A Bipolar's Journey Book Review

RATING – 4.5/5

AUTHOR: Vijay Nallawala

PUBLISHED by: Partridge Publishing


Vijay Nallawala is a Personal Branding Coach and Storyteller. An entrepreneur for over thirty years, he is deeply passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of the mentally ill. He interacts with his community through social media and his website: www.BipolarIndia.com and you can discover his world at www.VijayNallawala.co.in


Stories which inspire, Stories that ignite the inner fire. A Bipolar’s Journey is a gut-wrenching account tracing how the Author managed to get a grip on life after being afflicted by Bipolar Disorder, a serious mental illness that flung his entire world into disarray. Transcending challenges that life threw at him, he used them to grow and evolve as a person. His has been a cathartic journey and could well prove so for anybody who can identify with his travails. Come, Let’s Walk Together.


A Bipolar’s Journey is based on the real story of the author – Vijay Nallawala. Vijay Nallawala who once was imprisoned by the deadly Bipolar disorder now rules his life independently. The author shares his problems, challenges and the way he managed to become the ultimate winner in the battle of life and death. The book will inspire you, make you cry, and will keep you attached from page one to the last. I am totally inspired by Vijay Nallaway's story of fighting back and winning the Bipolar battle. The book is not just for Bipolar’s, it’s for each one of us. It’s time we start respecting people with mental disorder and join hands in helping them out. It can happen to anyone, so please join the community of Bipolar India and help people like Vijay Nallawala who have taken the initiative to make each Indian aware about the Bipolar disorder. A Bipolar’s Journey is a MUST READ! You will be Inspired.

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