A Little More Than Love Book Review

RATING: 3.5/5




Priyanka Bansal is Computer Engineer by profession. Her stories and poetry are a part of different anthologies, both national and international. She is an avid blogger and maintains four blogs on poetry, articles, about women and social issues. She loves to write both in English and Hindi.


Love ... the most wonderful feeling in the world. As soon as you hear this word a cold wave passes through your body, pretty faces of all those you love and those who love you start flashing in front of your eyes. Be it your mother, father, husband, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend or any person whom you love, from the core of your heart. " A little more than love", gives you a new meaning of love. Love beyond boundaries, beyond the need to express it every time, beyond the need to shout and prove it every time. Silent emotions can say it all with only eyes speaking a lot.

"A little more than love" is a collection of 13 love stories written by Priyanka Bansal. The love stories which will make you feel loved. The cover design is also very lovely.

Most of the stories contain the characters having family issues. The plot and the thought behind the stories are good. Priyanka Bansal has expressed her lovely thoughts with her lovely words. I appreciate the attempt of Priyanka Bansal, hoping to read more from her in future. It is a one time read novel but still, it is up to the mark.

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