Achieve Your Skin & Hair Goals With This Brand

We all love to pamper our skin and hair always and wish to have a cruelty free and skin friendly brand by our side. Well, not all our wishes come true but with a brand name Tvakh, you can achieve all your skin and hair goals in a fashionable way.

There are certain things which make Tvakh different and unique brand. With more than half of the globe going Herbal, it becomes all the more difficult to innovate a product line that manages to bridge the existing gaps. Having learned the dynamics of effective products, Tvakh as a team, proportionately weigh the importance of Natural and Scientific ingredients.

Why to choose Tvakh?

Their formulations that are 100% Natural, Eco-Certified and Not tested on Animals, are prepared with a vision to keep you close to Nature and yet get you much expected benefits. These points are more than enough to trust on any brand. With this vision, I tried some of the Tvakh products:

1. Coffee and ginger hair stimulating shampoo (Rs 325)

2. Activated charcoal oil control exfoliating facial scrub (Rs 425)

3. Orange blossom invigorating body buff (Rs 225)

4. Mystic rose body lightening massage oil (Rs 880)

My experience with all their products is more than a dream come true. Their promising results surpassed my expectations giving me absolutely amazing and healthy hair and skin.

One one hand their body buff is so aromatic with long lasting freshness and fragrance whereas, on the other hand, their Mystic Rose body lightening massage oil is way better than most of the body lightening products in the market and gives 100% results. It also saves you from sun tans.

My experience with their shampoo and facial scrub was no less. The bounce and shine which my hair oozes is the result of using Tvakh shampoo. The facial scrub on the other hand, removed oil and blackheads from my skin. My skin feels soft and healthy after using it. Apart from that, these products are very long lasting and worth investing your money.

Overall, I really loved all their products and found them extremely helping and promising. Thus, I would like to give it a thumbs up and would recommend it to all of you out there. Hurry up and get your favorite Tvakh products from