A Dirty World Book Review

RATING - 3.5/5

BOOK: A Dirty World

AUTHOR: Manoj Kumar Sethy

PUBLISHER: OMJI Publishing House


PRICE: Rs 150


Manoj Kumar Sethy writes articles and stories for local newspapers and college magazines. He is fond of writing stories and novella. He has completed his graduation and is continuing management in HR & MARKETING industry from Berhampur University, Odisha. He is very much dedicated to his stories. Besides writing stories, he is also fond of watching movies and English tv series.


No one can predict what the great almighty wants from us. We are just playing our character according to his directions. A simple, sweet, and beautiful girl, who was having a perfect life lost the battle of life for this Dirty World.


"If God gave you all powers for one day, then what will you do?" "I'll just change the past", I said.

A Dirty World is based on a girls life who lost her life fighting against the mercy less World. The plot of the book is very good and the author has really tried his best to explain the plot to the readers.

The story moves around a rape which reveals some hidden history about the characters in the book. The author has kept the story moving at a very fast pace which was a good move.

The author has tried to put his opinion about Women Safety in India through his book 'A Dirty World'. He has also dedicated this book to all the women of this World. I think it is a great initiative by the author.

The cover of the book is also nice and perfectly suits the title and the blurb. Talking about the language and the writing style of the book, I think the author really needs to work very hard on it. The characterization also looked a little weak and I would suggest the author to write a new book with a fresh start and a new plot.

Overall, I think A Dirty World is a good book but needs proofreading. But, I would surely love read more books from the author.

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