

This book has tried to find the answers to that mystery. It’s a love story between two immortal souls. Love is an endless fuel to the energy called the soul, which will keep it alive forever.

Read An Imperishable Promise to find the real meaning of love. It is filled with lots of suspense and twists. What will happen to Raj and Kashish’s love when death becomes an obstacle between them?

Will they overcome this false materialistic life to keep their love alive forever? Will their love survive without having a physical existence in the human body? Dive in to find all these answers.



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